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Singer Presents Elvis '68 Comeback Special

July 09, 2011 | Music

Can there really be anymore not released from the Comeback Special either on the DVD box-set or the fabulous BMG 4cd set? Venus productions are offering some missed pieces not released on CD plus a deluxe book. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 09, 2011
Already out and will make a great addition to the other book/cd combo's from Venus.
Andy_2 wrote on July 09, 2011
ok, what is there that has never been heard before?
Tony C wrote on July 09, 2011
People tend to confuse the sessions that were video recorded with the initial audio only sessions. It is from these audio sessions that the unreleased recordings originate from. There were multiple takes of all of the songs that were to be mimed to during the video recordings, some only in small sections that were edited into the master takes.
Andy_2 wrote on July 09, 2011
ok, thanks Tony
Lefty wrote on July 10, 2011
Venus is a great importer. Everyone of the book/CD combos that I own is top notch. Granted, the reading material isn't Guralnick quality (some of the text is downright goofy), but the packaging and sound quality of the CD's is fantastic! I'm sure this set will be just as nice as their previous outings.
Jamie wrote on July 10, 2011
Hello, the '68 Special out-takes from Radio Recorders have been neglected. Only FTD's 'Let Yourself Go' CD and a handful of other rejects have been officially released. The 4 CD box set of the Special was a bit disappointmenting. The original album on CD 1 was sourced from a master of the old LP rather than being sourced from the first generation tapes of the component elements and recompiled. It was digitally remastered but contained some of the lo-fi artefacts of the old album - the 2010 remasters are clearly sourced from the raw, elemental masters and have been reassembled in the style of the original LP. They are in terrific quality. A more serious misjudgment was the decision that CD 4 would contain amateur recordings of 2 dressing-room jam sessions. They could have put them out on a midprice release and replaced them in the box set with Radio Recorders material such as the ones inluded on this collection. Hopefully, a double CD version of the original album will be made available in BMG's Legacy range.
Jerome wrote on July 11, 2011
Looks good. I wasn't aware Singer makes beside sewing machines, cd's as well..
Jamie wrote on July 11, 2011
Hello, in my earlier posting I meant 'Western Recorders' rather than 'Radio Recorders' of course.
Natha wrote on July 23, 2011
Jamie, it is amazing that time and again BMG/FTD/etc leave something out. Just to be able to milk it more in later compilations. I thought their deluxe box was complete. This addition shows it was not. Now I am no more interested in a Legacy edition.