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On Stage - The Ultimate Edition

October 21, 2011 | Music

Due to high public demand, Backdraft has released this week, ‘On Stage - The Ultimate Edition’. Because of the fast sell-out of ‘Rebooked at the International’ many fans missed out and were left out. Therefore this release will have ONLY the stereo multi track recordings from the ‘Rebooked’ release containing the very best on this factory pressed 80 minute CD. The CD is housed in a professional looking digi-Pack with a 12 page booklet, containing the very best of the photographs plus more from the Jan/Feb 1970 engagement.

This release is limited to only 750 units worldwide and is available now from your local Elvis dealer.

ON STAGE - The Album - The Felton Jarvis Rough Mix

01. See See Rider (Feb. 18; DS)
02. Elvis talks (Feb. 18; MS)
03. Release Me (Feb. 18; MS)
04. Sweet Caroline (Feb. 16; DS)
05. Elvis talks (Feb. 18; DS)
06. The Wonder Of You (Feb. 18; DS)
07. Polk Salad Annie (Feb. 18; MS)
08. Elvis talks (Feb. 16; DS)
09. Proud Mary (Feb. 16; DS)
10. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Feb. 19; MS)
11. Let It Be Me (Feb. 17; MS)
12. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Feb. 19; MS)

International Hotel Las Vegas NV - February 18, 1970 DINNER SHOW

13. Long Tall Sally (incl. false start)
14. Elvis Talks
15. The Wonder Of You
16. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
17. Polk Salad Annie

International Hotel Las Vegas NV - February 19, 1970 DINNER SHOW

18. Elvis Talks
19. Proud Mary (incl. false start)
20. Elvis Talks
21. Don’t Cry Daddy
22. Elvis Talks
23. Kentucky Rain
24. Let It Be Me
25. I Can’t Stop Loving You
26. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
27. Elvis Talks
28. Release Me
29. See See Rider

Flyer On Stage - The Ultimate Edition

lacke lee wrote on October 21, 2011
i got the rebooked cd box so this is total wast for me, but for those who don't have the box should buy this you wont be sorry even if it's just a small part of the box
Lefty wrote on October 22, 2011
I bought Rebooked. The Felton Jarvis rough mix part is nothing to write home about, but the stuff from the Feb 18-19 dinner shows is worth every penny.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 22, 2011
Some will see this as a excuse for 'Backdraft' to make more money from this boxset but for me it will give other's the opportunity to buy at least a little of what the boxset had?.
myway wrote on October 22, 2011
Or else another label will copy and paste it and release it, but I guess that will happen later?
Natha wrote on October 22, 2011
For those who missed or skipped Rebooked this is a great release. I am only a little tired of the 'ultimate' releases.
I Saw the Light wrote on November 02, 2011
The ULTIMATE lie! It's not a cd, it's a cheap CD-R. Not worth 25 euros. Stay away or buy a copy of the 'Rebooked' box set.
John Burrows wrote on November 02, 2011
Just spoke to my dealer, Backdraft are sending new proper discs to dealers next week. No need to replace, keep the CD_R for the car, the proper ones are on the way. At least they are correcting the problem and now you get a factory pressed and a CD-R for the price of one.