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Elvis Love Songs On CD

February 03, 2012 | Music

After the great success of Arcade’s Elvis 40 Greatest (1975), K-Tel England wanted to release a follow-up in 1979. They bought the rights from RCA for 20 well-known ballads and released them on the Love Songs album. From the start, the TV album was a huge success. It reached No. 4 in the charts with sales of approx 250.000 copies sold within 12 months! It was an instant chart topper all over Europe and in many other countries (in Argentina and Brazil it was released as Love Collection). In Holland, it went to No. 18 in the charts. Strangely, this album was not released in the US until 1981, but then it contained only 16 songs instead of 20. Worldwide sales of Love Songs are now approx 1.000.000 copies.

The designer of the front sleeve probably had a bad day (or he just didn’t like the King) when he put together the cover for this album. It’s one of the very few success albums with such a horrible front sleeve, using a blown-up 1970’s Elvis picture. When the album was re- released in 1981, K-Tel used a much better picture of Elvis, taken from his legendary 1968 NBC TV- Special. Here you will have both front covers, so you can choose your own favorite.

Despite it’s classic status and the fact that many fans grew up with this album in their collection, it was never released on a properly pressed CD. The 26 songs on this new album (20 original album tracks + 6 rare bonus tracks) are some of the best love songs that Elvis recorded. Suspicious Minds is included here as its the rare version without the horn overdubs and the famous fade-out / fade in at the end of the song. This version is hard to find and only available on a few RCA cd releases.

The bonus tracks includes two rare and unfinished master recordings of Almost In Love and My Little Friend, the beautiful take 2 of You’ll Never Walk Alone, the stunning take 1 of Its Easy For You, a differend, unused mix of the master of Pledging My Love and also an alternate mix of Puppet On A String.

This, 500 pressed CD release, comes in a stunning 6-panel digipack with original artwork. It sure looks like a miniature version of the original album. This is the ultimate Valentines gift for 2012! Buy a copy now for your own collection or as a perfect Valentines ift for the one(s) you love!


It’s Now Or Never / She’s Not You / Love Letters / Anything That’s Part Of You / Surrender / Kentucky Rain / Suspicious Minds / You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me / I Just Can’t Help Believing / The Wonder Of You / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Always On My Mind / Love Me Tender / Loving You / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / Wooden Heart / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Just Pretend / Until It’s Time For You To Go / Memories. Bonus Tracks: You’ll Never Walk Alone (alternate take 2) / Puppet On A String (alternate mix) / Pledging My Love (alternate master mix) / It’s Easy For You (take 1) / Almost In Love (vocal overdub, incl. count-in) / My Little Friend (unfinished master, incl. count-in).

Source:Essential Elvis
RobIreland wrote on February 03, 2012
Ah the memories ( excuse the pun ) .... The " My Little Friend" track might be interesting .
Jamie wrote on February 03, 2012
Hello, this is a piece of rubbish - collectors can compile this album without having to shell out their hard-earned money for it. The bonus tracks detract from the notion that this is a nostalgic re-release, and why on earth has the gospel song "You'll Never Walk Alone" been selected over the scores of more obvious contenders (eg, "Home Is Where The Heart Is", "Do You Know Who I Am?". This is a tasteless exercise in profiteering from a dead man's legacy. To hell with it.
Tony C wrote on February 03, 2012
As stated above, this compilation was first released in 1979. A couple of years ago, a signed copy turned up on ebay. Yes, you read that right, a signed copy. I questioned the seller as to how this could be and got no reply. When I reported it to ebay I then got a reply from the seller, threatening me for trying to cause him trouble. I stood my ground as it was him seller fake autographs, but how stupid these people are, to fake a signature on a 1979 LP!
Steve V wrote on February 03, 2012
Good for you Tony C. The amount of fake autographs on ebay is staggering! As for this release, we are kidding right? This is the state of affairs for new CDs now? Re-releases of 1979 K-Tel albums?
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on February 04, 2012
I wasn't intereted in 1979, and sure ain't going to buy it now either. Am happpy to sign one though if anyone want to post me a copy!
Shakingruud wrote on February 04, 2012
Memories....pressed between the pages of my mind.....way back when i was achild, this was my first cassette i got for my birthday. I always hated the cover, but the songs are great! It's good to have it on CD, if only for sentimental reasons, but i'm a sentimental guy so....i go for it :-)
lacke lee wrote on February 04, 2012
hahahaha......love that story tony c. how dumb can people be and fake an autograph on an lp that came out 1979, maybe he would claim that elvis was still alive in 79. well i guess it takes all kinds
Steve V wrote on February 04, 2012
The LP was a huge success back in the day because Elvis had recently passed, was still always in the news(remember Dr. Nick, 20/20 etc) and everything coming out on Elvis was selling, it didnt matter much what it was. Remember the crap Boxcar items like the Elvis jewelry, garbage cans & awful looking pewter figures? Huge sellers. These items were promoted heavily as was this album on TV and in magazines. To put this out now on CD is a travesty to his legacy. People can make much betters CDs & covers on their own. This is best forgotten. Whoever buys this, I have one signed for you.
Jerome wrote on February 06, 2012
so the signed FTD I recently purchased on ebay could be fake?..