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Knoxville 1972 Elvis Show To Air In August

August 06, 2011 | Other

On Monday August 15th WDVX-Radio hope to play a new recording of Elvis' concert performance from April 8, 1972 in Knoxville. The concert was part of the tour which was filmed by MGM for the movie, "Elvis On Tour" and in honour of Elvis on the 34th anniversary of his death, WDVX-Radio will be dedicating a two hour live special devoted to the Kings music.

The show is 'The Vinyl Frontier" and can be heard on-line and worldwide at www.wdvx.com. The Knoxville, Tennessee based WDVX will air the "LIVE" show on Monday night from 9pm till 11pm with Hosts Bradley Reeves and Louisa Trott of the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound spinning those original vinyl records released during Elvis' lifetime.

During the show, they hope to play portions of the rare, never-before heard home tape recording of the April 8, 1972 Elvis Knoxville concert, provided the original cassette tape can be transferred from the tape. The recording has never surfaced. 


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Ronaldv wrote on August 06, 2011
Sounds interesting to me, but to play portions of the live show, play the whole show! April 72, a great tour for Elvis.
linda_433234 wrote on August 06, 2011
Tell that to ftd,12 years and nothing ,but we do have many lovely 76 soundboards lol
Tony C wrote on August 06, 2011
The radio station is somewhat vague about the origin of this recording. They mention that it was recorded on the same tour as "Elvis On Tour" but do not say that it was recorded by MGM or RCA. All they do say is that it is a home recording, does that mean it is an audience recording? Your guess is as good as mine. Keith Flynn states that a soundboard recording of one of the two shows performed that day exists, maybe it is that tape. Perhaps we will have to wait until the show is broadcast to find out. With regard to the mention of "twelve years and nothing" in relation to the non-relase of the "Elvis On Tour" shows, we did have the San Antonio concert released on the "Close Up" box set in 2003. That was not even restricted to the mail-order only FTD label, it was a mainstream BMG release. I agree that the release of the other three shows would be most welcome, but we should not forget that one of them has already gained an official release.
linda_433234 wrote on August 06, 2011
Yes my comment was about ftd. release the richmond show at least.
Herman wrote on August 07, 2011
An Elvis show from on Tour on FTD is very funny. Please remember that all this stuff is on film, so MGM/Turner give us some complete shows on DVD/Blu Ray. It's about time, don't you think: 39 years ago ! So next year a 40th anniversary edition On Tour Box with 20 or 25 DVD/Blu Ray discs inside ?!?
WayDownUnder wrote on August 07, 2011
I'm with you Herman. It may be on film however its not all available. Give us all the Greensborough footage on film.. complete.
Santa Claus wrote on August 07, 2011
Please guys switch over to Star Track then you'll have 20 boxed-sets with all the stuff, in 10 different editions and now digitally remastered and everything. And On Tour? Nothing. But what can we do if Chuck Berry is not answering lol?
circleG wrote on August 08, 2011
I'm with everybody!
Bill Rauhuff wrote on August 13, 2011
I was at both concerts that day the 2:30 and 8:00 PM show and they were both great. The first concert was delayed because of sound system problems that delayed it over a hour and fifteen minutes but Elvis was loose and in great mood. The night show was spectacular as well.