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And Another Movie Sound Track

January 17, 2012 | Music

As long as the 'public domein' law hasn't changed, everyone can release 50+ year old sound tracks. The Hoodoo label is no exception, and they combined "Blue Hawaii" and "King Creole" on this new budget release. All songs have been released countless times before, but at least they did a good job on the cover art work. 

Lex wrote on January 17, 2012
Strange action, to mix Elvis' best and worst movie... worst in the meaning the beginning of the end.
Steve V wrote on January 17, 2012
And the picture doesnt go with either movie!
Jerome wrote on January 18, 2012
The Voodoo label?..
john9904 wrote on January 18, 2012
Would sales of this CD add to the Official total?
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 19, 2012
Have to say when this landed on my desk i too though 'Not another PD soudtrack' and of course KC and BH have had many,many outtings over the years so it is totally a non essential release, but have to say despite having a wrong cover for the album this release is far more than a copy and paste job,it has a very informative 16 page booklet with lots of info on KC and BH so does make a refreshing change to have this in a PD release. Also nice to have 'Danny' on this release although attached to the 'Bonus' tracks and not tagged on the bottom of KC, so for me nto a bad release for a PD issue but for the collector's market and nothing else.
Steve V wrote on January 21, 2012
Combines one of his hardest edge soundtracks with his softest & fluffiest soundtrack. Who was the marketing genius behind this? Yes I dont like 90% of Blue Hawaii at all, although his voice was great.
Rejane wrote on January 24, 2012
Too funny-hardest edge soundtrack and fluffiest! You are correct, it does take a genius! I might have married up GI Blues and Blue Hawaii, those two would fit together!
1billionKing wrote on January 28, 2012
Really, not worth mentionning it here on ENews I'd say....Nobody will miss to buy such crap, really.