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The Alternate Promised Land

July 01, 2011 | Music

Just announced is a new gatefold digipack import release of the 'Promised Land' album, simply entitled 'The Alternate Promised Land'.

drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 01, 2011
These 'Alternate' cd's were doing the rounds a couple of years ago with titles like FEPB,HHIM,MB,FEIM to name a few and offer nothing new material wise,only surprised the press release has not stated 'Limited release of 500'.Stick with the FTD versions of these albums, you get a lot more for your money than these 'alternates' will offer.
Ciscoking wrote on July 01, 2011
This "Alternate" series consists of material stolen from anywhere throughout.. even Sony and FTD. Skip this piece of C-R-A-P. it`s just for a quick buck....
tornado wrote on July 03, 2011
No big deal here. Since it's not a secret that FTD will soon release the third Stax album, again our friendly pirates rush to cash in while they can. How can people be fooled here?
Steve V wrote on July 03, 2011
Its a better alternate photo of the one used for the cover on the original LP. Ugh, the peacock suit! One of the worst 5 LP covers ever!
KINGE wrote on July 03, 2011
From the tracklist this offers nothing new....even the cover photo has been lifted from Venus release.
Jerome wrote on July 04, 2011
will this also be a cardboard case?..
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 04, 2011
I agree, A much better photo of Elvis in his peacock Jumpsuit. The original "Promised Land" album, was one of the better albums, in the mid 70s, and RCA should keep the album, in the music shops. A remastered CD version was re-released some years back, and it sounded great ! If the album gets a commerical release again, Lets hope RCA-Sony- will issue the "remastered version" and change the cover photo to a more flattering photo, like the one used here, on the "Alternate Promised Land CD" or something even better ! There are so many great photos of Elvis, that can be chosen. Who can forget the original album covers of "Girls ! Girls ! Girls !" and "Elvis for Everyone" and a few others. How do you make a great looking person look bad, ask RCA's Art department !