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Fashion For A King

July 20, 2011 | Book

 We already mentioned it and here is the in depth info on the upcoming FTD-release Fashion For A King, 512 pages book incl. 2 CDs.

“Fashion For A King” is a Pål Granlund/Flaming Star production, written by Tommy Edvardsen and Atle Larsen.
The book is an impressive document of all the outfits Elvis performed in through his career from 1968 and onwards. The book is full of fantastic, previously unreleased, rare and classic photos, all linked together by Edvardsen and Larsen’s text.
We have included 2 great soundboard CDs (see details below). The format of the book is 30,5 x 25,4 x 3,7 cm. Weight approx. 3 kg.

Elvis Presley made a special fashion of his famous and spectacular stage outfits, sometimes referred to as ”jumpsuits”. In every country there is an “Elvis impersonator” well dressed up in a copy of one of Elvis Presley’s outfits. The name “Elvis” is heard of in every corner of the world, and nearly everybody have heard about the dynamic performer dressed in a typical “seventies suit” with rhinestones and embroideries in different patterns. But what many people don’t know, is that these suits have their own name and their own story to tell. Not many people know how these outfits came to be characteristics for Elvis on stage, and their development during the years. It all started with the “Black Leather Suit” in 1968, and ended with the “Mexican Sundial Suit” in 1977.

Elvis became King Of Concerts in the late sixties and seventies – and the stage outfits became an important part of his shows.
In this encyclopaedia of more that 500 pages we will present you to a full documentary of all Elvis’ suits from his famous Comeback Special in 1968, his return to live performances in Las Vegas in 1969 and his many tours and TV Specials through the 1970’s. You will have the background story of each and every suit, when Elvis used them for the first and the last time - and their whereabouts today. We will also give you the background story of the very skilled designers who made these famous outfits.

Elvis often mixed suits and belts as he pleased. Here you will be presented to them all.
This book is the result of hundreds of working hours with research and “digging” through enormous amounts of documentation. After doing a long article series in the Norwegian “Flaming Star” Fan Club Magazine, our publisher, Pål Granlund asked if we were interested in making a book of the published material. Pål Granlund is one of a few Norwegians who have had the honour of meeting The King in person in Las Vegas and on tour. We have worked closely with Pål in this project, and as a result of this, we can now present - for the first time - a book with a fully documented story and pictures of Elvis Presley’s stage outfits. This book is not meant only for the hardcore “jumpsuit”-fan, but also as an encyclopaedia for fans all over the world to learn more about these great, original stage-outfits.

Never has a book been more complete on this issue, and you will see rare photos and photos you have never seen before. The background of the suits and the stories of those who created and designed them are presented for you. Elvis became an icon in these outfits.


1) See See Rider
2) I Got A Woman / Amen
3) Love Me
4) Trying To Get To You
5) All Shook Up
6) Love Me Tender
7) Hound Dog
8) Fever
9) Polk Salad Annie
10) Why Me Lord
11) Suspicious Minds
12) Introductions
13) I Can’t Stop Loving You
14) Help Me
15) You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
16) Bridge Over Troubled Water
17) Let Me Be There
18) Funny How Time Slips Away
19) Big Boss Man
20) Can’t Help Fallling In Love
21) Steamroller Blues

Recorded July 1, 1974, at Auditorium Arena, Omaha, Nebraska.
Track 21 recorded July 2, 1974, at Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah


1) See See Rider
2) I Got A Woman / Amen
3) Love Me
4) Trying To Get To You
5) And I Love You So
6) All Shook Up
7) (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel
8) Hound Dog
9) Until It’s Time For You To Go
10) You Gave Me A Mountain
11) Polk Salad Annie
12) Introductions (incomplete)
13) Just Pretend
14) How Great Thou Art
15) Burning Love
16) Softly As I Leave You
17) America
18) Little Sister
19) Heartbreak Hotel
20) O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never
21) Can’t Help Falling In Love

Recorded December 14, 1975, at the Las Vegas Hilton



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Herman wrote on July 20, 2011
A very nice surprise release from FTD !
Natha wrote on July 20, 2011
Are the CDs unreleased concerts?
Ton Bruins wrote on July 20, 2011
Still not a Tour show from the year 1972 or a July 1975 show on FTD...
benny scott wrote on July 20, 2011
Both shows have been released as audience recordings on CDR. The 1 july 1974 as "The Eagle Has Landed In Omaha", the 14 december 1975 ,10.00pm dinnershow as "Happy Birthday Charly". The book + 2 CDs can be bought for +/- 65 euro. Considering the fact that I payed +/- 21 euro per FTD-cd in the past, means the book costs +/- 23 euro, which is absolutely cheap for 512 pages in full colour ! IMHO worthwhile to purchase the whole package instead of waiting for the release of the 2 CD in the ( maybe not so near) future. Unless one is not interested at all in Elvis stage-clothing.Always El.
Natha wrote on July 20, 2011
Thanks Benny Scott. Your calculation is quite correct. Maybe FTD got inspired by Venus! Plan to buy this one FTD after all.
Ciscoking wrote on July 20, 2011
A fantastic release for jimpsuit junkies, the book is overdue and the 2 shows are top notch. The Omaha show is prestented here for the first time in its enterity. what we have on CDR is not quite complete. As mentioned below silver disc debut for both shows...
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 20, 2011
Ciscoking, have we had a little tipple today!!..'jimsuit' and 'prestented'........still sound advice from one of the best.
Orion wrote on July 20, 2011
A chip off the ol' Colonel. Great marketing, Ernst. A book that may not be that interesting, but two soundboards that haven't bee released on "imports". Considering the price these two would cost if re-released on FTD, I may have to bite the bullet and pick the book up after all. Ernst - you've been doing your homework. The Col. is smiling down on you - or is that UP at you.....?
Ciscoking wrote on July 20, 2011
drjohncarpenter0117...not one gulp I drank today..perhaps that was the reason for the typos..;-) Kidding aside..I was in a hurry..had to bring my son to his sports..thanks for the nice words..
linda_433234 wrote on July 20, 2011
This Book with postage will cost you about $100 in the usa,doesnt sound like a good deal to me. Release this as a 2 cd set,who comes up with these overpriced ideas, i sometimes wonder if some fans will ever say no to ftd and there ways of making products that are priced out of many fans budget. How is this book overdue? No shows from on tour 72,now theres something overdue.
Ronaldv wrote on July 20, 2011
Sensational release, one of the best from FTD in years! Great unknown soundboards. Good Job Ernst & Co. Already ordered it, together with the classic album He touched me. Looking forward for the outtakes.
Sanditcb wrote on July 20, 2011
This beautiful book contains some of my original photos as well as photos taken by Memphis resident Sue Mack of jumpsuits on display at Graceland. Pal has done a fantastic job on putting this all together.
JerryNodak wrote on July 20, 2011
I have no interest in this whatsoever.
TCB1974 wrote on July 20, 2011
This is an FTD release I will be really looking forward to and that has been a while!
linda_433234 wrote on July 20, 2011
Again $100 with shipping in the usa. ftd is not about the fans after all,well unless you have money to burn.
LonElvis wrote on July 20, 2011
Looks like a great book and CD set in my opinion. Count me in!
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 20, 2011
Excellent 2 great soundboard shows AND a fantastic looking book as well. This (Actually) is three times as exciting as the 'normal' FTD September 'news' as Richmond 18.3.74 i already have! but this package is marvelous and means a fantastic lot of pleasure BOTH visually + in my ears in August this year!~
sunrecords56 wrote on July 21, 2011
this wasted money here save your dollars or euros and invest in the 5 original SUN singles. at least u can say you own something of the real elvis prelsey The Hillbilly Cat
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 21, 2011
I liked the early jumpsuit's,but typical Elvis,he had to go over the top later on and ended up looking like liberace !
genedin wrote on July 21, 2011
i have a different track listing for the 75 show? can anybody confirm what they have.
benny scott wrote on July 21, 2011
genedin:on the forthcoming FTD the intro's are incomplete as mentioned . On the CDR audience recording they are complete ( I presume) and are as follows : Sweet Sweet Spirit by JD Sumner + The Stamps / Johnny Be Goode (James Burton) / Chicken Pickin' by J.B. / solo's of Tutt, Sheff, Hardin / "happy birtday" (to Charlie Hodge) / Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll (Schoolday)+ reprise /further on : introduction of Lisa Marie and Vernon / Elvis receiving alarmclock from the audience. Always El.
hounddawgs6499 wrote on July 21, 2011
I'm looking forward to the book and the FTD CDs.
bamche wrote on July 21, 2011
Looking forward to a great book and two great shows to go with it... But Ernst ! Why can't FTD release the 75 show complete?
Johnny2523 wrote on July 21, 2011
sunrecords56: your just thinking the same way as EPE u only care about the 50's elvis! I dont know for u but i getting tired of the 50's elvis, Elvis was in great shape on those concerts both never released (neither on bootleg) and i rather buy that and say its worthwile then all the 50's stuff we already know, so until some new discovered songs by elvis are released from his sun period i dont give a crap about it! The hill billy cat didnt end in the 50's he was back from 1969 on on!
Johnny2523 wrote on July 21, 2011
benny scott: the introductions are incomplete but we dont know how incomplete for that matter it could be that after Sweet Sweet Spirit is sung it fades out or after half of the intro's aslong as we dont have a running time we can't really know how incomplete the introductions are, but indeed i do believe that it will be not longer then 2 minutes, Even thou i hope sweet sweet spirit is complete since i love that gospel song.
Johnny2523 wrote on July 21, 2011
bamche: maybe its coz the recording isnt complete, and for this concert its already special that this was recorded in soundboard. but as u can see on the omaha tracklist & this show, the also sprach zarathustra intro wasnt recorded, while they could have taken the intro out of other recordings from this night since its just the opening. I looking out for the until it's time for you to go track from the 75 concert because this is one of the full versions that elvis sung, while in 72 only a 2:24 minute version was sung so that's cool to and ofcoarse a new version of just pretend!
TCB1974 wrote on July 21, 2011
Elvis in the 50s was very exciting and at his peak, this was again the case in the early 70s. I do not understand how you can get tired of one of these great periods in his career! To be more precise, I love everything from 1954-1963 and from 1968-1974. There are clearly weak performances and recordings from the period 1964-1967 and 1975-1977 in my opinion, and getting tired of Yoga is as yoga does or another uninspired performance from 1976, I can understand!
ernst blofeld wrote on July 22, 2011
well, I dont think we have heard these shows before (thats something anyway) but based on the setlist, the 1974 show doesnt bode well (looks pretty routine). I have hopes for the 1975 show as previous shows from this Vegas stand have made this one of my favorite of Elvis' Vegas engagement periods.
Dazman wrote on July 22, 2011
My prediction for this project is that the 2 CD's would be worth the asking price alone. The book side however prompts me to ask how will the authors make it's flaky and superficial subject interesting to the readers who would be more interested in the making of Elvis' music than his stage attire? Impressive press release but history will be it's judge.
Master Fatman wrote on July 23, 2011
Well, I really look forward to this one. I liked the other cd/books too especilly 'Writing for the King'. But I did skip THWIW - to expenpensive! Anyway I think it's a good idea that FTD is trying to do something different. It's kind of refreshing :-) Let's give it a chance! And Elvis' suits were out of this world. Especilly when he whore the cape, kind of dramatic! Perhaps the book is even better than the two cd-concerts! The concert from 14/12/75 look interesting. Well...that it. Thank you, thank you very much.
Troubleman wrote on July 29, 2011
Dazman - I don't agree that the subject will be 'flaky and superficial'. On the contrary, this should be interesting reading. Like it or not, the jumpsuits were part of the Elvis Presley show of the 70's. Other artists used flashy stage suits as well (Elton John, Kiss, Earth, Wind and Fire, David Bowie) but Elvis outshone them all. For fans interested in his music, there are plenty of books available (A life in music, Writing for the King, Elvis sessions). There are other books about his concerts, loves, movies, friends, etc... but not many that focus specifically on his stage suits. The only book I can think of is 'The concert years' that gave a chronological list of his stage suits at the end. I believe that there are plenty of fans out there (me included) who will find this subject interesting, specially the history of those suits, since Elvis helped design a lot of them. The added CD's are a nice bonus, since I believe the price is reasonable for a 500+ book with that much research involved. And speaking of the price, since I belong to the Elvis Insiders' club, I was able to purchase it for $92 total (including shipping to Canada which is more expensive), which is a pretty good deal I think. Can't wait to get it! TCB
Dazman wrote on July 30, 2011
Thanks Troubleman. Yes, I agree that a book like "Fashion" would be a welcome addition to the Elvis print market because jumpsuit junkies do make up a large proportion of Elvis' fan base, so why not cater for them? It's just that when you look at their past titles such as "The Way It Was", "Rocking Across Texas" and "King Creole", a book like "Fashion seems to me a bit un-FTD like. With the above projects an accompanying CD or 2 would be an enhancement. With a book like "Fashion" however to me it's just a bit odd - albeit welcome. I personally would give the CD's a different title say "From Omaha to Vegas". Look I hope I'm wrong. I hope the authors do go a little further beyond the pale of fashion to highlights of shows, especially those most of us don't yet know about. Let's hope book and CD's compliment each other well.
Andre wrote on July 30, 2011
What is price in Euros ? Will we also be able to buy the CDs seperately (like the L.A. book+ concert CD) ??
linda_433234 wrote on July 30, 2011
Only$105 usd or $95 if your a insider member at shopelvis,wow what a bargain lol. Its simple why they put 2 concerts with the book,because many just want the cd's,so if this was a regular 2 cd release,you would get 2 shows for $30 instead your paying about $65 more for a book lol. Ftd does know there fan base,wallets always open,hey ernie still not on tour shows planned.
Macca316 wrote on August 19, 2011
Well I couldn't resist it, so I purchased it and should get it in the post tomorrow. :) I even had the chance to take a little demo of the quality of the concerts, and damn they are good. I don't usually go for the 70's stuff that much because i'm a 50s upto 69 man, but i'm looking forward to checking the book out when it comes.
schemies wrote on September 04, 2011
Hi, I wonder why so many people give a comment in advance, but after release there are no opinions from buyers. So what ? In TMaHM the review almost shot this release down, even one of the 2 discs, so why should I buy it ? Poor sound, poor quality of most pictures, poor English. So if YOU have bought this book, please state your own opinion here. Thank you.
Troubleman wrote on September 13, 2011
schemies - I have bought this book, and it is one of the best Elvis book out there! There are tons of great color photos of Elvis, the book is huge with tons of information, not just about the suits, but the concerts as well. I haven't had time to listen to the CD's yet, but the price is worth it! Yes there are many grammar mistakes in the book (they should use someone from the UK, Canada or the US to edit the text), but otherwise, this book is great! Highly recommended! Great job FTD! TCB
Blue Swede Shoes wrote on September 14, 2011
Let's look at the book; after all that is what we mostly are paying for. First, the review in TMAHM was in my opinion set on finding faults. If you look for them, you will find them, but the review is not fair. There are lots of nice photos in decent quality and remember: if they had printed it with glossy paper that made the pictures shine you could just guess what the price and the weight of the book would have been. My objections are more what I don't find in the book. I would have liked to have a chapter of how the suits were tailored, the handcraft behind them and an interview with someone who actually did the job. It would also be interesting to know more of in what way Elvis himself contributed to the design. But the one thing I miss most of all is a list of all the suits the could serve as a dictionary with all the facts easily found. I also think that the writers should have chosen another disposition instead of copying what Stein Erik Skar did in The Concert Years. There is an unnecessary resemblance between the two books. Considering all this I still don't regret the buy.