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More Details Elvis Week 2012

October 01, 2011 | Other

More updates have been added to the Elvis Week 2012 schedule, including the addition of Barbara Eden, Elvis’ co-star in the movie “Flaming Star,” who will be a special guest at Conversations on Elvis – Elvis in the Movies on August 12, 2012.

Additional schedule updates and guest announcements include:

  • Jan Shepard Boyle, Elvis’ co-star in “King Creole” and “Paradise, Hawaiian Style” will also join the panel of movie co-stars on August 12.
  • June Juanico and Larry Geller have been added to the panel of guests for the Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13.
  • Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest semifinalists will showcase their talents at the Elvis Week Main Stage Entertainment Pavilion on August 14.
  • The Memphis Boys, along with Andy Childs and Terry Mike Jeffrey, will perform a special concert event on August 14.
  • Conversations on Elvis on August 15 will celebrate Elvis in pictures with those who photographed Elvis and oversee the vast collection of Elvis photos.
  • New performance events and dances featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey, Andy Childs and Jamie Aaron Kelley have been added.