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February 07, 2012 | Music

According to Amazon the label Now Now music will release a 3CD set on February 12. The King's World made clear the label is Not Now (that released several free of copyright collections before) and the 75 tracks are all pre 1962. The label's site doesn't mention the title yet.

Tony C wrote on February 11, 2012
It mentions above that this CD contains pre-1962 out of copyright recordings, something the previous posting appears to ignore. This puts the 1969-1977 live recordings out of bounds. Strangely enough, whenever FTD do release a live CD, a certain person under one of many guises complains that we have had too many and that the tracklisting is too similar. Which is it, too many or too few? What exactly is "Ernst of FTD" witholding from us? As for "Elvis On Tour", it was officially released on DVD over a year ago.
Tony C wrote on February 17, 2012
In answer to your question, I live on planet. furthermore, I am not your brother or any blood relative. If you read back on your posting, you said that the only way we will get "Elvis On Tour" on DVD is via bootleggers and I correctly stated that it has been released. You never spoke about out-takes, you said "Elvis On Tour" so before you start throwing abuse at me you should re-read your own ramblings. As for Ernst running FTD, obviously I do know that as well as the fact that FTD have no control over the MGM footage you speak of, something you appear to be unaware of. As for this mythical three hundred hours of footage, how did you come up with such a figure? Think of a number, double it, etc. MGM filmed at four concerts, one pretty much complete and three partially. They also filmed two rehearsal sessions and followed the tour around shooting various bits of backstage footage. Even if, for arguements sake, MGM had shot five hours of footage a day they would have to have been done sixty days of filming to total your figure of three hundred hours. Any answers?