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Elvis Reaches 5 Million Fans On Facebook

January 11, 2012 | Other

Another milestone for the King of Rock 'n' Roll! Today, Elvis Presley hit the five million mark for fans on Facebook.

EPE: "Thank you, thank you very much to the fans from around the world who follow Elvis online at Facebook.com/Elvis, on Twitter with the handle @ElvisPresley and on Elvis Presley's Google+ page. You rock!"

SendToTodd wrote on January 11, 2012
And this IS the future. There will be no physical singles to top the charts, and we Elvis fans won't be buying downloads of songs that we already have, and in two years time when CDs are ancient history we have to look to the future. We live in our Elvis bubble of times past surrounded by Elvis Tribute acts who are twenty years older than Elvis when he passed over. So we have to flight our way out of that bubble and empower young fans, young artists and young stars to celebrate Elvis' legacy. Sure we live in the past and our memories are precious to us, but they mean nothing to anyone else. But Elvis is important, and we have to work hard to ensure that he is not forgotten. We have all the recorded tracks, all the movies, and all the TV shows, but the Elvis soap dish, teapot and slippers mean no more than a cheap rusty old souvenir of the Eiffel Tower, and add nothing to the value of Elvis' credibility. We the fans, Sony, and Elvis Presley Enterprise have to "think of the future - forget the past" and ensure that Elvis isn't history and ultimately forgotten. Elvis future success is in OUR hands. Todd Slaughter
Steve V wrote on January 11, 2012
Well said Todd and 100% correct!
marty wrote on January 12, 2012
I agree with Todd but not 100%. If nothing else Elvis is from the past. But that doesn't mean he cannot be part of the future as well. Vinyl records are from the past and people are still interested and keep on buying them! So yes we have to embrace the future but that doesn't mean the past is no longer relevant or important. People will still buy CD's, DVD's, books etc, even though there are mp3's, streaming, ebooks etc, the same way they still buy antics. They will still listen to Elvis even though Lady Gaga or someone similar is popular today!
Ruthie wrote on January 12, 2012
I am more inclined to agree with Marty who seems to have some respect & appreciation for history. We need to understand history whether we like it or not & acknowledge the role it plays in our future. I am grateful for my old Scot Joplin recordings & early Louis Armstrong recordings because it makes me understand & appreciate jazz so much more today. The same can be said for any early or past musical influence in whatever genre of music one prefers. We seem hell bent on destroying our old architecture, books, music, just about anything that defines our culture. We certainly need to go forward whether you are talking about Elvis or someone else. But we shouldn't turn our backs on what was accomplished in the past & how it happened. Heaven forbid that someone would throw out that old souvenir from the Eiffel Tower! As for Facebook, I personally think it is a waste of valuable time but, if it works in getting news about Elvis out there all over the world, I certainly can't knock it. And those kids who are gaga over Lady Gaga (which is absolutely normal & ok) are also learning about music from the past when they sign up to take music classes in school. What goes around comes around - historically.
benny scott wrote on January 12, 2012
Mr.Slaughter, I beg your pardon ? With all due respect, but........forget the past ?! How can one forget the past. The past is an important part of one's life and should never be forgotten.No past, no memories ! That's how I see it, but nobody has to agree with my point of view. In all : amen to Marty and Ruthie. Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on January 12, 2012
What i don't understand is why we have to keep Elvis a success. There seems to be an obsession with making Elvis current and up to date so that the younger generation will be in to him too. Why? He's a singer from a by gone era, ok he's the biggest there's ever been but i really don't get why people are trying to re invent him so that he can compete in the charts with the stars of today. For me i just remember what he gave us while he was here and pay no attention to what future generations may think. His place in history is secure no matter what the latest gimmick or remix is and that will never change.
Jamie wrote on January 15, 2012
Hello Andy, I think there's little that can be done to restore Elvis to his status as a serial chart-topper. Surely when we talk about keeping Elvis current, what we refer to is his good name as a vital artist and important cultural figure. His music and performances were enjoyed by many millions, he played a key role in establishing a separate teen identity and lifestyle in the West, and - probably his greatest coup - at a mere 19 years-old he desegregated black and white musical allegiances, with all the symbolism that that carried in 1950s America. For me keeping Elvis current means ensuring these towering achievements are understood and acknowledged. Chart placings probably wouldn't do any harm, though would we want 'Old MacDonald's kitsch value to take off such that it became an international smash? Elvis 's career was blighted by the prioritisation of revenue over credibility. Let's honour Elvis's wonderful talent by putting that right.