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New Vinyl Single 'Like A Baby'

January 16, 2012 | Music

Announced in various Elvis shops is this cute looking fake 1960's single. The 7" inch 45 rpm vinyl single in red vinyl combines "Like A Baby/Make Me Know It". The White RCA promotional label (47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy) indicates that this actual single was never released, other than in a promotional version. This 2012 collector's copy is limited to 500 copies.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Tony C wrote on January 18, 2012
I like releases such as this, they are fun items to own and the artwork is a homage to the great single sleeves RCA created over the years. I don't see them as a rip-off in any way, how could it be? It is what it says it is.
Steve V wrote on January 18, 2012
It is just a single, that you wish to own or not. It certainly isnt necessary but also is not a rip-off. How can it be? It cant be overly priced like a Tunzi dvd or book or an FTD cd and book. Many of those are rip-offs, for quality & content for the price.
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2012
Amen to Tony and Steve ! Nothing wrong with such releases ! As for "are we gonna start this latest craze"... : you tell all those youngsters who buy vinylrecords these days (and there's a lot of them, I've seen it with my own eyes) at stores like Saturn and/or Media Markt to name a couple ! Always El.
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2012
Don't misunderstand me : the young ones buying vinylrecords have certenly no sawdust in theit brains, on the contrary .That's what I meant to say . Always El.
Tony C wrote on January 18, 2012
There are many of Elvis' recordings that were worthy of single release, but the fact that they were used on albums does not show negligence on the part of RCA. Artists can only release a certain amount of singles each year and if these two tracks had been A-sides, what would we have had them in place of? "Stuck On You", "It's Now or Never", "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" or "Surrender"? Regarding the use of the term rip off, I find it amusing that so many things these days are described in that way. A rip off is when something fails to deliver what has been advertised. In the case of this single, it is advertised as a newly made vinyl single in the style of the sixties releases. Where is the deception?
Deano1 wrote on January 19, 2012
I like the "what-if" vinyl releases such as the "Viva Las Vegas", "Tickle Me" and "Jailhouse Rock" soundtracks. This single would make a nice addition to my jukebox as both songs are top-notch Elvis performances. I am a bit disturbed the by the promotional banner at the bottom of the picture sleeve that promotes the LP "Pot Luck" and I wish it advertised the LP "Elvis Is Back". In 1962, RCA had not yet started the release of Summer singles of previously released tunes like they did with "Such A Night" in 1964....Tony C is right on point with his obeservations regarding what single this would have replaced in 1960-61 and with the term "rip-off".
benny scott wrote on January 19, 2012
I just read this incoming news : the single will NOT be released (yet). The songs are public domain, but the platter has the RCA letters on the label and that seems to be a bridge too far ! Well, let's wait and see.Always El.
Steve V wrote on January 19, 2012
Many artists have lost hit single because they were album tracks. I can name at least a dozen for Elvis and the same for The Beatles. Its just what the record label decided to release. Maybe there were better choice but you cant flood the market. They both ok didnt they?