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BMW’s New Olympic Partnership Ad Gives Elvis A “10”

February 15, 2012 | Book

Elvis Presley’s “A Little More Conversation” JXL Remix is headlining on BMW’s newest television ad. Promoting its new 3 Series while advertising BMW’s partnership and support for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, the ad features no spoken words but the voice of Elvis. The ad is high-energy, switching between shots of the hot new sports performance vehicle and top athletes in many sports including gymnastics, diving, relay, and fencing. Watch it now! 

efan4ever wrote on February 16, 2012
How cool is this. An awesome car paired up with the greatest singer of all time.
Natha wrote on February 16, 2012
Fantastic PR. It goes to show that 'Elvis' is still part and parcel of the latest international developments. He is truely the King of Music!
circleG wrote on February 16, 2012
Almost 10 years on and the remix is still going strong! there's no doubt it IS a good remix and now its brought to the attention of a new generation who may have not heard it before. There's no doubt about the popularity of Elvis today. Maybe the Cd and singles market isn't what it used to be but the fondness for the king definately hasn't diminished! So why don't the various companies who own the songs/movies get their act together? Why is there no King on blu-ray? No deluxe editions of TTWII, EOT, no directors cut of 68S?
SuziB wrote on February 16, 2012
Why, oh why...? For some people every piece of news has to be met with criticism - why isnt this or that being released... What on earth has this got to do with blu-ray releases? Blu-Ray is already dying - see reports from Sony and Samsung. Quality hifi manufacturers haven't embraced it owing to the licencing stucture and concerns over soufcing of components, and neither has the mainstream public - simply because for most DVD is just as good. There is absolutely no hope of seeing any more of Elvis' films released on blu-ray - as there is simply no point and no market. If you compare VLV and JR to DVD versions, there is no improvement whatosever. Blu-ray is about image quality and sound (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD - obviously, no Elvis films were recorded on this) - to remaster frame by frame is incredibly expensive and not going to happen.... BtW, a BMW 3 series is not an'awesome' car - it's a good cheap car driven by junior mangement as a company car or chavs with no style or taste - nothing smacks of desperation as much as driving a BMW 3 series.
dgirl wrote on February 16, 2012
I like Jaguars better.
SuziB wrote on February 16, 2012
Whenever Elvis talks about Elvis motorbikes, they always drag up the old chestnut about Elvis riding Harleys in real life and a Honda in Roustabout - more apocryphal nonsense. Elvis rode many different bikes in several movies. Yes, in 'real life', he loved Harleys - especial Dressers - but he owned at least two Honda Dreams and Triumphs too...
SuziB wrote on February 16, 2012
Sorry, should have said "whenever anyone...." Wish EN had an edit button!
samcra wrote on February 17, 2012
Loved the JXL remix from the start. Had a BMW and loved it too.
Steve V wrote on February 17, 2012
This remix was real good, was done right, and the timing was right. It was also a little known gem outside of the Elvis world with an infectious beat. The remixes I have heard since dont come close and to me are very bad especially the Viva Elvis ones. Bossa Nova was prertty good, but not as good as this. There are other great unknown gems which could benefit with a good remix but it must be done as well as ALLC to have any merit. Hopes are not high.
SuziB wrote on February 20, 2012
Snowplow -did you make that up for a particular reason as it's simply not true - Elvis bought his own Hondas years before Roustabout! As for describing Hondas as 'Jap crap; tells everyone all they need about you. I have several friends who ride Goldwings which, specced, cost about £30k - at least three times the cost of your 'Jap crap' car. All of them could easily afford any bike they wanted. Actually calling a Starlet a car is something of a push and really negates anything you have to say on the subject. I drive a Maserati Quattroporte.