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Dark Clouds Over European Screen Tour?

February 06, 2012 | Other

Unconfirmed rumours (but off the record confirmed to ElvisMatters) have it that at least one show of the upcoming ELVIS PRESLEY IN CONCERT video tour next month has been cancelled. Ticket sales in Slovakia were so disappointing that the decision was made to cancel the entire show. A second show in another country may be cancelled too, but that has not yet - unoffically - been confirmed. All other shows will take place as scheduled. 

Sirbalkan wrote on February 06, 2012
Bad new for O2 arena too. I think the upper tier even one seat hasn't been sold yet. So it means that the half of the arena will be empty. ELVIS WHAT HAPPENED?
Brian Quinn wrote on February 06, 2012
According to one of the main ticket agencies (SeeTickets) the cheaper seats for the 02 Arena London Concert are 'Sold Out' as follows: Ticket type Face value With booking fee ? SEATS £38.50 £43.10 SEATS £35.00 £39.65 Sold out I am of the opinion that all but one of the UK Concerts - LG Arena Birmingham 18th March - have overall good ticket sales. Unfortunately the date for the Birmingham Concert was changed to a Sunday and some of the original purchasers may not now be able to attend.
Tony C wrote on February 06, 2012
I attend concerts at the 02 Arena on a regular basis and for many of them, the upper tier is closed off, so it is not unusual for this to happen. In this case, just looking at a seating plan on the internet does not give the full picture.
Natha wrote on February 07, 2012
Fans have to come from far to attend the show and there is the price. Maybe due to the financial uncertainty in this time people have to beware of spending money. I know a number of fans who would like to attend, but lack the money.
Uwe Lirka wrote on February 07, 2012
Why does ELVIS PRESLEY IN CONCERT always ignores berlin. i was there the last time (in 2000) and i loved it. so did the others. when can we enjoy this concert in berlin again???????
TCB1974 wrote on February 07, 2012
The concert in Holland is doing fine with >80% of tickets sold. Ground floor and first ring are sold out. The second ring has been sold for about half with still one month to go. This is quite impressive knowing that the show was also in Holland only two years ago and it plays the night before in Antwerp, only 45 miles away.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 08, 2012
I think that the producers of the show (whom I have met) need to change up the show. Every time the show goes on the road, its the same production. They need to add more and delete some performances. On one of the Memphis anniversary shows, part one of the show featured Elvis in the 50s and 60s, and then intermission and then part two, Elvis in the 70s. Both featured new song arrangements behind the video footage. I think this is the next step in presenting a Elvis Video concert ! The ecomomy and time (music changes) has taken a slight toll on the show.
Brian Quinn wrote on February 08, 2012
According to the latest report from the Elvis Information Network, tickets are still on sale for 'Elvis In Concert' in Slovakia and they pose the question just who is spreading such malicious rumours.
Sirbalkan wrote on February 08, 2012
Yeah I saw that too.But the fact is that whenever I go for the O2, for the upper tier I can not find a single seat selling officially on the ticket websites. I hope I am wrong.
Brian Quinn wrote on February 08, 2012
Ticketmaster has Level 4 Seats available for sale.
Sirbalkan wrote on February 08, 2012
Dear Brian... When you really want a ticket from level 4, it says no available ticket. At least even one.. so it means that they hadn't opened that part. I hope I am wrong I'm telling again. :(
old shep wrote on February 11, 2012
I've seen four of the shows so far.But as much as i want to support the event, it's in dire need of some new blood. Surely with the technology available, something could be achieved?
TCB1974 wrote on February 21, 2012
The concert in Holland is sold for about 85% and the upper ring is starting to fill up. Don't hesitate but buy your tickets now! It will be great, just enjoy Elvis on the big screen with sound that you cannot copy at your home.
TCB1974 wrote on February 28, 2012
The official message on the site of the concert hall states that the 2012 concert will include a few changes and surprises from the prior tour in 2010. Don't hesitate there are only about 900 seats left and Elvis fans should pack the stadium to the last seat.