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Joe Tunzi Announces 4 New Projects

December 30, 2011 | Book

‘CHANGE OF HABIT’, ‘KING CREOLE’, ‘ATLANTA IN BLACK AND WHITE’ and ‘ELVIS SESSIONS IV’: those are the 4 new titles that Joe Tunzi will be releasing the next few months. From the press release: "As we embark on our 24th year at JAT Publishing, we would like to thank so many of you for your continued support. It’s true when people say Elvis Presley fans are the greatest fans in the world. Last year was one of our busiest years ever, with a combination of CDs, DVDs, books and special projects released under the JAT umbrella. This year we look ahead to another big year, marking the 35th anniversary of the King’s passing.

In early 2012, we plan to release “Elvis 69: Featuring the Film ‘Change of Habit,” containing a wealth of never-before-seen photos. Four other projects filled with unpublished photographs exclusive to JAT will follow, including “Elvis - Atlanta in Black and White,” documenting Elvis’ 1973 and 1975 concert performances at Atlanta’s Omni Coliseum, and a special 24th anniversary production on what is arguably Elvis Presley’s finest film, “Elvis Presley - King Creole.” In this title -- a hardback edition with over 250 photos -- we tackle the mystery surrounding the missing “King Creole” tapes. Available at the low retail price of $19.95, “King Creole” is on track for a spring release.

In 2013, fans can expect the definitive Elvis recording sessions book, “Elvis Sessions IV, The Recorded Music of Elvis Aron Presley 1953-1977,” with new photos, facts and information exclusive to JAT Publishing and not found on websites or in previous editions." 

Lex wrote on December 30, 2011
Yesss! Another King Creole book. I can fill a separate shelf with them by now.
Mystery Rider wrote on December 30, 2011
Enough once you get to the bottom of the barrel you claw through the wood and end up in the dirt. But with these people the dirt is Green Dollars.
Monster wrote on December 31, 2011
I like the recording sessions book so I'll probably buy the 4th installment - don't go to the loo without it! But I'd love to see an updated version of Ernst's Complete Recording Sessions with new anecdotes and photos. The first edition from 15 years ago is one of my favourite Elvis books, a real pleasure to dip in and out of. Any plans for this Ernst????
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 31, 2011
No, no, no and... no, Joe. I've bought my last JAT product. Your prices are ridiculous and the product never ever what it's hyped up to be. Will your 'King Creole' book be anywhere as good (or as reasonably priced) as Erik Lorentsen's 'King Creole' book? No it won't. But no doubt you'll keep telling the fans how "awesome" and "amazing" they are and some of the suckers will fall for it. I wonder how you sleep at night? Happy New Year.
ElvisCriticsSuck wrote on December 31, 2011
Money Grubbers taking advantage of those who love Elvis. A shame Tunzi can't be dealt the justice rats like Bud Glass has met. "Elvis Fans" ? Hardly!
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on January 01, 2012
Never bought a Tunzi product - and never wil.l
Tony C wrote on January 06, 2012
Where is the confusion? "Elvis Session IV" is the soon to be published revised version of "Elvis Sessions III", which itself came after "Elvis Sessions II" and "Elvis Sessions". These Joe Tunzi books have no connection to Ernst Jorgensen's book "A Life In Music", other than all being about Elvis' recorded legacy. The $19.95 price refers to JAT's "King Creole" book not "Elvis Sessions IV", which will be considerably more than that. As for when we can buy it, they have given a slight clue to that in the above announcement. That slight clue is contained in the wording "In 2013, fans can...". With regard to Joe Tunzi's book about Elvis' 1961 Pearl Harbour concert, it was published in 2006.
Tony C wrote on January 08, 2012
No, the CD with the JAT book did not include the 1961 Pearl Harbour concert. This concert is available in it's entirety on the "Elvis Aron Presley" box set and has been since 1980. As for the book still being available, again it is a negative. JAT books sell out very quickly, anybody wanting a particular title should order it when it is first made available. A copy will probably be available from an online Elvis mail order shop or an auction site, as for who and the price, you need to start searching and doing a little bit of research. If not, go onto Amazon and put in a request for the next available copy.
Tony C wrote on January 10, 2012
Any knowledge that I have is with regard to past product, I have no more information about what JAT or FTD have planned than anybody else. As for these so-called missing classic albums, we will eventually get the 1969-69 sessions, "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" and "Moody Blue". In 2011, we were treated to FTD versions of "He Touched Me", "The Wonderful World of Christmas", "Promised Land" and the "Elvis Sings Guitar Man" collection of 1966-67 recording. In 2010, we also had four classic album releases, so we are hardly being starved of material. As there are only a few classic albums still to be released, I would have thought that a 2012 release of some of the often mentioned albums is a safe bet. As for February, I would not have thought that is very likely.