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48 Hours To Memphis

August 16, 2011 | Music

FTD will release 48 hours to Memphis in September. A Live Concert registration from March 18, 1974 in Richmond Virginia. This recording was made 2 days before Recorded live on stage in Memphis. It’s an unbelievable discovery: The recording 48 hours to Memphis came from a newly discovered, unmarked tape which later appeared to be a copy of the 16-track recording machine. People who attended the concert from Richmond and heard 48 hours to Memphis believe that this recording came closest to the actual experience of an Elvis Presley concert. This CD will be presented as an 7” album with a 16-page booklet featuring never before seen photos of the actual concert. The show was available from soundboard on Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind.


Also Sprach Zarathustra (Richard Strauss)
See See Rider (Trad. Arr. E. Presley)
I Got A Woman - Amen (Ray Charles) (J. Hairston)
Love Me (J. Leiber / M. Stoller)
Trying To Get To You (Singleton / McCoy)
All Shook Up (O. Blackwell / E. Presley)
Steamroller Blues (James Taylor)
Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (K. Mann / B. Lowe) (O. Blackwell / E. Presley)
Love Me Tender (V. Matson / E. Presley)
Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Your Mama Don't Dance / Flip Flop And Fly / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog (Johnson / Penniman / Blackwell) (Williams / David) (Loggins / Messina) (Big Joe Turner) (Leiber / Stoller) (Leiber / Stoller)
Fever (Davenport / Cooley)
Polk Salad Annie (T.J. White)
Why Me Lord (Kris Kristofferson)
Suspicious Minds (Mark James)
Band Introductions
I Can’t Stop Loving You (Don Gibson)
Help Me (Larry Gatlin)
American Trilogy (Mickey Newbury)
Let Me Be There (with Reprise) (John Rostill)
Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson)
Can’t Help Falling In Love (Peretti / Creatore / Weiss)
Closing Vamp
Bonus songs
Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
Johnny Be Goode (Chuck Berry)
That’s Allright (Arthur Crudup)

linda_433234 wrote on August 16, 2011
Great,but whats with the oversized lp look,there difficult to store and get damaged way to easy. Prefer the digipacks.
linda_433234 wrote on August 16, 2011
One more point,i know extras r nice but once the closing vamp plays that should be the end of the cd.
You Dont Know Me wrote on August 16, 2011
Awesome a collectors 'dream come true' and decent bonus tracks too! cannot wait to enjoy this one THANKS for delivering some real goods this time FTD!~~
Lefty wrote on August 16, 2011
Way to go FTD. This is fantastic news! Nice to see there are still a few surprises left in the vault. I'm looking forward to the 7" format, the 16 page booklet, and the multi-track stereo recording of this great concert! The YouTube commercial was taken straight out of the bootlegger's handbook (i.e., The Final Curtain advertisements). Now that's how you beat the import market!
benny scott wrote on August 16, 2011
I have only one thing to say : GREAT news on this August 16th, 2011, a special and perfect day for this announcement ! Always El.
Rob Wanders wrote on August 16, 2011
very Cool!!!
tornado wrote on August 16, 2011
These finds always amaze me. Where in the hell was that tape hidden? Or kept away? And if so by whom? It's probably a recent find, Who knows, it was probably never in the vaults. But thanks to Ernst and his iron will to seek out the lost tapes. After so many years... still some surprises come up. Alleluia!
marco31768 wrote on August 16, 2011
I got "Guaranteed to blow your mind" bootleg: this show is GREAT. This is a great issue by FTD.
Tony C wrote on August 16, 2011
A very interesting discovery, a multi-track tape recorded prior to the already released Memphis concert. Presumably this was done as a dry-run to the Memphis recording and as a back-up in case the latter recording was not up to scratch. It just goes to show that we should never give up hope that new discoveries will be made. We already know how good this concert was from listening to the soundboard, now we will be treated to a major sound upgrade. It's nice to have a good bit of news today, August 16th will always be a very dark day for me regardless of how many years have passed.
Dazman wrote on August 16, 2011
Wow! from a 16-track machine?? The common practice was if a show wasn't recorded for release purposes then it was recorded from the SB in mono. Then this discovery raises a burning question: how many other shows were recorded in multi-track that we don't know about? Revelation stuff. About time FTD products were given this level of advertising.
Tony C wrote on August 16, 2011
Only concerts recorded with a specific release in mind would have been recorded on 16-track tape as a recording truck would have been required to tape in that quality. There could be others in existance, but I would not count on it. The 1974 live album was the only time we had not previously known about a back-up recording, it should have been obvious that one was made but I guess nobody gave it a thought. With "Aloha From Hawaii" we had the recording from the previous night, with the Madison Square Garden album we had the afternoon show and with the earlier live albums we had multiple nights recorded. It is too risky to spend money on taping just one show, imagine if Elvis had been in one of his odd moods during the Memphis show. As history tells us, he was in great form in Memphis so the other tape went untouched.
Pedro Nuno wrote on August 16, 2011
Great News! This are the type of concerts that created not the Myth but the undisputable fact that Elvis was and still is the greatest Rock performer from all time. If would fit in perfection even in Sony main catalog! Long Live Our King. 34 Years without him!
Monster wrote on August 16, 2011
My favourite concert from 1974. This has been one of my most treasured imports for many years so hearing that there is a multi track recording is mind blowing. I'm so pleased this concert is going to have a wider audience at last. Thank you FTD!! Hope the mix is good cos anyone that hasn't heard this show is in for a real treat.
Monster wrote on August 16, 2011
Oh and the promo video clip is clearly "inspired" by the amazing trailers for "The Final Curtain". Irony aside it's great to see FTD is able to take on board ideas that work from, ahem, elsewhere and put it to good use on their releases. Quite exciting all this really.
Andy_2 wrote on August 16, 2011
serious question as this is getting quite a build up from everynbody on here. Why is this concert better or different to other 70's concert? Just curious as i've never heard it and it seems to be regareded as something special. You have me curious now.......
Biffx wrote on August 16, 2011
Hi all this is my first post love the Ftd releases can't wait to get hold of this one excellent show all round a must have!!!
Ronaldv wrote on August 16, 2011
Guaranteed to blow your mind, one of the best (sounding) concerts bootlegs ever, amazing sound. Incredible concert. I'm not that impressed but it is always good to have this show in a better sound quality.For me even better news is that they have the Tulsa March 1st or March 2nd show. I don't have the march 1st show yet.
Tony C wrote on August 16, 2011
I would have thought that most fans would have been familiar with the soundboard tape of this show but to answer Andy's question, this is not particularly different from many of Elvis' other performances from that era. I would have thought that the discovery of a previously unknown 16-track recording was special in itself and would not need further explanation, but the icing on the cake is that it is a great performance. I'm sure we will soon hear the cries of "the same old songs" and "Love Me for the 100th time", but those less than die hard fans need not apply.
Lex wrote on August 16, 2011
Let's hope that it's better than the bootleg. Something to look forward to...
marty wrote on August 16, 2011
Great to see most everyone exited with an FTD release. Gone is the usual moaning... The discovery and release of an unknown 16-track recording 37 years after it was recorded is nothing but amazing news to everyone interested in Elvis. Can't wait to hear it. I hope for many more but it is probably not going to happen. I wish they someday release in nice box sets the complete officially recorded Elvis live performances (Vegas '69, February '70, That's The Way It Is, Vegas '72, Madison, On Tour, Aloha, 1974 concerts, Spring '77 & Summer '77). Most of it is available in bits and pieces here and there. They deserve better...
dufl wrote on August 16, 2011
If I understand it correct, then they haven't actually found the original 16 track tapes, but a copy of the mix. This is probably a "rough" mix and the it might not even be the original tape of the mix, but a copy of the mix. So although the sound will probably be better then the SB, it will most certainly not be of the same quality as the live in Memphis concert. But still it is good news of course, I just hope that they also find the original tapes one day......
paulreno wrote on August 16, 2011
Fantastic news! After all these years a PROFESSIONALLY recorded 16 Track tape is released. WOW! I love the promotional video - very well done FTD. This is a brilliant find and I for one am excited to purchase this concert. I enjoy the soundboard tapes, but this is even better than them! If it is a 16 track copy, then it can be remixed and mastered to today's high standard - which it will have been, so quality of the recording will be superb. Full marks to FTD on this one. Thank you guys for finding the tape an amazing discovery.
Orion wrote on August 16, 2011
Please take the following with a preface that's it's only a passed on rumour, but I just received a text message from a friend who's in Memphis. He said that this "newly discovered" tape came from a recent purchase of tapes from the family of the late Bruce Jackson. My buddy said that Ernst didn't want to acknowledge this because he didn't want to start the rumours flying about what new (?) tapes they had purchased. He said that Ernst had to announce this one as a "newly discovered" tape since it was a multi-track, but the rest of the purchases are soundboards that will continue to augment the FTD releases for the next few years. Let's hope that if this is true, there are some goodies. Again, this is only being passed on to the group as a rumour.
Lefty wrote on August 17, 2011
Let's hope there's more to come. Someone postulated that this may be a rough-mix, akin to Fifth Time Around. If that's the case, it's still stereo, still awesome, and will be better than a mono soundboard. I'm not discouraged in the least. By far, this is the best FTD news of 2011. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great CD. It's nice to have something positive to celebrate on 8/16. Long live The King!
Dazman wrote on August 17, 2011
Orion: rumour emphasis accepted, and I do share your excitement of this new 16 tracker. If this rumour were to be true then it would mean that our gain has come at the expense of a family bereft of a loved one. The Elvis world also lost Bill Porter too, not long ago. So as from whom this was purchased we're better off not knowing. I'd take such rumours (even if well intentioned) with a grain of salt.
benny scott wrote on August 17, 2011
According to the site EIN : "16-track recording. Show is complete (with some tape dammage that has been fixed /altered). Has been mastered by Vic Anesini !!!" Always El.
lacke lee wrote on August 17, 2011
i just love elvis music......i got the book elvis files vol. 2 in the mail yeasterday and now i get the news for this wounderful show and it's in the classics format aswell. elvis may have been gone for many years but in my mind he will allways live................long live ftd for keeping elvis alive
Herman wrote on August 17, 2011
Great news OK, but why in a 7” package ? Is this an album that "never was" ? Very funny. Just release it as an 5". Or re-release the Recorded live on stage in Memphis with this show on disc 2.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2011
I really don't want to spoil anybody's excitement about this one, but to me it's just another re-release of a Live show, as we have seen so many the last years. I have the bootleg since 1997 in a perfect sound and that is good enough for me, even when this one is from a multi track recording. Besides it's almost a copy of the Memphis show 2 days later, all though Elvis doesn't sing How Great Thou Art, Lawdy Miss Clawdy and My Baby Left Me in Richmond. Understand me well, for fans who doesn't own the bootleg, it's a very good release. Just my opinion guys, don't let it spoil your day..lol...
Andy_2 wrote on August 18, 2011
Thanks Ton, that's more like what i was after. The comments on here have it down as something extra special but i wanted to know what made it special. Looks like it's just that it's in better quality that is making it so. The fact that it's a 16 track recording is not enough to get me over excited these days. To every one else enjoy.
ttwiise wrote on August 18, 2011
34 years after his death a newly found professionally recorded concert is found. This is fantastic news. We should all be grateful that they are still looking and that enough people are interested that they put it out. 20 years ago we would all be rejoicing. And I am
Natha wrote on August 18, 2011
ttwiise, you are right. Luckily they are still going around trying to find material. Yes it is ALMOST a copy of 2 days later. So are so many other concerts in other years. To have this one is for me fantastic news. Again one concert in fabulous sound. Also many people could not purchase the bootleg (like me).
Andy_2 wrote on August 18, 2011
Come on Easyrider i don't see anybody saying same old or millionth time anywhere on here. It was being hyped as an extra special concert and i just wanted to know why. Nobody has really said why. If it's just that it's professionally recorded then for me personally i'm not too bothered. I certainly wouldn't come on here and try and spoil anybodys enjoyment re this release. I'm sure it's going to be great.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2011
As I said Natha: for fans who doesn't have the bootleg, it's a good release. Enjoy ! TheEasyRider: I really can understand your excitement, I have no problem with that what so ever. To each his own. When you are willing to buy the same show twice for the better sound, just be my guest. I just hope you respect my opinion. Even for the better sound, the booklet or whatever, I almost never buy the same show twice. An exception I made with a few shows, for example "One Night Only-Live 71". But again, just enjoy !
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2011
By the way, when they find such a tape from a July 1975 show, now that would really excite me !! Everybody can call me in the middle of the night to tell me that there is a tape from that July 1975 tour. lol.
Santa Claus wrote on August 18, 2011
I found that a number of fans can't affort all the bootlegs anymore. So, they try to convince themselves that they don't need even the best releases.
marty wrote on August 18, 2011
What makes this special is that we didn't know it existed. As for the sound quality there can be no comparison. If the sound quality is anywhere near the other professionally recorded concerts it will be miles away from any soundboard recording. I personally do not understand how having a soundboard recording of the same concert would be satisfactory. Would anyone replace his 'Madison' or 'Aloha' cd for a soundboard recording of the same show?
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2011
Well Marty, the soundboard is good enough for me, that' it. It's not such a special show anyway in my opinion (don't shoot me !) and as I said, I almost never buy the same show twice. Not such a big problem, I guess.
Lefty wrote on August 19, 2011
Such interesting opinions all around! It's fun to see how fans react to all things Elvis. I don't have a problem buying a great show for a second time if the improvement is substantial. This one will probably be the best upgrade we will see this year, so I'm in. Is it possible for an Elvis collector to avoid repeat material without restricting themselves to just MP3 downloads? Buy more than one Elvis album, and you're bound to have repeat songs. I have five copies of "Always On My Mind," just as an example. I love the different albums that have this song, so having more than one copy of a particular tune doesn't bother me. If I decided to hold out for only new Elvis material, I'd be waiting for the rest of my life. 34 years gone, and there isn't anything left that's new! All we have are improvements on what we've had before. It goes with the territory.
Tony C wrote on August 19, 2011
When people complain about this concert having already been released and having to buy it again, we should remember that it's previous outing was merely as a bootleg. If people buy bootlegs they should be aware that the contents might eventually gain an official release.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 19, 2011
Tony C: I said it many times before, I am not complaining, I give my opinion that's something else my friend. When a bootleg gets an official release, that's just fine with me. Please go ahead and buy it, I can understand you will ! I stick to the bootleg. That's not a complaint, but just my thoughts, my decision. Nothing less, nothing more.
benny scott wrote on August 19, 2011
Hi TonyC, I'm looking forward to this release too 'cause I never got hold of the import-release, and the FTD release will (should) be of outstanding soundquality, but if the import-sound is good already I can understand Ton's point of vue. Heartwarming to read postings between 2 grown-up guys "discussing" and not "disputing" ! Always El.
Tony C wrote on August 19, 2011
Hi, Ton. I was not targeting you, far from it. You always only state your opinion, unlike some whose comments are issued as statements of fact. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, that's what make the world go around.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on August 20, 2011
Christopher Hassell posted a detailed review of the original import album on this site, including a blow by blow account of each track. Interestingly he said of the album 'the great sound quality makes up for it !!!! '. He also posted some great comment about each of the tracks. He finally ended by giving a 'sound' rating of 9 out of 10. Having just listened to my copy of the import I can do nothing but agree with him wholeheartedly on the sound and therefore cannot see a substantive reason for anyone purchasing this if they have the import. jJust do a site search on Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind for more details
Ton Bruins wrote on August 20, 2011
Benny Scott, you are absolutely right. When you don't have the bootleg this coming release is great indeed. Nice that you say that we are discussing here and not disputing. Good point. We are all fans and we all have a different opinion. As Tony C said that's what make the world go around. Bestoftherest8301: we agree. The bootleg has a great sound for a soundboard really. For me there is no reason to buy this show twice. When you don't have the bootleg buy this one.
marty wrote on August 20, 2011
I do not have the bootleg, I decided long time ago not to buy any bootlegs and although I know I miss a lot of exiting releases there is just so much one can buy. I hope and expect to get at some point an official release of everything that's worthwhile. If I had it though I would still buy the FTD release for the improved sound quality. Sound quality for me very important and upgrading from soundbroard quality (even at its best) to multi track stereo makes a huge difference. Looking forward to receiving my copy...