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Preview Elvis Files V

February 20, 2012 | Book

Here are a few preview pages of the upcoming Elvis Files V by Pal Granlund and Erik Lorentzen. This volume handles 1969/70.

Steve V wrote on February 24, 2012
I actually agree with JeanMarie here. The books are nice but way too expensive. Also Tunzi books. Why should these books cost so much and now we are going to start to see repeat photos from what I hear. The King Creole book has many photos used in one of The Elvis Files books. By the way, I've seen half the photos shown above, so hopefully the book offers a lot more new ones.
theoldscudder wrote on February 26, 2012
Iv'e seen these before. Wheres the beef?
Natha wrote on February 27, 2012
Yes Jeab Marie, these books are too expensive. the only one I may buy is the one about 1954-1956. And even then, I rather buy some cds.
Iron Man wrote on February 28, 2012
These Elvis Files books though expensive (mine cost me a 100 dollars each after adding the shippment price) are worth every penny. Even taking in account the typos in some of them they are still a must have. The book size amazes you once you see it for the first time. Erik Lorentzen is a long-time devoted fan. He knows just what other fans need. I'd rather skip another re-release from Sony or any bootleg audience crap that might become available in the months to come but keep the money to get all the books from this series.
Clemmie wrote on March 27, 2012
The preview pages of The Elvis Files V look great........thanks for the peek! I have ordered the book and am looking forward to receiving it!