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January 09, 2012 | Other

Elvis is hot… even in the new, modern 'social media'. Birthday wishes came from all parts and corners of the world. 'Elvis' was the most typed first name in the world, yesterday. “Happy Birthday Elvis! You’re the best and the biggest inspiration on earth!”, “Happy Birthday @ElvisPresley Legends never die”, and so much more. Even Beatles fan clubs wished the King a Happy Birthday ("The Beatles biggest inspiation, Elvis Presley”) and - remarkably - especially Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus fans tweeted congratutalions.

benny scott wrote on January 09, 2012
JeanMarie, would be nice if you'd follow SteveV's advise ( see topic Elvis 35th anniversary) and read carefully the postings before reacting the way you do. The source Elvismatters clearly states we're talking about "social media, networks", i.e Facebook,MySpace,Blogger,Cyword, Friendster, etc.. to name a few. This has nothing to do with TV. Don't expect TV-stations paying attention to our man's birthday. I'll be glad if they will do something about forthcoming August 16th.Always El.
FM wrote on January 09, 2012
All day yesterday TCM channel was playing Elvis movies all day, it started at 6am and finished at 11:45pm. It was an all elvis day.
Tony C wrote on January 09, 2012
The BBC does not ignore Elvis and anybody that thinks they do is completely ignorant of the coverage that they do give Elvis. While it is true that the BBC did not cover that fact that Elvis was born 77 years ago yesterday, the question is, why should they? Do they give coverage to other dead celebrities every year on what would have been their birthday? The answer is no. The BBC have always supported Elvis, from the showing of his films starting in the late sixties including the UK premiere of "Change of Habit", premiere screenings of the 1968 and 1977 specials and many excellent documentaries. I speak as somebody who has actually watched and funded the BBC over the years through my license fee, not somebody that just complains about everything but has knowledge of virtually nothing.
benny scott wrote on January 09, 2012
Well said Tony ! I have no problems with the fact Elvis' birthday gets minor attention from the TV stations. As you wrote , they don't do it for other celebreties either. The 16th of August is far more important IMHO. Always El.
Michael.W. wrote on January 10, 2012
Get a life!
Martin DJ wrote on January 10, 2012
Bastogne-fan, methinks you're confusing Elvis with Kim Jung-Il.
Tony C wrote on January 10, 2012
Why not, contact every media organisation, tell them how wonderful Elvis was and see how quickly you get ignored! I fail to see why the TV companies should be grateful to Elvis, how did he contribute to the popularity of television in general? As for radio, I hear played Elvis most days, which is not bad for somebody who has not recorded any new material since 1977.
Natha wrote on January 10, 2012
As usual, Tony C, your comments are spot on. I think it is not the total or overall exposure. It is the right timing and the right songs. So people value Elvis more. And I have observed that is so.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 11, 2012
On January 8th and August 16th, every TV channel in the world should feature nothing but Elvis. They should screen his movies and documentaries and show interviews with his daughter and friends. Then when it comes time for the Eurovision Song Contest they should make him the representative for the UK (he was American and they aren't in Europe) and have him singing one of the songs from 'Aloha From Hawaii'. Either that or they could create a new song by remixing and editing his voice onto a new track. Then he could go on tour by using a hologram projected onto the stage. It would be awesome! He could also be a judge on 'American Idol' by using clips from his films. If they look hard enough they'd be able to find clips of him saying things like "Good", "bad", "that ain't much good" and "you suck as much as Mike Stone". He could also read the news using the same method. All these are ways of keeping Elvis in the public eye and letting the general public know his spirit lives on. He's the King and he should be on TV and radio 24 / 7.
Steve V wrote on January 11, 2012
Harvey, fabulous, one of the best laughs I had in a long time. It goes to show just how silly you know who is. But wait, there are some on this site who will probably take seriously!
SendToTodd wrote on January 11, 2012
All Fan Club presidents across Europe are always in touch with the media. I did 5 interviews around Elvis' birthday, but none on national radio or TV because major national and international news stories took priority. Gold played Elvis (and Bowie) all day and hundreds of fans took part. When 8 Brits go to Memphis in January it is not news, but when 1,200 Brits travel to Graceland it becomes major news. It is called "economies of scale", and it affects us all. Todd Slaughter
vegaselvisfan wrote on January 11, 2012
It takes a lot of work to get the word out about Elvis. And the media must 'want to'. Here in Las Vegas, there was a lot of mention for different things going on. (altho, yes, most of it impersonator related) As for my club, we decorated the Elvis statue in front of the LVH (Hilton) and spread the word that Elvis was still in the building. Without any effort on my part, our local paper took pictures of the statue, to my happy surprise. I have made attempts to promote in the past, and I either get ignored or they come to focus on the look alikes in my public crowd and not focus on Elvis. I have no control over that. I sadly give up sometimes.... Anyway, maybe some of you have seen the picture I posted on a few Elvis chat places. Conclusion: I do what I can, but the media decides IF they are going to do it, and HOW they are going to do it. Sometimes my best intentions to promote Elvis provides fuel for the mockers. Fortunately, we have a few in the media that respect Elvis, especially his history with us. -- TCB 4 E, Sue L , Viva Las Vegas Club
RobIreland wrote on January 12, 2012
Just a short reply to Harvey. Yes very funny lol, really i did see the funny side ..but... the reality is Elvis is next to never on radio or TV, certainly not main streamTV anyway. I really cant understand why Elvis is never included in daily radio shows along side everyone else. Harvey i know there are some strange people out there who think Elvis should be incorporated in all those things you listed but the sad truth is ... Elvis is very very rarely ever included on radio or television.... Point being some solid promotion is actually very much required, and that"s just to get Elvis included with all the other music artists on radio and TV
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 12, 2012
Rob, Elvis is EVERYWHERE! There's hardly a day goes by that I don't hear him on the radio or see some reference (whether it good or bad) in the media. He's all over the place! His movies are regularly on the satellite TV channels and he's always being talked about by guests on chat shows etc. And he's been dead for over 30 years! No other deceased celebrity gets that kind of coverage these days.
RobIreland wrote on January 13, 2012
Sorry Harvey I really must disagree with you there ! Yes we get referances to Elvis on tv but usually in a joking waay with a huh huh huh added on to the end. Never and I mean NEVER do I ever hear an Elvis song played on day time radio just as a song alongside other artists. I dont know what radio stations you listen to Harvey but radio 1, 2 etc and local stations here in N Ireland never seem to treat Elvis as an artist who has submitted 100s f top quality recordings onto the pop , rock, gospel, country market for airing on public radio stations. Yes once in a while we will get him played or shown on TCM around his birthday or aniversry ! It sholdnt be like that ! Elvis songs are wasting away in relation to daily play on radio. When do you ever hear "Kentucky Rain " or "Reconsider baby" on radio .. Umm i'll trll you HArvey NEVER ! ... And as for you saying he's never off tv ! haha I really would love to own your tv set cause he"s never on my television stations, only on my DVD"s or on the very odd time maybe same ole same ols movies on TCM.