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The Ultimate Elvis Presley Gold Record Collectible

February 03, 2012 | Other

There’s never been a better way to display your love of Elvis than owning the new fully-licensed and framed wall art from our long-time licensee and gold record manufacturer - Photo File. Never before has such a product been available; it’s the ultimate Elvis Presley gold record collection. All 30 number one hits represented and plated in 24-karat gold, in one magnificent frame.

The gold leaf wood frame is more than five feet wide. Surrounded by a black suede mat and a secondary gold mat, artwork for each of the 30 hits is represented at the top and bottom of the display. Centered in the frame is an image of Elvis wearing his famous gold suit and an individually numbered, engraved, customized metal plate.

Each product is hand made in the U.S.A. and available for delivery - right to your door. This unforgettable item is approved by Elvis Presley Enterprises 

paulreno wrote on February 03, 2012
Now that looks classy! Wonder what price it's going for?
burton wrote on February 03, 2012
What ever the price, it'll be more than I can ever afford. It's made for the Elvis "collector" that has money, not for all his 50yr plus, real fans.
sunrecords56 wrote on February 03, 2012
Junk if it isnt the real thing and it its just repro and its as worhless as the re-pros they sell on e-bay. being licensed only means EPE is making money
Steve V wrote on February 03, 2012
agree with sunrecords. I'd rather save up for the real thing which do appear in auctions from time to time. This is repro garbage, again made to cash in on the Elvis fan's desire for any product that looks nice.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on February 04, 2012
I'm gonna get two!
lacke lee wrote on February 04, 2012
sure it's a nice item to display but i have seen the price on this. can't remember what it was but it was way too much
FM wrote on February 08, 2012
as for JeanMarie he makes an excellent point, and I have lying around which I will find a list that I have seen in a book or somewhere a list of Elvis' #1 single WORLDWIDE and I believe it had over 90 #1 hits, I will find it and somehow post it on this sight, if they let me?