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Lots Of Publicity For Gold Barbie

August 11, 2011 | Other

The 2011 edition of 'Elvis Barbie' doesn't go by unnoticed in the American press. Especially the black Elvis-style hair for the blondest doll ever, triggered the attention of collectors. This full page advertisement in the EW Guide will undoubtably boost the sales of 'black Barbie'. 

Andy_2 wrote on August 11, 2011
i've seen it all now...........
Michael.W. wrote on August 11, 2011
Oh my god.......
Michael.W. wrote on August 11, 2011
but i'm sure waylon smithers will get one;-)
Andy_2 wrote on August 11, 2011
Easyrider, of course it matters if you care about the legacy of Elvis and his music. No wonder he's not taken seriously anymore. I really can't be bothered to try and explain to fans who thinks it's good that Elvis appears on any old crap however much it harms his credibility. Go and put your Barbie at the side of your Elvis toilet roll holder, me i'll go and listen to his music.
JerryNodak wrote on August 11, 2011
Andy_2: So are are you saying that fan who has something in his/her collection other than the "MUSIC" isn't a fan? I have many things in my collection that aren't music related. The Mr. Potato Head is a great conversation starter. I also have die cast models of some of his vehicles. Oh yeah, my shelves are full of his music. I'm guessing I was listening to his music before you were born.
Andy_2 wrote on August 11, 2011
jerry, no i'm not saying they are not fans ( read it again and you'll see that ). We are all fans no matter what we choose to buy. But f you don't understand the harm all this crap does ( and the Mr potatoe head ) then carry on buying it. By the way, congratulations for being older than me.
dgirl wrote on August 12, 2011
Andy 2 - I agree with you and I'm older than you. Conversation piece aside, I would not tarnish my collection or Elvis' memory with a Mr Potato Head , Barbie, toilet paper, pajamas, bed sheets, etc and other such nonsense. This is why the media and public dont take Elvis as seriously as Dylan or The Beatles or other major historic artist. Their mgmt wouldnt allow these things to surface. Sure in 1956 and 1964 marketing Elvis & The Beatles were at a fever pitch but those items were geared for teenagers and are quite collectible today. Today its nonsense. Teens arent buying these things and they tarnish the image. When I go through the Graceland catalog, I'm embarrased for the man.
Andy_2 wrote on August 12, 2011
Yep DGIRL, that's the point i was trying to get across. Even Johnny Cash who i think is a vastly inferior artist to Elvis is now held in much higher esteem with the music press and his later work is seen as the best he ever did. He even gets name checked by other artists which is a sign of his credibility. I'm afraid Elvis is way behind in the credibility stakes which saddens me. That's why i hate things like this. Look at the recent review of EIB in Rolling Stone magazine. This was the legacy release that had extra tracks on it ( singles ) and Key songs they named at the end of the review were Feels so Bad and Surrender. They weren't even on the album. His stock as dropped so low that a classic album such as EIB which was light years ahead of anything else released in the early 60's is not even known by the so called music experts. Ok, that's my rant over.
Steve V wrote on August 12, 2011
Andy, Dgirl, agree with you guys 100%. As for Cash, I also agree. His later work is regarded as some of his best, something Elvis didnt achieved by any critic. Had he lived, Im sure he would have seen the light, ditched the jumpsuits, align himself once again with a good producer & writers and make killer albums. Well one can only speculate. Cash, Orbison, Everlys all made great albums in the 80's. As for EIB I'm afraid it will never be known to the general public despite the great reviews. There were too many Blue Hawaii type LPs to come after it that totally flooded his catalog and destroyed all the good that album accomplished. The 60's were saved a bit by the comeback and the Memphis sessions, but we all know how the 70's eventually turned out. And here we are today with Barbie!
EJF wrote on August 12, 2011
I gotta get me one of theeeessee!
Natha wrote on August 12, 2011
Obviously EPE and those (Potato Heads) chaps think that Elvis Legacy is only to get his image on everything. Yet his true Legacy is vastly ignored. I readily agree with Andy and the others on this. Indeed Steve V, his catalogue is flooded by too many songs not fitting his true potential. Hence it is hard for the general listener to know the gems he made in the sixties. In the seventies he ultimately was enslaved, not only by precribed drugs but also by the audiences and their wishes. A times he tried something new, but then the audiences cried out for the same old. I can understand that. If you had that once in a life time chance to see The King you of course wanted to hear that. On the other hand that was also one of the conditions for boredom from his side. He needed more challenge, which other artists had to engage as to keep thei fans interested. He did not, obviously. Had he lived longer and had the at that time at least destructive Parker been parked, he would definitely have been a leading artist in the eighties! And even up till now. Yes, speculation, but I think that would have been, if only . . .
theoldscudder wrote on August 12, 2011
Of course this is a piece of crap to go along with the many others. EPE is out to make a buck. It's not their fault it's the fault of the people that buy this garbage. If they would stop buying, then these items would not be profitable & hence would stopped being made. So my advise is don't buy!
Steve V wrote on August 12, 2011
Jack its not that simple. Of course we wont buy the merchandise, but these products I feel diminish the artist Elvis was in the eyes of many people, critics or public. That was Andy's point. If you dont have a problem with that, ok. Its hard to defend Elvis as a serious artist when you can turn around a see a trash can with a bloated jumpsuit picture on it. Maybe it me, but that's how I feel.
Andy_2 wrote on August 12, 2011
Steve that pretty much sums it up. Jack, you call it fun, i see it as the gradual demise of the legacy of the greatest recording artist of all time.
linda_433234 wrote on August 13, 2011
If you like buying junk then keep buying it,but dont fool yourself, its one of the reason the public has a laugh at Elvis & his fans. Even the people behind Elvis music releases have a laugh at Elvis fans,a collectors label that give you very little for your money but again many fans will pay any price for anything from there man. I have started selling off what i dont like,theres no respect,just put anything on the market and watch the typical fan buy it. Go the sore and count the Elvis compilations,most have no theme,how many do you need. How many times do you hear someone say i like this cover,think i will buy this one. Do beatles fans act this way? i doubt it, theres too much stuff out there that has nothing to do with Elvis music. Keep buying the junk,no et one will stop you but dont ever wonder why your man doesnt get the respect you think he deserves.
Natha wrote on August 13, 2011
Elvis had a particular style in the seventies and that is of course a reason why people look at his that way (and sometimes ridicule him). The same holds for Mihael Jackson. One can see fans trying to look and act like him (will they do 34 years after mj passed away, I wonder; it is also ridiculed by the way). Most of the others don't have that. Oh yeah, the stones (remember that tongue on t-shirts that still sells?) So I can accept that there is merchandise referring to that (knock yourself out to collect it, I don't mind!). But what I wanted to make clear is that it is important to put the Music Legacy up front. And sometimes I doubt that. Well at least there are iconic Elvis images on this one!
benny scott wrote on August 13, 2011
Agreed, Natha and Easy Rider . There is, indeed, a lot of rubbish sold (and bought) with Elvis' picture (or what points in that direction) on it . Absolutely not my cup of tea either. But Easy Rider is absolutely right, that won't stop the fans buying his musical legacy, so, imo, no real demise in general. Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on August 13, 2011
Benny, that's no real demise in the Elvis world. There is one outside which shows Elvis falling way behind in the credibility stakes. I fear there are people on here who are just happy to see Elvis's face everywhere on any old peice of crap and think that this shows how well respected he is. It appears to me that he is now just an image and nothing else. It's not just EPE who are to blame, but fans as well. But i'm just one of the same old people p*ssing and moaning so what do i know.
JerryNodak wrote on August 13, 2011
Legacy, schemgacy. His musical contributions between '53-56 were (and still are) enough to cenent his legacy. The rest was icing on the cake. I'll let you fanboys (and girls) obsess over the "LEGACY." I'm interested in product. Give me product. I'll purchase what interests me and bypass the rest. No, I don't buy every release whether it be main label or FTD. Now if you'll excuse I have my life to live. You know, the real one far removed from the fantasy of "Elvis World."
Michael.W. wrote on August 13, 2011
Jerry,why 53(??)-56?
dgirl wrote on August 13, 2011
I think Elvis was still in high school in 53. Maybe you heard him at recess?
benny scott wrote on August 13, 2011
No he wasn't . On july 18th 1953 he recorded My Happiness and That's When Your Heartaches Begin. Demo's, ok, but in fact the very start of all what would follow. At that time he already had left school and was working. Always El.
JerryNodak wrote on August 13, 2011
Oh pardon me. Let me restate. Legacy, schmegacy. If Elvis had done nothing more than the SUN years and his breakout year for RCA his legacy would be (and is) secure. The rest is just icing on the cake. Steve V. I'll miss. The rest.............
Andy_2 wrote on August 13, 2011
jerry, you need a cuddle.............
Steve V wrote on August 14, 2011
You see folks this is where its at. Jerry & I don't agree 50% of the time but yet we have a dialog that is mutually respectful of each other. No name calling, just a matter of a difference of opinions stated. Thanks Jerry for the kind words.
Natha wrote on August 15, 2011
Steve V, luckily most of the folks here are like that.
circleG wrote on August 15, 2011
I'm not a fan of Elvis-Barbie but i understand the business acumen behind such decisions even though I don't like them. I also think that when a subject like this gets at least 33 comments and the Elvis-files only 4 comments I can only think that these business people may have a point. That is that even Elvis fans pay more attention to tat than talent. just MHO.
dgirl wrote on August 15, 2011
Perhaps the reason for so many comments is the topic itself. It strikes a lot more controversy than a new book. Also because these are mass produced, easily found and endorsed by EPE may be more reasons. The Elvis Files books are great but most fans will not be able to buy or even see them due to their availability.
Natha wrote on August 15, 2011
I also think it is the topic. Books (whether or not fan can/will buy them) are about Elvis, while this type of merchandizing is imo dubious. Yet I also have to accept the merchandizing, which has surrounded Elvis ever since his rise! And about the books, I was 'shocked' by the remark CiscoKing made about the accuracy. Although all the research they still can't get it right.