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Diamond Award For 1971 'Elvis Christmas Album'

September 17, 2011 | Music

Elvis Presley's 1970 'Elvis Christmas Album' was awarded a Diamond Award for the sale of 10 million albums (10 X Multi Platunum). 

Steve V wrote on September 17, 2011
Is this his biggest seller overall? I would think it should have surpassed Blue Hawaii by now. Or is it 30 #1s?
joemin wrote on September 18, 2011
About time. Why could this not have been done in time for Elvis Week, or held off till his birthday? Anyway, hopefully there will be more diamonds and platinums from old sales.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 19, 2011
I have been campaigning all year with Scott Williams of EPE to put pressure on SONY to get this album released as sales were so near to 10 million. Scott was not aware of the situation and a few weeks ago promised to get in touch with his SONY contact to get the album certified Diamond and re-released. It looks like a word in the right place has payed off.