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Elvis In The Kitchen

November 03, 2011 | Other

EPE has entered a licensing agreement with WMF for the production of Elvis kitchen equipment, such as water boilers, coffee machines, toasters, wall decoration and a portable radio. All with a fifties image of Elvis and his signature. However, if you're looking for cheap prices you've come to the wrong place. The 'best buy' is a 49.99 euro toaster, about 65 $US. 

ttwiise wrote on November 04, 2011
EJF wrote on November 04, 2011
EPE, how about entering a licensing agreement with whoever has the rights and release ALL material from TTWII and On Tour, plus The Dorsey/Milton Berle/Steve Allen/Frank Sinatra shows in their entirety, similar to the Sullivan Shows released a few years ago? That's what we fans want, not this b***s**t!
Natha wrote on November 04, 2011
One may wonder why they make such a fuzz about the things fans produce for fans. Maybe they need the funds from this stuff to pay the lawsuits? The legacy is his music!
Steve V wrote on November 04, 2011
More junk to futher tarnish the music legacy and keep Elvis a joke to the many that see him this way.
circleG wrote on November 06, 2011
i'd stretch to the toaster but i'd prefer elvis on blu-ray
sanQ wrote on November 12, 2011
I need a coffee maker.