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Sony Re-releases

January 17, 2012 | Music

Sony Music announced the release of a special 4CD set "The 68 Comeback Special" on February 13, 2012 and the 'From Nashville to Memphis - The Essential 60's Masters I' budget edition on March 2, 2012.

GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 17, 2012
Is this for worldwide distribution? Or just a European release?
Brian Quinn wrote on January 17, 2012
Great albums and at a budget price. Talking of Sony Re-releases the latest Legacy release 'Elvis Country' has just entered the UK Album Chart at No.170 for w/e 14th January, 2012.
tornado wrote on January 17, 2012
Just wonder if Sony upgraded the sound from The Complete Elvis, or just repackage it in a cheaper way?
Jerome wrote on January 18, 2012
will these eventually come with a pack of cornflakes?..
Martin DJ wrote on January 21, 2012
Bastogne-fan, what took you so long to complain about Sony/BMG's marketing strategies? And: what's wrong with releasing budget edtions of essential recordings?
Martin DJ wrote on January 21, 2012
Since the recordings are owned by Sony/BMG, "EPE Inc. Estate" are not in a position to demand anything.
Tony C wrote on January 21, 2012
The rationale behind this is to simply keep on catalogue two items Sony presumably think will continue to sell. When releases are deleted, we get complaints from certain directions saying that everything should be kept available, but when they do, we get complaints. As for EPE, anybody with any knowledge of Elvis should know the EPE have no control over Sony. Sony own Elvis' recording catalogue outright, how difficult is that to understand?
Steve V wrote on January 21, 2012
Right you are Tony C on all counts. I believe Sony is doing the right thing by keeping the important Elvis releases in the catalog and available. If anything continues to sell I hope it is these type of releases as well as the Legacy serie and important comps. At least they represent the best of Elvis as opoosed to the Camdens and other hideous releases.
1billionKing wrote on January 28, 2012
As if Sony/BMG listens to what you think boys...! They couldn't care less ! Just want our money, honey ...Old Scudder fan is so right, many times...!
Tony C wrote on January 28, 2012
What! Sony in business to make money! Where did that idea come from, I thought they were a charity who just loved us so much and didn't care about making money. Maybe my sarcasm will be lost in some quarters, nothing else seems to sink in.
Loesje wrote on January 29, 2012