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Another Heartbreak Hotel For Memphis?

August 29, 2011 | Other

Two city council members have confirmed that EPE are currently making preparations to build a new lavish "Heartbreak Hotel" near to the mansion. The new hotel won't be directly next door to Graceland, but about 400 yards or so northward, at the site of the old Meadows apartment complex that is now demolished and boarded off by a huge iron fence. It is doubtful that the groundbreaking will happen this year but will most likely begin in 2012. It's going to be an Elvis-themed luxury hotel with conference and meeting space. Much nicer and bigger than the current one. 

Rubberneckin wrote on August 30, 2011
so long as they're still welcoming of Elvis fans who are not checked into the 'Heartbreak' and allow us to continue watching movies etc; then I suppose I can't really complain. What are they going to do with the original..? What about a backpacker's hostel.. I'm a 50 year old seasoned backpacker/traveller and avid Elvis fan, medic, teacher, psychologist, ex-royal navy force protection.... any of these attributes fit..? maybe elvis news can pass on my thoughts/idea to EPE so long as they don't steal it.. lol
jeter wrote on August 30, 2011
That is fine as long as they keep it affordable. I love the current "Heartbreak Hotel" and usually stay about 5 nights. If they were to make new hotel more expensive may only be able to stay 2-3 nights. Lets hope for affordable rates or I would just be content with the current "Heartbreak Hotel".
efan4ever wrote on September 02, 2011
that is good news! it will be easier to get a room during Elvis week. And for the birthday week.