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Blue Owl In Greensboro

February 27, 2012 | Music

Due out March the 2nd from the new label Inferno records is a factory pressed cd called "Blue owl in greensboro" This cd is a fantastic re-release of the legendary greensboro show recorded for elvis presleys April tour for the smash documentary "Elvis on tour" We have speed corrected the show and added a few bonus tracks from March 1972 Rehearsing for his april tour. This release comes in a fully printed cardboard sleeve and has colour photos wearing the blue owl jumpsuit. 

Immediately following our first release will be Inferno records 2nd cd titled "International tigerman" a jewel case cd with fantastic full colour booklet and liner notes . Due around the 7th march. For fans by fans!  

Source:For CD Collectors Only
circleG wrote on February 28, 2012
agreed !
marco31768 wrote on February 28, 2012
I think that "A Greensoro revolution" is the definitive CD about this concert.
Lefty wrote on February 29, 2012
The 72 Greensboro concert is one of the absolute best shows Elvis ever gave. It's been released a few times by different importers. The Triangle label did a good job with it, but the release was a CD-R. The Madison label did what I think is an RCA quality release! The sound quality of this professionally recorded show is incredible, and the artwork cannot be beat! Inferno claims they corrected the speed? Maybe so on whatever source they're using, but there wasn't anything to correct on the Madison or Triangle release. If you don't own this show, this release may be the answer. If you have the Madison release, you may want to pass this one by. I agree with JeanMarie about FTD doing a comprehensive release of the On Tour concerts. Thus far, we only have the show from San Antonio Texas on Disc 4 of Elvis Up Close as the only official On Tour release.
Ciscoking wrote on February 29, 2012
Just if you don`t have any of the previous releases..which are all in pristine sound quality..otherwise this is one to skip.. quick buck release I`d call it..
Johnny2523 wrote on March 15, 2012
Blue Owl In Greensboro is not a copy of Greensboro Revolution, It slightly completer to! Example : Closing vamp fades out on greensboro Revolution on this release we dont have that problem and we also get the final statement of elvis has left the building, the sound is almost edentical altough this one is more richer. So can't agree with ciscoking this time.