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Tiger Man - Volume 12

July 08, 2011 | Music

The Shake Records import label announced the release of volume 12 in their 'Tiger Man' series.


Witchcraft (Take 3) - Love Me Tonight (Take 7 & 8) - Western Union (Take 4) - Petunia, The Gardner´s Daughter (Take 1) - Look Out, Broadway (Take 9, 10, 11) - Frankie And Johnny (Take 2 & 5) - Dominick (Original Remastered Master) - The Whiffenpoof Song (Original Remastered Master) - Violet (Original Remastered Master) - Little Cabin On The Hill (Complete Original Remastered Master) - It´s Your Baby, You Rock It (Original Remastered Master) - Faded Love (Complete Original Remastered Master) - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Original Remastered Master) - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel (28.09.1974 - Live) - Hound Dog (28.09.1974 - Live) - Solitaire (Take 1) - Solitaire (Take 8) - Moody Blue (Take 8 & 9) - Moody Blue (Take 4) - My Way (27.03.1977 - Live) - One Night (24.06.1977 - Live) - Radio Spot For The Elvis Presley Show In Syracuse, NY 20.08.1977 - Love Me Tender (Duet With Thalia - US Bonus Track "Viva Elvis") - Hurt (Take 69) - My Way (15.02.1977 - Live)

Ciscoking wrote on July 09, 2011
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 09, 2011
Yet another release you don't need. Anything of any worth on here we've got already. The rest is rubbish. Still, some suckers will buy it. How else have they reached volume 12?
myway wrote on July 09, 2011
I've the whole serie, but I regret buying this last one :-( It was the same with a legenadary performer after vol 8.Only remixes and other unnecesseray stuff.
Jerome wrote on July 11, 2011
you really have the whole serie?..
myway wrote on July 11, 2011
Yes I do have jerome and all on silver disc. And most part of content are taken from old cd's like bilko etc.. I guess I don't have to buy the old titels when I've it on the tiger man serie :-)
Jerome wrote on July 12, 2011
you're a smart fellow :-)..
japio wrote on July 16, 2011
would be there number 13. yes???. Then they will be caught ( i hope). Why do fans buy this CRAP ? Give your money to people who need your help ( read: money) instead buying this s..t. I only asking why. What you do with your money it all up to everyone. But your throw away your money...