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New FTDs Delayed

September 17, 2011 | Music

ETM & HM have informed us that FTD have ran into problems with their latest releases. It looks like 'He Touched Me' and '48 Hours From Memphis' may not appear until early October. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on September 17, 2011
With Sony's 5 cd set due end of Sept a delay by FTD may be a welcome change for some fans as this will ease the financial burden when things come out at the same time.
Santa Claus wrote on September 17, 2011
Maybe they tinker some more takes again that in reality don't exist. I just read that he also faked the Omaha concert CD in the Fashion book by changing the song-sequence. I'm tired of this fake trash we get from FTD.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2011
For a collectors label they are in my view a joke,its nothing new when it comes to elvis releases,they disrespect fans and know that most will support and make excuses for them. Also there is a slyness that i dont care for,they replace what they want and ignore other issues. From ftd,im interested in very little overall,i dont like the design of the classic series as there so easy to damage. Why couldn these things be in stores in a regualt 2 cd case,cardboard? who thought of that? As for soundboards i have no interest unless a show from june or july 1975,no more 76 or 77 shows. Only thing from 77 i want is elvis in concert,put out the 68 material,us male,too much monkey business,from elvis in memphis, back in memphis and the few 70 albums left, the 2 ttwii shows, whatever on tour material that wont be used on a set, the opening and closing night 1970 shows and call it a day ftd. cd's like 6363 sunset are a joke and have no focus,should have been a 2 cd set with a cool booklet. You would think they woul have learned but then they release stage rehearsals lol. As for fashion for a king,a book on jumpsuits shows me ernie and gang dont understand that elvis is already more about image than music, and throwing in 2 soundboards as bait shows you what they think of fans, but many many dont care, and will gets nasty with you for speaking the truth. The glad you have a collectors label line comes to mind,i guess its good enough to have a collectors label even if they have alful sound on many releases,2nd grade artwork and now faked material thrown in for good measure.
Santa Claus wrote on September 18, 2011
I don't remember what it was but I read on Keith Flynn's site about one track of Essential Elvis Vol. 5: "The cover states we get take one but it is the count-in before take 3, the beginning of take 5 and the ending of take 7". I thought I faited when I read that. This shows how sick this all is. It's about time we show him that we are not dumb anymore. We are his customers. Having all his fakes in my memory I have to say I can't be happy over the real unreleased material anymore because I always think: Is this great take real or is it fake again. You never trust somebody who belied you once.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2011
Wow,i never knew that,i had figured out that many outtakes released in the 90''s had chatter from another song. On a side note i had a ftd dealer offer me the tucson 76 cd spelt correctly at double the price, im suppose to pay $70 because ftd cant use spell check lol, that gave me a nice laugh.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 18, 2011
FTDs don't appear in regular stores because so many of their releases would just not be welcomed by the general public. Okay, some would probably be big sellers (the 'Jailhouse Rock' sets, 'Elvis Sings Guitar Man', 'Elvis Is Back!' etc.), but the public would just get confused by so many soundboard concert CDs containing basically the same songs over and over again. Plus, the parent company (Sony) would never agree to distribute so many releases per year by one artist (one who's been dead for over 30 years). On average, including vinyl and books, FTD put out about 12 projects a year. There's no way stores would stock that amount of product on one artist. The bottom line has to be, what they do is way too specialised for stores.
Tony C wrote on September 18, 2011
Harvey is correct, retail outlets would not stock the FTD product because the general public would have no interest in the vast majority of them. There is a comment below about fans getting nasty when others speak the truth, but when was the opinion of one person automatically considered the truth? So if people disagree and differ in their opinions, they are wrong. Wow. If the FTD product is such a joke, don't buy it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2011
My view is my view,no i dont think its anything more than that,there are some who agree with me,some who dont. My point was if someone gives a view that is taken as negative then you get personal attacks,i do stick to the subject which is Elvis releases. The collectors label was good on paper but has been mismanaged,some good releases of course but you should always demand the best shouldnt you? As for ftd's being in stores,im sure no store would wont them,but why not have all the albums still be in print on cd. For new fans it must get confusing seeing all those compiltations sitting there.
Lefty wrote on September 19, 2011
I'm looking forward to 48 Hours To Memphis. A couple more weeks to wait is no big deal. I agree with the sentiments expressed by others. FTD has not done a great job with most of their projects. On average, I re-sell two out of every three FTD's I buy because they're so disappointing. As far as my wish list goes, I'd be happy to see the Hampton Roads concert from On Tour released in it's entirety on CD. I don't care which label manages to get it to us. The closest thing I own is the Triangle import CD, which is outstanding. How I wish it had the missing songs.
Santa Claus wrote on September 19, 2011
O my god: I can't hear this dumb "If you don't like it, don't buy it" anymore. We are all fans. We all want to hear the man sing, perform on stage, working in the studio. After buying a lot of trash in the 80s and 90s it's now time to get the things right. The collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for the trash that's left over. Unbalanced, distorted soundboards, 20 takes of the same song. Things Joe Public wouldn't give a dime for. We pay a lot for this trash with otherwise no commercial value. And all we want for that in return is honesty. It's a fair deal from our side buy Ernst betrays. He has a responsibility. We don't have an alternate source, so the phrase "Don't buy it" is childish and can not come from a normal thinking fan. Here is a quote from another site about the latest Omaha release by FTD .. just to show you what this man does to the fans and Elvis' music on almost every FTD: In actual FACT ‘Love Me’ is performed next before the solo ‘Amen’ but here ‘Amen’ has been edited back into its ‘normal place’ to presumably add to our ‘smooth listening pleasure’ - well it doesn’t! Elvis even mentions, "That’s what we were supposed to do earlier but we didn’t do it. We forgot the first part of the show" - so why alter the sequence, as now Elvis’ own comments make no sense?
circleG wrote on September 20, 2011
Santa if what you're saying is true then ftd border on the criminal! If we can't trust the official fan releases then whats left? sad days, bring back the 90's...
Santa Claus wrote on September 20, 2011
You can hear the original sequence on the CD-R "The Eagle Has Landed In Omaha" that contains an audience recording of the show. I also have this show on tape. But even the live-experts remain silent. When it comes to god Ernst everybody becomes paralyzed it seems. We should all work together on this matter. All FTD customers have to tell Ernst that the betrayal of fake sessions, shows and rehearsals has to stop before more fans jump off and start downloading the FTD for free somewhere on the internet. Well known sites like elvisnews have polls like "Is a statue with a jumpsuit ridiculous"? Well as long as we waste our time with polls like that we will never get the quality music we deserve. How can we tell Ernst what we want when nobody of the great sites is doing something? During Elvis week he said he still does not know what a majority of the fans want. So come on elvisnews ... do something. Let him know .. after 15 years and over a hundred CDs.
circleG wrote on September 21, 2011
can you tell us what sessions have been faked?
Tony C wrote on September 22, 2011
The delay is only a matter of weeks, until early October. I don't know why the previous poster would think that we will have to wait six years for the FTD release of those three seventies albums mentioned. FTD never gear things around anniversaries, we have had regular releases since 1999. We will get them in the near future, as we are with "He Touched Me", now ready for release. I'll add a little message to the previous poster, welcome back!
Orion wrote on September 22, 2011
I just read Ernst's statement regarding the delays. What caught my attention was his announcement that "48 Hours" will be in MONO. That being the case, I am starting to believe that this release won't sound much better, if at all, than the import release of the show that came out a few years back, "Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind." Don't get me wrong, that CD has excellent sound for a "soundboard." Perhaps that release was a mono release of the multi-track that FTD "just discovered..." Something smells fishy in Denmark.
secondrichard wrote on September 24, 2011
Santa Claus: Ernst doesn't fake sessions or shows. Sometimes he makes a decision to 'change' things for listening pleasure. That's his opinion and his right as executive for the FTD releases. I don't agree with that also. Cutting the life story from the 1969 show on the Live In Las Vegas BMG boxset and placing it at the end is wrong. When you have a show, release it as complete and actual as it was. But when coming to outtakes, I can agree with Ernst making a aplit between takes and false starts to make a 'enjoyable complete track'. I don't like it (I love the straight facts without cutting and pasting) but I can understand Ernst. There are other fans who want 'smooth' outtakes. Some rehearsels have talking, talking, talking, false start, talking, actual song. Do you want to have that as it was recorded or do you understand Ernst cutting some of the worthless talking out of this track ? I agree with people that Ernst ruined the Stage Rehearsel CD. He should have left it as it was recorded, including clipped and missing intro's. What he did now was rewriting history and it wasn't even done properly. Ok, bad mistake from Ernst. But in a line off 103 FTD releases I think he's allowed to make a mistake sometimes. I know I make one or more in a 40 hours week working also. That's life. I know and believe that Ernst is always thinkinbg about the fans: how can I please them most, what's the most interesting for them. But he has to work within a timeframe, a budget and with the limited options he has sometimes. I thought it was great when the Elvis On Tour rehearsel CD came announcing 'Young And Beautiful' as a track. WOW, nice song for 1972. Listening to it made me hear Elvis completely ruining the track.... After that I read comments on Ernst about that (not on this forum). People nowadays even blame Ernst for Elvis's own mistakes...... I don't like every FTD release (Amarillo '77 is a disaster, but not because of Ernst: Elvis is the disaster) but I still believe Ernst is doing the job as a fan first and a a BMG employee second. Give him a break and stop your accusations. He deserves a lot better after at least 95 excellent FTD releases (and indeed also 8 or maybe 10 lousy ones)....
secondrichard wrote on September 24, 2011
Oh and what I forgot: the delay has something to do with a change in printing factory for the cover and artwork.... it has nothing to do with the 'Yound Man Big Beat' BMG set which is out now. Also a Ernst Jorgensen /Roger Semon project by the way. They're busy.... Let's be glad we have Elvis fans on those positions, otherwise we would still be having A Legendary Performer volume 347 with the Masters of Love Me Tender, There's Gold In The Mountains, Mama, Hey Jude, Hy Gardner Calling interview (the part between 3.25 minutes and 3.55 minutes, the ending is on volume 348) and a completely unreleased Take 49 of.... Old MacDonald.
benny scott wrote on September 24, 2011
secondrichard : I agree with you from the bottom of my heart ! What a clear and real great posting ! Hats off ! In the eyes of some, Ernst seems to be the scapegoat for everything. Indeed he messed up some things, but compared with the good work he delivered in the past it's not the end of the world. You are so right : we all make mistakes in our career or private life. We should be thankful for the many, many good releases with stuff that would never had seen the light of day without him, his love and dedication for Our Man! Always El.
Tony C wrote on September 26, 2011
Secondrichard summed everything up I feel, some fans just get completely stupid when Ernst gets discussed. Would they rather go back to the time when we had releases such "Elvis Sings For Children"? The real answer is that they don't know what those years were like because they were not around. FTD is certainly not perfect, but it is the best things the fans have ever had. Regarding the constant use of the word "faked" in recent postings, is there a competition to see how many times people can use it, with a prize for the winner?