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A Different Elvis Forum

By Ger Rijff, October 16, 2011 | Other


On the outside the 'Too Much Monkey Business' office doesn't look too impressive. It could use some fresh paint and a logo. This is 2011 and many Elvis sites look a heap more hip, on the outside, than Monkey does in this day and age.
But when you enter the office lobby and pass by the usual departments, all painted in a too bright blue, at the end of the hallway you'll find two bright colored doors.

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The text on the door on the left reads: I Gotta Know. The Library Is Open. The door on the right reveals : Spinnin' Around, The Worlds Rarest Elvis Records On Display, 24/7.
Both doors, when opened, transport the guests into a world of lost and long forgotten Elvis records, magazines and photographs. Often accompanied by stories from fans who know what they're talking about. Experts so to speak. Experts on Elvis you don't find anywhere else on the internet.

I invite you to take a look there. It's free. No strings attached. I work there, daily office hours, seven days a week...

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Comment Ger Rijff 10/21/2001:

From the bottom of my heart a warm thank you Mr. Murphy, Burrows and that other gent. Without your warm response addressed to me, we at Monkey would never have succeeded in giving no less than twenty new members- in only 5 days- a warm welcome to our forum.
Please continue praising me and the other guys at Monkey. We love you with all our hearts.


elvislives72 wrote on October 17, 2011
I'd watch out for this guy. He's got a baaaad rep over at TMMB and treats people like crap. He's a self promoter and gets mad when you disagree with him. Ran some folks off too. There's much better places to read and discover Elvis than this place. Two thumbs down!!
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on October 17, 2011
Monkey is a nice place to visit with friendly people there. One particular member left, cursing all others, after they had made fun of his fan blog. The lads there do like to poke fun at each other. But they also like to post tons of interesting stuff. Go, have a look at I Gotta Know, Spinning Around, Elvis Today, Let's Get Quizzical etc. pp.!
columbo wrote on October 17, 2011
Yeah do come to this forum and take a good look at it and enjoy. There are so many lost treasures you can find on these pages. Especially "I Gotta Know & Spinnin' Around" ....really addictive! And speakin' about the person behind this article? there's no need to blame others. Come on we're all Elvis fans...right? that's all what i want to say.... ENJOY!
brunop wrote on October 17, 2011
this Elvis site has a magnificent forum very professional and it is the right place where collectors can share their collections.. including very very rare items.. what can we ask more ??
Jim Turner wrote on October 17, 2011
elvislives72 You seem to have a downer against Ger. If you have had dealings with him in the past and you now don't like him that is fine, that is you choice but you don't have to run down a forum that you are not a member or contributor to. I joined it and I think it is a great place to meet and talk to fans that are more interested in the real Elvis and not rubber ducks and such like. If you want to see great original records from around the world come to us we have some fantastic pieces. If you want rare and unseen pictures and information of Elvis come to Monkey.
Ciscoking wrote on October 17, 2011
Ger Rijff is crazy....but I am crazy, too..lol.. What this guy has done for the Elvis world is not to express in words..Kudos ! I have greatest respect for this rascal..;-) Perhaps I join..!
elvislives72 wrote on October 17, 2011
Jim, for your information, I was once a member of that forum. Didn't post much but was turned off by his rudeness to others and how the mods would always have his back instead of the guests. Totally one sided. So I left. I'm just warning good people about this guy and how he works. By the way. I see he has you guys pimping his site. Nuff said.
Ciscoking wrote on October 17, 2011
I told you, Ger is crazy..lol..
Jim Turner wrote on October 17, 2011
elvislives72, First of all it is not Ger's site. Secondly I am not pimping it! I am just telling you how it is. If people like yourself don't want to contribute or promote the site (when you were a member) well we can live without you. Lastly at least Ger will say his piece and move on and also signs his name to his posts.
John Burrows wrote on October 18, 2011
That site is one dangerous site, that site with its tell all policy has had people locked up. It was because of them for what happened to boxcar. Its run by a little kid who has no idea and has no integrity whatso ever . As for Ger Riff who keeps promising he will go away just keeps coming back, just a guy reminising on his past looking for glory one last time. Sad its he has come down to this.
elvislives72 wrote on October 18, 2011
Job well done, Mr Burrows. I peaked in over there and no surprise to see him resorting to name calling and acting childish as usual. Exactly what I was pointing at with my original post.
Jim Turner wrote on October 19, 2011
Okay, elvislives72 and John Burrows. We have established that you don't like Mr Rijff! So can you you tell us what you think of the site? What about all the great things that are appearing there daily from people all over the world. Why not give the site some praise for the good things rather than bang on about one member? I'm not interested in playing games and politics on any website so i will carry on in the two sites that i think are worth looking at Monkey and Elvisnews.com.
John Burrows wrote on October 19, 2011
Look at the rules we have on this site, about personal attacks and relation between bootlegs and people. These rules simply do not apply on that site. And Ger is allowed to get away and say anything he wants, cos little kids like Ben think he is some type of God when in todays releases Ger stuff IMO is less than mediocer. He is nothing anymore and uses that site as a way of dobing in and exposing people he does not like and spreads false rumors about people based on assumption. That site is responsible for a few people getting into trouble with people who have given us great Elvis stuff over the years with the likes of Bud Glass and Pirzada and so on. I refuse to even mention the name of that site. At least elvisnews has rules and boundaries that protects ALL Elvis fans.
Jack Murphy wrote on October 19, 2011
Well I'm not a member of that site or the FECC Collector's site, but I do read them from time to time and do think both are poisoned with some bad apples. The moderators are to be blamed for that. But as for Ger, I have my own dislikes towards him from the past. I have a problem with anyone who never knew Elvis on a personal level would be out to make their own popularity off of his name and likeness that is not a professionalized business. This Rijff fellow is neither. He's a has-been who lives off of once made cartoons that are irrelevant now. He needs to get a life. And that site isn't nothing to write home about. Very amateur looking ran by a little brat kid with very little activity. This site is one of the best for news and discussions without being called names for disagreeing with one.
ttwiise wrote on October 20, 2011
Good god, get a life. It is a site for a great entertainer that passed almost 35 years ago. It has some very knowlegeable fans contributing and Ger and company come up with some great stuff. Sure Ger calls a spade a spade but so what, live with it! I for one respect the time these guys put in hunting down lesser known facts.
Jack Murphy wrote on October 22, 2011
That's nice Ger but once they see what a jackass you are they won't stick around just like the others who have abandoned that ghost town. There's a reason you are so disliked, by the way.
John Burrows wrote on October 22, 2011
Ger cant accept that today he is a nobody and forgotton.He is jealous of so many producers. When he finally goes, I wont be sorry.
Steve V wrote on October 22, 2011
I visited and I liked it. Lots of different topics with varying opinions and people not being labled as nonfans (as they do here ) if they express an opinion that is not in favor of the soundtracks or the 1976-77 period!
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 27, 2011
Too Much Monkey Business is a great Elvis site. Like all Elvis forums it has a few loonies and ill-informed people, but less so than others. And apart from Mr. Rijff, very few egos! (I can say that because he loves me.) Most importantly, it has a straightforward approach and more interesting topics than many other sites. You won't find people arguing over petty matters - or any of the other mind-numbing waffle that you get on other sites. Try it out and see what you think (but only if you have a sense of humour and don't collect Elvis fridge magnets).
Dan The Man wrote on November 05, 2011
Hi There. The monkey place is a great place to be, things will be turned a coupled of times, ending up right. As a newbe my self, come see!!! All the Best... Dan
Steve V wrote on November 21, 2011
I like it more & more and registered. Not under my name though. I dont want any cross-referencing to this site.