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Having Fun With Elvis On Stage CD

September 23, 2011 | Music

Originally released in 1974 by Boxcar (Colonel Parker) and re-released by RCA. The Having Fun On Stage With Elvis album managed to make it to #130 on the Billboard album chart, and #9 on the Billboard top country album chart. 

Source:Elvis Australia
EJF wrote on September 23, 2011
An album of Elvis talking (he was no Lenny Bruce!) that goes to No.9 on the Billboard Chart! No wonder Elvis lost interest in recording any more top notch material, save a few exceptions, in the later years of his life. Why bother when us fans bought every mediocre release RCA and the Colonel threw at us (and still do)? Much as I hate to say this I feel we fans contributed considerably to his early demise. Sad really.
dgirl wrote on September 23, 2011
Another album(?) that should never see the light of day again. CDs are dead first of all and even if they were still selling big, just who would buy this? Certainly not Joe Public. Half the people that bought it in 1974 probably were sorry they did, and the other half may no longer be able to care enough.
ernst blofeld wrote on September 24, 2011
can someone pls explain what the "uncut Colonel Sandwich-Parker recording" is exactly? why is the ad for this release calling attention to this fact as if this "uncut Colonel Sandwich-Parker recording" is something special? thanks for any info...
Natha wrote on September 24, 2011
Back then we had so little live shows that I had this Fun On Stage album. I enjoyed it as it gave some more insight in the man on stage. I am interested in Elvis as a singer, so I admit I listened ony a few times. Nowadays there are so many CDs containing mostly uncut (rather than complete) shows that this re-release seems awkward.
theoldscudder wrote on September 25, 2011
EJK You're comments mirror mine completely.
Steve V wrote on September 25, 2011
I received a very nasty personal message from a person (name withheld) because I did not like this album better than Beatles albums, specifically mentioned (by him) Sgt Pepper. I was also told I was an SOB for this. Well folks, that is it for me. Because of the intelligence level on this site, you cannot engage in a 2 way dialog with a varying opinion that does not favor Elvis 100% Having Fun On Stage vs Sgt Peppers! Really? OK you got your wish. I'm outta here. You can now talk with others that only are 100% pro everything Elvis ever did. Adios and thanks for confirming what most people think about the Elvis fandom. They have oatmeal for brains.
Great Dane wrote on September 25, 2011
I have this original album because back than you just had the songs,and i always was interested in what was going on besides singin. Now with the new releases this is not necessary,like mentioned before. I hope you are not leaving Steve, although i am a fan of al decades i like your reviews.
Tony C wrote on September 25, 2011
When this album was first released, I found it quite interesting, but these days not quite so. It is not really something I can bring myself to listen to all of the way through. Boxcar were originally exploiting a loophole with Elvis' speaking voice not being under exclusive contract to RCA. There was a challenge by RCA when extracts from the Madison Square Garden press conference were put out in 1972, but RCA lost the case. RCA then turned the tables by releasing a version of the Boxcar album themselves. I, for one, will be very sorry if Steve has stopped contributing to this site. His views are always very interesting and he has been around long enough to be able to speak from experience rather than the history books. I have had similar problems with people sending stupid e-mails just because they disagreed with opinions that I gave. Yes, opinions, not statements of fact unlike certain contributers. One questioned my experience of being an Elvis fan in the "fat, Forty, etc" period of the mid seventies. He said that I had no idea of what went on in those years, but he did, despite him being born in the mid eighties! These people are pathetic.
benny scott wrote on September 26, 2011
Steve, just read your posting of yesterday 25th. Although in the past we did not always agree with each other's point of view on certain topics, the reactions were always based on mutual respect. Leaving this site would be, IMHO, giving one or more unreasonable fanatics the feeling they won their case or "battle". Don't let this happen ! In your comments you never used bad or rude language or personal attacks ,so you're not to blame.Receiving nasty personal e-mails is not pleasant for sure, but don't let these things spoil your life. Continue to give your opinion(s) in the way you did in the past. I'm sure there are a lot more fans who respect you than those few pityful individuals who are obviously in a strange state of mind (and I'm being polite here, I could use other words !) Always El.
benny scott wrote on September 26, 2011
Ho Tony, count me in too ! If he or they think and hope they can put me down : well, forget it !Always El.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 26, 2011
One of the biggest embarrasments of Elvis's career. A total crock, but proof positive that some 'fans' will buy any old junk. Hence 'Elvis Sings For Children And Grownups Too' etc. Parker knew he could get away with putting anything out because the 'fans' would buy it regardless. "Oooooh, it's Elvis - I gotta have it!" Sad, sad, very sad.
benny scott wrote on September 26, 2011
So "the fans buying everything" is nothing new. It happened already almost 40 years ago. BTW : I'm not a "buying everything"-one, very, very far from it , and such "talking albums" are absolutely not my cup of tea. But who am I to criticize those who do buy ? To each his own. Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on September 26, 2011
Steve_V, when i see a topic i'm interested in on here yours is one of the first comments i first look for, why, because it's a common sense balanced opinion and i know if i don't totally agree we can have a good debate. Be sad to see you go especially if it's down to some moron on here.
Loesje wrote on September 26, 2011
Don't worry: that person is banned allready!
benny scott wrote on September 26, 2011
Glad to read this . Good initiative and decision ! Always El.
Natha wrote on September 27, 2011
Steve V, hope you will continue to contribute to this site. You are always constructive and your language is like a true gentleman. Don't leave us. Action has been taken, so let go!
benny scott wrote on September 27, 2011
Amen to that Natha! Always El.
UweSwitzerland wrote on September 30, 2011
Steve_V: don't leave! It's about Elvis! I always like to read your lines. C'mon, stay!
Steve V wrote on September 30, 2011
Thanks to all who responded for your nice words & support. That nasty dude made me feel the whole Elvis world was on his side and agianst me! I dreaded that thought but I knew better. The Elvis world is full of wonderful people sharing their thoughts & opinions even if they aren't always the same. It's what makes this all worth while & fun!