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Elvis - August Reloaded

August 14, 2011 | Music

The Touchdown import label announced the release of 'Elvis - August Reloaded'. A new CD, due early september 2011, containing a 'big upgrade' of the original audiencerecording release of the August 21, 1970 Dinner Show 

Ciscoking wrote on August 14, 2011
S-U-P-E-R-F-L-U-O-U-S....or in other words...strictly for those who don`t have the original which is already a perfect release. A "big upgrade" would be the complete version of Suspicious Minds cause the one used for this show is splice of DS and MS of this day.
marco31768 wrote on August 14, 2011
You are right, Ciscoking. I love original releases (very good).
theoldscudder wrote on August 15, 2011
Upgrade my a--.
Joern wrote on August 17, 2011
"S-U-P-E-R-F-L-U-O-U-S" or "upgrade my a--", everytime when there's a new release the same old people are showing off and slag it off, even before it's out. It would be not the first time, that those people keep silent after the release. If you can release better stuff, feel free - I'll buy it the minute it comes out and I DON't CARE about the label's name.
marco31768 wrote on August 17, 2011
Joern... You are wrong 'cause if a new release is great, its comments are positive. This is only a good chance for who hadn't old (great) CD with the same show. For most part of collectors, this "August reloaded" is superfluos.
Ciscoking wrote on August 19, 2011
Strictly for those who don`t have the original for what reason ever. The original already is a very good release.