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Import Top 40 February 2012

March 01, 2012 | Music

There was no movement in the top 5 this month.

1 (1) American Crown Jewels (1996)
2 (2) A Greensboro Revolution! (2008)
3 (3) From Sunset Blvd to Paradise Rd (1996)
4 (4) Finding The Way Home (1999)
5 (5) A Hot Winter Night In Dallas (1998)


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 American Crown Jewels A Greensboro Revolution! From Sunset Blvd Finding The Way Home Hot Winter Night In Dallas  

Source:Elvis Import Top 40

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EJF wrote on March 02, 2012
I have always been baffled by the popularity of "American Crown Jewels." As I do not have a copy I am curious to know what makes it so special, retaining the top spot for so long. I mean I'm sure all tracks are readily available elsewhere, like "The American Way" series for example. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
Jerome wrote on March 02, 2012
Will there ever be 'movement'...?
Lefty wrote on March 05, 2012
EJF, I had the same question. There's a review of this CD that I read that may shed some light on the subject. Here's a couple of pieces from the review: "On American Crown Jewels, the best 19 songs from the 33 are presented in undubbed alternate takes in close to excellent studio quality." "The 14 days that Elvis spent in American produced 30 plus songs, the bulk of which emerged on two albums. Other songs were scattered on budget releases and one even appeared on a Christmas compilation. You can find them all now on BMG's new Suspicious Minds 2CD collection with the bonus of alternate takes. But American Crown Jewels with its fresh "in your face" sound and some off-color remarks and mistakes remains a Holy Grail for all Elvis fans to search out. The pacing and selection of tracks paints a different picture of the man as an artist. Remember him this way. - Michael Cheah" I just ordered the CD on eBay. I hope it lives up to it's reputation.
Steve V wrote on March 05, 2012
EJF - I can tell you why I like it. Lefty's review hits the mark. Straight in your face takes of different songs one after another in pristine sound. There is no take after take, endless studio banter, periods of boredom etc like The American Way. Some like that, but I dont. I like the way this presents the alternates. It remains my favorite bootleg and I guess I am not alone.
EJF wrote on March 06, 2012
Thanks Lefty and Steve V for that info. You got me interested in getting one and in fact looked for it on ebay which just returned only one for sale. But at a whopping price tag of £70 or $111 plus postage I think I'll have to pass, at least at this time. But thanks once again guys.