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Hospital Christmas For John Wilkinson

December 24, 2011 | People

Not so good news from John Wilkinson. John has been in the hospital for a couple days, with a obstruction in his bowls which is something that can happen any time. He was to come home today, but on doctor's advice he needs to stay at the hospital and will not be home for Christmas. We wish him a quick recovery... 

Tony C wrote on December 25, 2011
My best wishes to John, he has had a tough time with his health in recent years.
Natha wrote on December 26, 2011
John, I hope you will have the strength to keep up the wholesome mood to go through this. Wish that 2012 will bring you better health that 2011. You deserve it! Wish I had such a remarkebly loyal friend like you were and still are to Elvis. Compassionate and supportive thoughts go your way.