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Loving You Again

September 21, 2011 | Music

The Dutch Music On Vinyl label announced the release of the 'Loving You' soundtrack album on vinyl. This re-issue is due for October 31, 2011.

Side One:  Mean Woman Blues - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Loving You - Got A Lot O` Livin`To Do - Lonesome Cowboy - Hot Dog - Party

Side Two: Blueberry Hill - True Love - Don`t Leave Me Now - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - I Need You So

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Andy_2 wrote on September 21, 2011
and again, and again.
Jerome wrote on September 21, 2011
why using the connotation ' again'?? - fans simply can't get enough!..
Andy_2 wrote on September 21, 2011
Jerome i think you're wrong. I think most of us have had enough of the same product recycled time and time again. If not go buy and enjoy.
Steve V wrote on September 21, 2011
Well at least its a classic album and it looks great in LP format. Still have my 1957 in mint condition.
Andy_2 wrote on September 21, 2011
yep, i have the british 10 inch original. You're right Steve, it is a classic so i suppose i can't complain.
Steve V wrote on September 21, 2011
Andy - and dont forget, vinyl is making a huge comeback as are turntables. There is prob going to be more vinyl sold now than CDs.
Andy_2 wrote on September 21, 2011
well i suppose if i was to buy any reissues and totally contradicting myself vinyl is where i'd be interested. if you're a vinyl collector then it's not a bad release. Admit i was wrong to moan. As long as they release classic albums then thumbs up.
Steve V wrote on September 21, 2011
Correct as long as they dont re-release Paradise Hawaiin Style on vinyl.
Andy_2 wrote on September 21, 2011
Steve, that was top of my list.
RobIreland wrote on September 21, 2011
Hard to beat the look, sound and feel of Elvis on Vinyl .... but surely they could have included extra tracks ?? Im sure more tracks would have fitted on.
Tony C wrote on September 22, 2011
With regard to the previous posting, "I'm A Roustabout" has no known existing alternative takes, the master only exists on an acetate. I'm not sure why "Dum Dum" was mentioned, it is a Brenda Lee song. As for "A Dog's Life" and "Datin'", I would question the out-takes being described as hilarious and I think that they are best kept away from the ears of the general public. The fans already have the FTD release of "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" to hear such items, as is "Beach Shack" on "Spinout". My observation is that one of our old friends is back with yet another user name. How many is that now, I've lost count!
dgirl wrote on September 22, 2011
Fred please! Once released on vinyl in the 60's was enough. PHS contains some of the worst songs Elvis ever recorded. The outtakes are hilarious only because Elvis knew what a POS he was recording. You are comparing Loving You to them? How much of a fan are you anyway? Dum Dum?
Cruiser621 wrote on September 22, 2011
PHS??? Oh, Paradise Hawaiian Style.... This may come as a surprise, but I have the FTD version of this soundtrack and I'll stand along on this, but I like this soundtrack; unlike everyone else it appears. As to the Loving You soundtrack.... it was my first Elvis LP (Long Play) album and my all-timer favorite not just for all the songs, but for sentimental reasons. To each his own.
Tony C wrote on September 23, 2011
People who collect vinyl releases will buy this, as they have done with all of the recent releases which are also available on CD. As for the "Kissin' Cousins" alternative takes, it is probable that we will never get to hear them. Elvis' vocals were overdubbed onto pre-recording backing tracks and only the masters are thought to exist. These were cut out of the session reels and joined together to make a master reel. The session reels have never been located after exhaustive searches. The same goes for "Roustabout", most of "Girls! Girls! Girls!", "King Creole", etc.