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Two New RIAA Platinum Album Upgrades For Elvis

December 18, 2011 | Other

Elvis has been awarded PLATINUM upgrades by the RIAA for the following albums:
1. 'Elvis Presley' (LPM 1254)
2. 'Elvis' (LPM 1382).
This brings Elvis' official RIAA total to 134.25 million sales.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Brian Quinn wrote on December 18, 2011
Actually the RIAA Website has not yet been updated. The total album sales should be 134.5 million.
Loesje wrote on December 19, 2011
I Billion Sold: stop using all those capitals in the text: there is no need to 'shout'
Sirbalkan wrote on December 21, 2011
I don't like comparisons but here's the truth. Michael Jackson webiste is an international website with various languages. Second, his estate and managers try to do anything with his name and likeness to get involved with any organization such as American Music Awards, Brits,MTV etc. Look at his Cirque du Soleil show and Look at Elvis' LATE viva Elvis (is getting closed now.). Viva Elvis was such a 2d show and the worst show of CDS. If nobodoy gives a sh.t about media of Elvis, who cares his 50s album upgrades. Elvis Presley deserves better than EPE and Sony. Unfortunately his daughter doesn't care about his image neither does his ex wife.
Steve V wrote on December 21, 2011
Can someone point me to an official statement saying Elvis has really sold 1 Billion records? All I ever hear that quote from is Elvis fans, but where is the actual account that he has officially sold 1 Billion?
Tony C wrote on December 21, 2011
Steve is correct, these figures get quoted by people who have no knowledge of such matters. Somebody makes up a number and they all follow like sheep. As for it being earth shattering world news, even if the figure were true, the world simply would care one way or the other. Elvis' sales figures are of interest to nobody outside the Elvis world.
Martin DJ wrote on December 21, 2011
There's an article on Elvis Australia by Nick Keene about Elvis's sales regarding this matter which is well worth checking out. Figures like (more than) one billion record sales (we're talking a thousand million) tend to enter mythology, just like the supposedly one million poople who watched Aloha From Hawaii live. Well, the show was broadcast in Europe the next day, in the USA (with added footage) in April and in the U.K. (I believe) only after Elvis had died. So a live broadcast in Hawaii, Japan and perhaps some other countries is unlikely to have attrackted one billion viewers.
Martin DJ wrote on December 21, 2011
That should read "one billion people", of course.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 21, 2011
The RIAA Website has now been updated to take account of the two new Platinum 'long form' albums. Elvis now has 90 GOLD, 52 PLATINUM and 25 MULTI-PLATINUM 'long form' albums. He also, of course, has 1 DIAMOND Album. 'Long Form' albums are what we all know as standard albums and 'Short Form' albums are what we know as an Extended Play. The RIAA has its own terminology.
Sirbalkan wrote on December 23, 2011
I agree with freedom101. And I also think,one day, on American Music Awards, Grammy Awards All Elvis' achievements will be upgradedand people will be shocked to hear that Elvis really sold over 1.1 billion records. Elvis should have at least 6 diamond awards for his GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, Aloha From Hawaii, Moddy Blue, From Elvis in Memphis and Heartbreak Hotel or Elvis is Back. Elvis just needs a little GLOBAL advertiesement for his music catalog and his real music films like On Tour, That's the Way it is and Aloha concert. He needs the right promotion that's all. The virtual concerts with a little advertisement can achieve more even without the original band members. In any case without any ad, they succeeded to fill the O2 in London. Name me any person to do this as being dead for over 30 years. ADVERTISEMENT is all Elvis needs.
john9904 wrote on December 23, 2011
I was at Graceland in 1999 and saw a huge award sat on the floor from Song BMG for the sale of over a billion records. Ive got the photo to prove it too.
Steve V wrote on December 24, 2011
Jean Marie - you are so mature 'waco thriller or Skinnybone (old blue eyes)' and such a boost to the image and intelligence of Elvis fans. How can I read that news if I never saw it before? Thats what I was asking, so I suggest you reread my post. Thanks john9904 for providing that info.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 24, 2011
As of today, Elvis has 90 GOLD, 52 PLATINUM, 25 MULT-PLATINUM and 1 DIAMOND Album Awards. GOLD = 500,000 sales PLATINUM = 1,000,000 sales MULTI-PLATINUM = 2,000,000 sales or more depending on how many times it has gone PLATINUM DIAMOND = 10,000,000 sales or more These R.I.A.A. Awards are for the U.S.A. ONLY. It is almost impossible to account for Elvis' Worldwide record sales. That is why the 1 Billion figure has been quoted for the past 27 years (originated by UK Disc Jockey Don Wardell). If it could be done, RCA, BMG, SONY and many others would have done it by now. However, SONY are reluctant to publish any sales figures for Elvis (contrary to company policy) as they are well aware that as soon as they do other labels will jump on the bandwagon and state their artists have sold more. The 1 Billion figure is safe and prevents this from happening. In the music industry it is NOT reality that counts but the PERCEPTION of reality. If labels give out false or doctored information and the masses believe it then it is they that have won the propaganda war. It is happening on a daily basis and helps their artists' record sales and hence company profits.
Andy_2 wrote on December 24, 2011
Why are numbers so important to some people? I'd swap the huge numbers sold anyday to have the critical acclaim that other artists mentioned on here have. I also think Elvis would too.
Steve V wrote on December 24, 2011
Andy - couldnt agree more.
Steve B. wrote on December 25, 2011
I think we do know that Elvis was very proud when he received a gold record. I sure he would be thrilled with 90 GOLD, 52 PLATINUM, 25 MULT-PLATINUM and 1 DIAMOND Album Awards. Truly amazing! And, there appears to be no end to him earning these awards. I have always said the racquet ball court is my favorite part of the Graceland tour. I love looking at the world's largest gold and platinum awards.