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The Bicentennial King, Volume 3

August 02, 2011 | Music

Out by August 16, 2011 The Bicentennial King, Vol. 3 will be Millbranch's third CD with an 8 page booklet containing lots of photos and different original 1976 Shreveport, LA newspaper articles with information regarding the Elvis concert at the Hirsch Coliseum on July 1, 1976. The sound is very good for an audience recording and Elvis is delivering a fine show, being in good spirits. This show has NOT been released yet on cd. All you fans out there know what to expect from Elvis´ Shreveport 76 show - so if you are interested be advised to get your copy as soon as you can. 

Tracklist: Shreveport, July 01, 1976 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 02. C. C. Rider 03. I Got A Woman / Amen 04. Love Me 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 06. You Gave Me A Mountain 07. All Shook Up 08. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 09. And I Love You So 10. Jailhouse Rock 11. Fever 12. America The Beautiful 13. Polk Salad Annie 14. Band Introductions 15. Early Morning Rain 16. What'd I Say 17. Johnny B Goode 18. Drum Solo (incomplete) 19. Piano Solo (incomplete) 20. Electric Piano Solo 21. Love Letters 22. School Day 23. Hurt #1 24. Hurt #2 25. Hound Dog 26. Funny How Time Slips Away 27. Happy Birthday (to Bridget) 28. It's Now Or Never 29. Can't Help Falling In Love 30. Closing Vamp

ernst blofeld wrote on August 03, 2011
life is too short to listen to yet another audience recording...!
marco31768 wrote on August 03, 2011
Ernst... Just skip it... It's so easy !!!
Lefty wrote on August 03, 2011
I'm glad that a fan tucked a tape recorder into his jacket on New Years Eve 1976 when he walked into the concert hall in Pittsburgh, PA. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to hear one of my favorite Elvis concerts. And for posterity, we wouldn't have the final concert if a fan in Indianapolis hadn't done the same thing. Yeah, AR's aren't the best, but I'm grateful they're around.
Ronaldv wrote on August 03, 2011
Only 4 days before the final Memphis concert. Could be quite interesting. I don't have it, so...
dgirl wrote on August 03, 2011
Quite a different song list there. Its the same show over & over, etc. Who cares.
Tony C wrote on August 03, 2011
In answer to the question asking who cares, lots of Elvis fans who wish to hear and own a recording of as many of his shows as possible care. I'm one of those people.
dgirl wrote on August 03, 2011
I cant believe fans have a never ending supply of $$ to buy the same stuff (in many case bad quality) over & over. Amazes me. Excuse me while I play Adele 21, some new & exciting music.
theoldscudder wrote on August 03, 2011
Ah ba ....... I agree with Dgirl .Yes it's the same old stuff. Just think there are people that probably own 100 different concerts maybe more. He basically did the same show year after year with a few new songs thrown in. Imagine all the money spent. I can see some purchasing a concert from each season but hundreds? Take out Elvis comments & I bet no one could name the venues from all these concerts. There is nothing to distinguish one songs performance to another. He did them all the same. I'd like to here SteveV's comments on this subject.
Andy_2 wrote on August 03, 2011
Although i don't buy any of the 70's live stuff and agree that it's hard to tell one concert from another i fully understand why there are people who buy these. These are strictly for collectors and not for the general public and should be treated as such. I feel the same about FTD's, i very rarely buy one but they are aimed at collectors and i have no problem with that. It's the never ending stream of the same old recordings repackaged by Sony that is doing the real damage. That's where my frustration lies as we have it all and the world doesn't need another greatest hits release. People who spend their cash on these are what i don't get.
Andy_2 wrote on August 03, 2011
And Adele, seriously. It's painful to the ears all that shouting.
marco31768 wrote on August 03, 2011
I'm waiting the words of Ciscoking about the show... If someone don't like AR, just SKIP THEM !!!
benny scott wrote on August 03, 2011
I can accept that some members find it hard to understand why some fans buy almost everything that's released, but they should also try to understand the collectors.There's nothing wrong with collecting "an sich" ,and from the moment their collection gives them a good feeling, pleasure and joy,it's more than ok IMHO. So don't critisize them time after time. Live and let live . After all, it's their money they are spending, and it's a well known fact that a collection, whatever is collected, isn't that cheap in the end.But once again : it's their choice and right to spend their dollars or euro's. And , oh yes, BTW, excuse me while I play The (original) Mills Brothers, some (very) old but still very beautiful music. Always El.
Lefty wrote on August 04, 2011
What's the "same old thing" and "indistinguishable" from all else are the comments that fans make about these issues. I guess it's hard to find something new to bitch about, being that Elvis has been dead for so long. As for me, I don't even try to buy every concert that is out there, but I do collect the outstanding shows and the rare gems. I certainly don't fault the collectors that go for every show. I doubt we would have boots and FTD if it weren't for serious collectors. I'm totally on board with benny scott. Well said, brother! Live and let live. Today I tried out my copy of Fifth Time Around. Pretty good sound, I must say. So, I have that particular show in three versions. Hmmm? Does that make me a wasteful guy? Nope, just a fan that enjoys hearing Elvis live. I also tried out some Stealers Wheel CD's I bought. I love Rafferty. He was underrated and incredible.
Lex wrote on August 04, 2011
There's only one thing worse than an Elvis '76 concert... an Elvis '77 concert :-). Now back to someone who did take care of business... Neil Diamond.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 04, 2011
Lex, though this was a Elvis web-site and not Neil Diamond appreciation society....why not check out Neil's www and leave this one to fans who care about Elvis from the beginning to the end. For me as a avid Elvis Presley collector i take on board some comments made by people in respect to 'same songs' different concerts scenairio and why fans/collectors buy imports when they probably have a shed load of concerts from Elvis over the years,but it's a chance to fill in the gaps when trying to gather as much concert material as possible,i always find listening to them a experience and often wonder what it would of been like to actually attend one. Not saying all concerts were classics and realize many years ago Elvis was just going through the motions but still have the passion for all things Elvis recorded in the studio and concert-wise....of course i do not have money to burn and tend nowadays just buy material i need......but we are talking about the greatest recording artist ever and may never complete my project but it's been great so far and may it continue.
Loesje wrote on August 04, 2011
Lex wrote on August 04, 2011
I knew at least one short sighted mor, uh, person would react like drjohn. Why are only pro-anything-Elvisfans allowed? Believe me, if I would leave, there's nothing left at all over here :-)
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 04, 2011
No need for the reminder on who runs this site etc as i am fully aware?........a couple of short sighted mor,uh people. ;-(
Loesje wrote on August 04, 2011
Well Lex, let's keep on doing what we do for the other fans: we don't need so-called doctors: let's stick to the real ones!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 04, 2011
Well let's see what YOU think you do for real fans????.......NOT A LOT!...info on here is already in the Elvis www domain so no hardship in finding out info on new imports/official releases etc else where,constant tic-for-tac comments from you regarding how people feel towards Elvis and YOU call yourselves fans,time really to say to yourself is it time to call it a day.No more emails please as your comments already are boring just like this web-site.....same old,same old.Think i check out FECC as at least fans can have a decent conversation about all things Elvis and not get bullied by it's so called provider.
Loesje wrote on August 04, 2011
benny scott wrote on August 04, 2011
Real sad it has to end this way for drjohn. As far as I can remember his postings were always correct, no rude language, just defending "being die-hard fan and collector".Nothing wrong with that. In his posting immediately after Lex's "there's only one thing worde than an Elvis '76 concert...." he attacked nobody, just giving his opinion, but he still got a "sigh" from Loesje. Why ? And was it really necessary to use words like "shortsighted mor... ,uh, person..." ? Come on, life is too short, it can be over and out in a flash. This gives me an unconfortable feeling. Always El.
Natha wrote on August 04, 2011
Dear Benny Scott, both your reactions are so right. It is indeed a pity to read responses here that are not in accordance with the rules, particularly rule 10. I read them as I was hoping to get some info on the cd itself, the sound, the quality etc. Most of the reactions here are personal likes and don't likes in a degrading way to each other. And also references to other artists. Not that I generally mind, but when it is just to put an Elvis show down one should stick to what this site is all about ELVIS (or rule no 1 is broken, imo). DrJohn, I also cannot remember you being offensive in your responses. My advice to you is: just ignore responses that are rude, not related to the article, with (half) bad language, dubious responses, personal attacks and ads for other artists. This way we can keep this clean.
Natha wrote on August 04, 2011
marco31768, I am also waiting for CiskoKing. He always has valuable additional news about the things that do matter for those who are interested (and like you wrote: the rest can skip it).
Steve V wrote on August 04, 2011
Ok oldscudder you made me have to comment. I think you probably know how I feel. I cant see how any 'real fan' can enjoy Elvis obviously on the downside of his career huffing & puffing through the same tired songs tour after tour. For those that need to collect everything, how often will these cds be played or will you hear it once and put it on the shelf to collect dust? As a real fan and collector, I dont get this philosophy. I forget who it was that commented on another topic that if you had all the money you spent on these bootleg releases you could have probably bought a real collectible like a Sun record or another rare piece, which at least you can frame and proudly display. To me, thats a much better dust collector and part of history. All these releases do is make the bootleggers rich. But if you want to stack em up like plates & dishes , got for it. Now back into hiding,
benny scott wrote on August 04, 2011
Hi Natha, how right you are : info about sound (Sudio,SB or AR), lay-out, musicians, etc. should be the main point about releases. Accepting and respecting each others view or opinion on a subject in general should be the basic attitude. Always El.
Lex wrote on August 04, 2011
Benny, you're so right. Unfortunately some can't stand it when people are (somewhat) negative on something. And don't even have the guts to mention that you prefer another artist above a particular recording of Elvis. I guess we're all Elvis fans around here, otherwise we wouldn't be here...
benny scott wrote on August 04, 2011
Lex, we're all Elvis fans indeed, and the beauty of it all is the fact that 34 years after Our Man passed away, there is still a worldwide legion of admirers. Some are more fanatic than others, but every one of us has a different character.We all, as human beings, have good and bad qualities (and that goes for me too, I can assure you). Finding the balance between the good and the bad, together with mutual respect when discussing or giving opinions is essential for a good relationship between the fans. We all have our bad days and sometimes we loose our temper easier than normal. But after an argument or dispute ( which is, imho, not the same as a discussion) a virtual handshake and a well meant " ok, let us go further with a clean slate" should do. I'm not trying to play the philosopher here. I'm not that young anymore and probably 3/4 of my life is gone already. Just trying to say that life is way too short to live in disaccordance . No hard feelings but wishing all of you the best ! Always El.
circleG wrote on August 05, 2011
I buy what i like and I'd buy concerts of Elvis in '76 and '69. But this site and the Elvis world has definately changed in the last 25 years! It used to be really informative and interesting, the enemy was the boot-bootlegger but now its each other, very sad. I just skim through personal comments and read only the informative postings.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 05, 2011
I'm just so glad he's singing 'You Gave Me A Mountain' at this show. And 'Hurt'. And 'America The Beautiful'. And 'And I Love You So'. And I bet the 'I Got A Woman' / 'Amen' medley will be totally different to the 500 other versions we already have. Hope Sharon Nielsen gets to sing too. Wonder if 'Hound Dog' lasts longer than a minute? Wonder if we'll fall asleep during the band introductions? Can't wait to hear 'Happy Birthday To Bridget' - a totally new song. Yeah.
Tony C wrote on August 05, 2011
While I do enjoy listening and collecting as many of Elvis' concerts that I possibly can, I don't do it with blinkers on. Neil Diamond was mentioned earlier, somebody I am also a big fan of. A recordings of one of Neil's concerts from any era would be better musically than any one of Elvis' 1976-77, in my opinion, but that does not stop me from wanting to hear the Elvis shows. It's not an either/or situation, I manage to listen to most forms of music as well as any newly released Elvis recordings. People now seem to care greatlyabout what others buy or listen to. I'm sure some people get a kick out of collecting Elvis dolls and if that is what makes them happy, good for them, I just don't care enough to say they should spend their money differently.
Ciscoking wrote on August 06, 2011
We have the show for ages now on cdr Deep Down In Louisiana..the sound is o.k...and the show is, too..nothing new but it is solid...nothing more..nothing less...and his voice is great..since the intros are incomplete here, too..I guess they tokk the cdr which is floating around..same cuts during the intros..well this doesn`t surprise me..when I look at the label.. If you like these shows..it`s o.k..but it isn`t essential by no means..
Natha wrote on August 07, 2011
Thanks CiscoKing for the additional information. Your contribution is valuable intel as usual. Right you are, CircleG. Most of the time I do that too. But at times I get that urge to put things in perspective. Thanks for reminding me.
Ciscoking wrote on August 07, 2011
You can listen to the show on my site, too..I have it there for ages..