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Elvis As Social Game

October 04, 2011 | Other

Social and casual game developer and publisher Entertainment Games, Inc. (OTC Pink: EGAM) announced today a licensing agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. (EPE) that will see Elvis become a character within a soon-to-be launched, story-driven online game.

Under the agreement, EPE will license to EGAM photographs from the archives at Graceland for its upcoming social game for Facebook, Google+, mobile devices and the open web. Today’s announcement is the latest of many key celebrity licensing deals supporting EGAM’s ambitious new social game that is being developed on the company’s proprietary Heyday platform.

Elvis Presley, one of the most popular entertainers of all time, has fans around the world. He has sold over one billion records, starred in 33 successful films, and was seen by thousands at record-breaking live concerts. Elvis’ music and movies continue to top the charts and his home in Memphis, Graceland, welcomes an average of 600,000 guests each year.

Additionally, a variety of Elvis-related, in-game merchandise will also be available for players to purchase. “Entertainment Games’ mission is to create a totally unique social game experience in which players engage in rich, interactive stories and games that evoke the spirit of past decades and are brought to life by authentic photos and nostalgic celebrity imagery,” said F.J. Lennon, Chief Creative Officer of Entertainment Games. “Working with Elvis is a career highlight and a dream-come-true for the entire Entertainment Games team.”

Currently, Elvis Presley is an entertainer who has a very significant presence in social networking.

“Elvis has nearly five million fans on Facebook and one of the most popular entertainment websites online, Elvis.com,” said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Media for EPE. “We’re excited that Entertainment Games is creating a whole new place for Elvis’ fans to express their love for the king.” 

Steve V wrote on October 05, 2011
No one can predict fan bases growth or shrinkage. Thats why performers evolve & grow. They may gain or lose fans in the process. In the case of M&M, I agree. He is limited talentwise and cant do anything but crap rap (but has a huge fan base). I disagree about Gaga. Her duet with Bennett on The LAdy Is A Tramp has gained her raves & many new fans, especially if she records an album of standrards or jazz such as Norah Jones. She has the talent. She needs to lose the gimmick.