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John Rich Dies At 86

February 01, 2012 | People

Movie director John Rich has passed away at the age of 86. He directed "Easy Come Easy Go" and "Roustabout" for Elvis. Rich, who won two Emmy Awards while directing and producing "All in the Family" during its first four years, died Sunday morning at his home in Los Angeles after a brief illness, said Sahar Moridani, a Directors Guild of America spokeswoman. He is survived by his wife Patricia, three children and eight grandchildren.

Swen wrote on February 02, 2012
Roustabout at least looked like a real movie, but I find it difficult to use the word "direct" about his "work" with "Easy Come Easy Go". Did Mr Rich succeed in making any real movies?
hillbillycatlover wrote on February 02, 2012
Condolences to the family ~ there are some wonderful moments in both movies. Elvis was appreciative of working with Joan Freeman and Jack Albertson again and veteran actors Barbara Stanwyk and Pat Harrington, Jr. I especially love "It's a Wonderful World," "I'll Take Love" and his being allowed to sing "Sing You Children." John Rich did a great job with "All in the Family."
Natha wrote on February 06, 2012
Snowplow, never knew that. Thanks for adding this valuable information.