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October 12, 2011 | Other

One of the closest results ever was caused by the question "A statue with a jumpsuit is ridiculous". Not less than 58% of the voters thinks it is the most normal thing in the world, only 42% thinks it is ridiculous. 

Our new question is based on a thought we already had and it was suggested to us too recently: "I want a CD of the month section". Just like we have the song of the day there can be a CD of the month rotating on the homepage. Before we do that we like to have the general opinion on the idea.

Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on October 13, 2011
Hi guys, interesting poll... however, I wasn't quite sure what you meant... a bronze statue with a fabric jumpsuit (e.g. Manneke Pis in Brussels) is absolutely ridiculous. The beautiful bronze Aloha Satue in Hawaii (with the Am. Eagle jumpsuit) is absolutely fabulous....
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on October 13, 2011
Official releases, Imports or both? Yes a good idea, but it has to be a goody, we don't want Harum Scarum appearing as a CD of the month - like some of the really obscure and frightful songs that pop up as 'Song of the Day'.
Natha wrote on October 13, 2011
In a way a nice idea but as Bestoftherest already mentioned: please let it be a CD worthwhile like a highlight of October. What I do is listen to a CD that was recorded on that day of the year (today: It's Tahoe Time), of course if there is any.
Pedro Nuno wrote on October 13, 2011
Hello guys! It's a very good idea, but you should call it "Album of the month" section, not "CD".