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As He Was Meant To Be Heard, Vol. 5

November 23, 2011 | Music

Continuing the series, on January 12, which presents Elvis Presley’s original studio recordings with minimum sound processing, Disc 1 contains most of Presley’s 1961 output. That is, the entire content of the Something for Everybody album, the released tracks from the Flaming Star and Wild In the Country movies (in most cases the mono versions), plus the Blue Hawaii soundtrack less its most throwaway numbers. All the year’s singles are also included - in their original mono versions as released at the time except Surrender, the last Presley single to be released in stereo before RCA reverted to mono 45’s.

Disc 2 is mainly devoted to a version of the1960 Elvis Is Back album where most tracks differ in sound texture from other versions available, including those on Volume 4 of this series. We stress that the tracks here are not different takes nor, as far as can be judged, different mixes. They simply have the sound as it was on the US first issue stereo Elvis Is Back. For subsequent issues some form of processing then seems to have been applied - which arguably added more punch and slickness to some tracks. If the trade-off was that something was also lost, only the listener can decide that. The difference is more noticeable on some tracks than others - most immediately obvious on Girl of My Best Friend, Dirty Dirty Feeling and Reconsider Baby. We didn’t know of the existence of these versions at the time of Volume 4 release, and so must apologise for implying on the back cover thereof that it contained Elvis Is Back tracks at their least processed. They were merely less processed than elsewhere.

The remainder of Disc 2 covers 1960 tracks omitted from Volume 4, and includes the European extended version of Tonight’s All Right For Love.

Depending on the final implementation date for new copyright legislation, this may or may not be the last volume of As He Was Meant To Be Heard. Once the legislation is implemented, the likelihood is that all Inverse Label CDs will have to be withdrawn.

Disc 1

1) Surrender
2) Lonely Man
3) Flaming Star (Mono)
4) Summer Kisses Winter Tears (Mono)
5) I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (LP Mix)
6) Wild In the Country (Mono Single)
7) I Feel So Bad (Mono Single)
8) In My Way (Mono Film Version)
9) Judy
10) Gently
11) I Want You With Me
12) Starting Today
13) I’m Coming Home
14) Give Me the Right
15) There’s Always Me
16) Put the Blame On Me
17) It’s a Sin
18) Sentimental Me
19) In Your Arms
20) His Latest Flame (Mono Single)
21) Little Sister (Mono Single)
22) Blue Hawaii
23) Rock-a-Hula Baby (Mono)
24) Hawaiian Sunset
25) No More (Remixed)
26) Beach Boy Blues
27) Can’t Help Falling In Love
28) Almost Always True
29) Aloha Oe
30) I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (Alternate Mix)

Disc 2

1) Make Me Know It
2) Fever
3) The Girl of My Best Friend
4) I Will Be Home Again
5) Dirty Dirty Feeling
6) Thrill of Your Love
7) Soldier Boy
8) Such a Night
9) It Feels So Right
10) Girl Next Door Went A'Walking
11) Like a Baby
12) Reconsider Baby
13) Pocketful of Rainbows
14) Didja' Ever
15) Big Boots
16) Tonight's All Right For Love (European Extended Version)
17) I Believe In the Man In the Sky
18) Mansion Over the Hilltop
19) Working On a Building
20) He Knows Just What I Need
21) His Hand In Mine

Harvey Alexander wrote on November 23, 2011
Who is buying these CDs? Somebody must be, otherwise why would they keep putting them out? I've seen / heard two or three of them. The covers are amateurish and the sound is the same. Absolute garbage.
Steve V wrote on November 23, 2011
It is disgusting how much they milk & cheapen this man's catalog and recycle material under new titles and covers. Indeed who is buying this stuff? Very sad in a way and so are the fans who would buy this.
Tony C wrote on November 23, 2011
The producers state that the tracks on their CDs are without the extra processing used on modern Sony CDs. It is actually the opposite, the studio masters were processed in the fifties and sixties to give them extra punch when played on MW radio and the record players of the time which had limited fidelity. The Sony CDs contain the recordings in a form more true to the way they were recorded in the studio. Bring on the changes in copyright law, they are long overdue.
marco31768 wrote on November 24, 2011
Great cover! But... Who is in the picture...??? ;)