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Norbert Putnam Joins 'Elvis Presley In Concert' Tour

January 23, 2012 | People

Great news for fans going to see the TCB Band playing in this year's 'Elvis Presley In Concert' tour. Norbert Putnam who played with Elvis' seventies studio band has been confirmed as the bass player for the next video tour in Europe, in March 2012.

Norbert, whose bass can be heard on no less than 122 Elvis songs, replaces the 'funky' bass player Nathan East, who already replaced regular TCb Band bassist Jerry Scheff. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
Mark S. wrote on January 24, 2012
Dude, being a colored man among the TCB Band has absolutely NOTHING to do with being replaced by Putnam. The TCB Band has no say so whatsoever in who gets to play these big screen shows. Nathan East was 14 years old (he started playing bass at that age) when Elvis recorded From Elvis In Memphis. East is just a session player. He NEVER recorded with Elvis. Unlike Norbert Putnam. And what did Putnam ever do before meeting Elvis at the NASHVILLE studio? You mean, BESIDES recording with artists such as J.J. Cale, Henry Mancini, Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt and Tony Joe White? As for Jerry Scheff, he doesn’t mind coming to Europe to meet Elvis fans. In fact, he LIVES in Europe. He just no longer wants to do “Elvis”-shows. Got that info from the horse’s mouth, buddy.
benny scott wrote on January 24, 2012
Jean-Marie (or bastogne-fan ??? or whatever ???) , for heaven's sake.....! I'm looking forward to 1, just 1 posting from you that really makes sence. This is not my usual style of writing but there are limits. Pls, pls....do me/(us) a favour and stop those postings complaining and criticizing almost EVERYTHING, again and again and again ...OK, it's your opinion, but man, it's getting so boring in the end. Always El.
Rob Wanders wrote on January 24, 2012
JeanMarie whata nonsense you write about a colour guy not accepted in the TCB band. what a ridiculous thing to say. the TCB band has performed years with the Sweet Inspirations. What an insult to say that the TCB band exists of reacists.
Natha wrote on January 24, 2012
Indeed a nonsense idea and highly biased to even suggest racial behavior by the TCB band or even the organization behind Elvis In Concert. Apart from that we have to accept that Scheff doesn't want to continue along this line. By the way I witnessed Putnam playing in Belgium. He was great and his enthousiasm was beyond any doubt fantastic. Yes he did not play live with Elvis and those 122 don't count for me too. But he showed his high appreciation and inspiration for Elvis' unique and outstanding examplary attitude. So if there must be a new one, why not him. At least he has actual experience.
vinny wrote on January 24, 2012
Got my tickets for Manchester UK in March, had them for 18 months now cant wait.
Tony C wrote on January 24, 2012
The accusations of racism are absurb, but then, when was anything said by the accuser anything but? You say the TCB Band are racist then go on to use the very offensive term "coloured". I thought Nathan East was great on the last tour, but things change. Personally, I would rather the show contain musicians with an association to Elvis, such as Norman Putnam. As for Jerry Scheff and this theory that he does not want to come to Europe, he is already here. He now lives in Northumberland. As for the comments that Nathan East played on "From Elvis In Memphis", words really do fail me!
dgirl wrote on January 24, 2012
Just read the thread here. I am at a loss for words except to say I will probably never respond to the double agent again. Totally absurd posting(as usual). BTW, what century are you in? Coloured man? Really now!
MickeyN wrote on January 25, 2012
How can playing on 122 tracks NOT be good enough?
Natha wrote on January 28, 2012
Maybe some people think about him not having experienced a live show. Well, that being so at least he has an actual experience with the King. He told us so and I asked him how he was influenced by the King. His answer did not leave any doubt about how he appreciated the King and enjoyed his presence as not only being examplary but also as inspirational. He admitted to be influenced in his future undertakings by Elvis. We are facing new times where the original musicians playing with Elvis slowly but steadily are aging and even passed away. So we have no options then to replace them IF we want to have commemorative concerts.
Sirbalkan wrote on January 28, 2012
You ALL are talking about how he wouldmplay but there is a BAD rumour about the tickets not being sold well and even some dates can be cancelled.
Brian Quinn wrote on January 28, 2012
Nathan East (Bass) brought a renewed vigour to the Last UK Tour of 'Elvis In Concert' on such tracks as 'Polk Salad Annie'. I only hope that Norbert Putnam can maintain that enthusiasm. Rumours concerning ticket sales being poor are NOT confirmed and I believe that ticket sales have been good overall. The only concert where ticket sales appear to be lacking is at the LG Arena in Birmingham on the last night of the UK leg of the tour. It is believed that the 2012 European Tour will be the last time around for 'Elvis in Concert'. As of 2013 it will be a new production to be called 'The King In Concert' and will feature new musicians/singers and a smaller orchestral section. The embryo of this concert was featured at Elvis Week in Memphis 2010 and overall the feedback was very positive. 'Patch It Up' being exceptionally well received. In these troubled economic times it would make sense for it to play smaller venues with seating around 5000. I look forward to seeing this new Stig Edgren production.
1billionKing wrote on January 28, 2012
I also like Nathan's funky bass-guitar work better ! Don't care if he's white or back or yellow!
Tony C wrote on January 28, 2012
It amazes me when people talk about rumoured poor ticket sales, they are started by people who have absolutely no knowledge of the subject.
TCB1974 wrote on February 01, 2012
Don't know about other venues but the concert in Holland has 80% of tickets sold at the moment and sales continue steadily each day as local advertising has just started last week. It will be FANTASTIC!