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That's The Way It Is

July 21, 2011 | Music

 The Dutch label Music On Vinyl will re-issue That's The Way It Is.

Tony C wrote on July 21, 2011
This iconic album cover looks best on a 12" album sleeve, it loses some of the majesty when shrunk to CD size. My original copy of the album is a treasured item, it was signed in recent years by Ronnie Tutt.
Ronaldv wrote on July 21, 2011
Live album (?)
Johnny2523 wrote on July 21, 2011
I Think this will be just a re-issue of the album, I hope with some bonuses Like for instance Stranger In The Crowd(August 13 1970) And songs like Something. But otherwise i think they just trying to get the album re-issued for the people who didnt get a chance to get it when it was out, I for myself got this album from my Grandmother who was elvisfan for years
katjon wrote on July 21, 2011
this album and this period of elvis has always been my favorite era, the cd issue does not really reflect the great sound of this brilliant album as the 12" vinyl even though i do have the cd as well as the F.T.D. issue nothing can beat the vinyl
Johnny2523 wrote on July 22, 2011
katjon the label is called: Music On Vinyl, I think they goin to release it on vinyl
Steve V wrote on July 22, 2011
Greatest live album ever? With a total of 4 live cuts, ok 5 (one with phony applause at the end)! I think I need a break from this site.
Andy_2 wrote on July 22, 2011
I always felt the album never quite matched the pace of the film and didn't give the feeling of how dynamic Elvis was on stage at that time. Never thought of it as a live album either and certainly not the greatest ever. It's obviously a reissue on Vinyl that's all, nothing to get excited about. Pretty pointless really.
dgirl wrote on July 22, 2011
Loved the movie, (well except for some of the fans) and loved Elvis' performaces, but as an album it never quite worked for me. The mix of live & studio I didnt quite understand. How it would promote the film also baffeled me at the time. I guess I was hoping for another Memphis or Back In Memphis type LP. And while some of the songs were quite excellent, the overall sound and choice of material had changed drastically. I much prefer the Elvis Country LP.
theoldscudder wrote on July 22, 2011
Only on this site would someone say "one of the greatest live albums ever". It has an EP's worth of live songs. I just don't get it. As an album I'd give it a B (not a bad album). I saw Harum Scarum on TV last night, it made me cringe. But many on this site would probably say Elvis was better than Rudolph Valentino in his portrayal of a desert sheik. My point is the blind allegiance on this site is incredible.
katjon wrote on July 23, 2011
johnny2523, hey i know man that its gonna be released on vinyl as the label states, i was only stating a personal opinion between CD & VINYL, i probably didnt make my comment clear enough and put it down the wrong way.... SORRY
Ruthie wrote on July 23, 2011
Steve V feels he needs a break from this site. How refreshing that is going to be for the rest of us. We may actually see a positive statement now & then over the next few days. As for Katjon, don't ever apologize for your opinion/feelings or the fact that you may have made an error in regard to an album, statistic, or whatever. It's not important. What is important is that you enjoy the music regardless of whether it's CD, vinyl, etc. Don't let these so-called "sophisticated experts" get the best of you.
LonElvis wrote on July 23, 2011
I have always loved this album and it's mix of live and studio material. I prefer this to Elvis Country. There's not a bad song on either album but this one is just special in my opinion. You've got gems such as I Just Can't Help Believing, Just Pretend, I've Lost You (Live version - which I prefer), Bridge over Troubled Water. This album sounds like it was very contempary back when it was released. It's a total class act album all the way. It's in my car CD player as we speak. As for Scudder, I love Harum Scarum. I find the album and movie to be a lot of fun. After all, Elvis said several times that he just wanted people to enjoy themselves and have fun..."that's what the whole things about."
benny scott wrote on July 23, 2011
katjon, no need to apologize, your posting was clear ! Johnny 2523 's remark was not necessary. It was he who misunderstood you, but, no big deal, no harm done from either side. Always El.
japio wrote on July 23, 2011
What a comments here. Really. Are you calling yourself loyal fans???. There are so many people with their own opinon about a vinyl or cd. Respect?? Never heard about that.??? What the heck if somebody calls it a live album, or like certain movies. In my opinion is E.P the one and only that has "something for everybody". Now about the vinyl release. I always liked the original release ( especially the japanese version, what a sound and postercover) The only problem is the young people does'nt buy. They only knows Elvis muisc as a stupid re-mix s...t. I also liked the cover for this album. But i hope it will be a better lay-out quality then the previous releases from music on vinyl. The album is perfect. Elvis at his best. And i like it when this will be available on vinyl.
dgirl wrote on July 23, 2011
I for one hope Steve V and others like Harvery A and oldscudder never stay away. We need 2 sets of opinions and not everything positive all the time about every release. Thats gets boring and there is no discussion then. Just read Man & His Music. Its the same way when their reviews tell it like it is. Honest. This is a site for opnions & comments isnt it? If one says something thats not postive you want them to stay away? Lots of these folks I included, have been there since the 50's and as we've grown older we look at Elvis' career and his decisions in a different way today than we did as kids. So we state that. As for the 'sophisticated experts' maybe we need some because judging by the fans you see in documentaries, I'd say sophistication is not much of a trait in an Elvis fan. Liking Harum Scarum? Not even in 1965 as a 14 yr old. People were laughing at Elvis not with him. I almost walked out of the theater. Sorry.
Andy_2 wrote on July 23, 2011
Agree with everything you say dgirl. We need balanced opinions on here. I like to see what Steve has to say as i usually find what he says well thought out even if i don't always agree.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 23, 2011
Always felt this album should of been a double album release first time around but as it is it's a iconic cover and all songs on this album does justice to the film even though maybe a little short compared to the amount of material TTWII showed on screen. HDog etienne, we can all dream about Sony/EPE actually considering bringing out a series of 'bootlegged' material and fans may say FTD was set up to compensate for this but as we know FTD have done some excellent work but fall along way short compared to the bootleg/import side of things.The commercial side of Elvis has been saturated over the years with the same 'Greatest Hits' release's and of course revenue from these sales has shown a decline which may show fans are no longer buying albums when they have the material aleady. Sony/EPE have now a golden opportunity since they have come down on the 'bootleg ring' to release full session/concert material for the fans and if they done it right would at least put all revenue generated in the right pockets,we as fans would be only to glad to purchase single/double or even monster box sets albums of unreleased material (commercial wise) and the eternal flame that all Elvis fans may again burn brightly and not flicker with the despare that we have to put up with. Again fans comments are under attack,i may not agree sometimes with some comments over the years about Elvis but have to be realistic fans see Elvis in different ways and may not hold the views i do but always read all comments and have huge respect for ALL LEVELS of Elvis fans.
theoldscudder wrote on July 23, 2011
Lon, nothing is wrong. I just cannot see an adult or for that matter anyone over 12 yrs old enjoying Harum Scarum. The entire movie was cheaply made & the plot ( what there was of one) was ridiculous. The studio time it took Elvis to record this garbage would have been better served had he recorded real R&R songs. What would have been better this trite or another LP in the vein of Elvis Is Back?
theoldscudder wrote on July 23, 2011
SteveV, Glad you have decided to come back.
japio wrote on July 23, 2011
For all people here. Don't get me wrong. I don't say : Stay away. But don't attack people. Have rescpect. We all fans. We all have our own opinons ( glad about that because it would be bouring if we all like the same).Like dgirl said. the comments of all those make these fans makes it fun to being here. But respect each others opnion. I know for sure there are people here that thinks tthat im a mo....therf...r. But i accept that. But still give my opion. But let's stay nice. Discussion closed: But this album wiil be a fanfavorite i guess.Great album.
katjon wrote on July 24, 2011
ruthie and benny scott, thanks for your support guys RESPECT to you both regarding my posting and to the rest of you guys as well by reading other postings ( between the lines) for your support and encouragment,
LonElvis wrote on July 24, 2011
Scudder - call me nostalgic (because I remember watching it when I was younger) or call me strange but I enjoy Harum Scarum. The arabian sound of the music is very unique and unlike anything Elvis had ever done before (or after). It's not Elvis is Back. It's not From Elvis in Memphis. It's not even Stax 1973. But it's an enjoyable soundtrack to me, and the movie is enjoyable, too. It's not Jailhouse Rock or King Creole but it's nevertheless good -- in part because it's different.
theoldscudder wrote on July 24, 2011
LonElvis. Thanks for making my point that some fans love everything Elvis ever did. I'd like to ask you a question. Did Elvis ever make a bad movie or record a bad song? If so please let me know.
LonElvis wrote on July 24, 2011
It's all relative. Obviously some songs are better than others and some movies are better than others. As an Elvis fan I appreciate them all (in varying degrees) and I am not ashamed of that. I think you are trying to say that some of us fans put them all on top (like we'd say Harum Holiday is on par with Heartbreak Hotel). That's obviously not the case. Elvis himself said in 1969, "You can't win them all." There is a wide array of songs and styles to choose from with Elvis' cataloge. Sometimes you want gospel, sometimes you want to rock, and sometimes you can enjoy lightweight movie songs. Something for Everybody, right. But I appreciate your opionion and agree to disagree with you. To me, agian, it's all relative.
benny scott wrote on July 25, 2011
Lon and theoldscudder : I perfectly can understand both of you ! Nice to see that opinions can be exchanged without getting rude, which cannot be said of some members of this site. Always El.
LonElvis wrote on July 25, 2011
I once read about the Beatles: "I've come to the conclusion that The Beatles at their very worst are better than most bands at their very best." I think the same can be said of Elvis. You can enjoy Get Back and Something of the Beatles and still enjoy Yellow Submarines and Northern Song, and you can enjoy Suspicious Minds and Little Sister and still enjoy Double Trouble and Spinout.
Lefty wrote on July 27, 2011
In 1969 Elvis conquered Vegas. In 1970, Elvis started the arduous process of refining his Vegas show. Lots of songs were tried out...some remained with him until the end, others fell by the wayside much sooner. I think RCA tried to give us a glimpse into what Elvis was doing at that time. Looking back, you could see that Mary In The Morning wasn't going to make it. On the other hand, he made Bridge Over Troubled Water his very own. And from this August 1970 engagement, Elvis established the format he would use on stage, with some variation, for the rest of his life. All in all, TTWII is a neat piece of Elvis history. It's certainly one of my favorite albums.
Andre wrote on July 30, 2011
Does this label release on this CD the full Vegas show as filmed by MGM (all those unreleased on BMG or FTD label songs ?). I hope that they'll bring us a new version/remake or impoved 'Flash International' product with all the live songs from that MGM movie as well as the studio songs from TTWII. Why doesn't FTD or BMG release a double CD with those songs live&studio seperately but all in one pack ? Might very well interest (read: sell extremely well) to the wider public