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Elvis: Young Man Of The Nation

October 15, 2011 | Video

JAT Publishing will release a new DVD on November 15th: “Elvis: Young Man of the Nation.” Digitally re-mastered 40th Anniversary Special DVD Release. In 1970, Elvis Presley was nominated for one of the ten outstanding young men of the nation by The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Jaycees). 40 years ago on January 16, 1971 he accepted the award in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Now for the first time on DVD the complete unedited Documentary of this historic event will be made available. JAT Productions used clips and edited versions however for the first time you will now be able to see it in its entirety uncut and unedited. Witness the presentations from beginning to end of this cherished moment in Elvis Presley’s life. 

Tony C wrote on October 16, 2011
This is interesting news, I had never thought to wonder about the origin of the footage that we all know of and I had no idea that it was just part of a longer documentary. One important thing not mentioned is the running time.
dgirl wrote on October 17, 2011
Be careful here. Its Tunzi. I think we've seen 90% if not all of the Elvis footage. What you are going to get is the whole ceremony with people you dont even know or speeches you wont care about.
samcra wrote on October 17, 2011
Regardless, if the price is right, I'll buy it.
Steve V wrote on October 17, 2011
Just talking from experience, the Tunzi price is never right. And I for the most part agree with dgirl. There may be very little new footage Elvis wise, seconds perhaps. I hope I am wrong, but thats the Tunzi sales pitch. And his products mostly disappoint. Buyer beware unless you want to see folks like George Bush Sr. & others speak.
Natha wrote on October 18, 2011
Dgirl and Steve V, that's exactly what my sentiments are re Tunzi in general and this project in particular. I rather spend my money on valuable Elvis CDs. But let's be fair also, for those fans who do not have anything of this historic occasion this might be the way to get it.