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The Essential '77 Soundboard Collection

June 20, 2011 | Music

The essential ’77 soundboard collection (3 cd’s). Yes, It’s possible, a brand new set with really improved sound quality. Groove masters wants to take a lead by offering you the best available sound quality to date of these recordings by mastering the groove! Warning: If you’re used to average sound, Please, first sit down before push play.


This Orlando soundboard was recorded on February 15th, 1977. Clearly, it was a good night. There’s a ‘joie de vivre’ in Elvis’ performance that was generally lacking in that final year. Particularly impressive are his astounding renditions of ‘Hurt’ and ‘My Way’. A heartwarming performance – captured in a vibrant and exciting live sound.

01. Love Me ; 02. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) ; 03. You Gave Me A Mountain ; 04. O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never (with break, medley) ; 05. All Shook Up ; 06. Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel (medley) ; 07. Help Me ; 08. Big Boss Man ; 09. My Way (with false start and reprise) ; 10. Band Introductions (incomplete) ; 11. Hurt (with reprise) ; 12. Hound Dog ; 13. Can't Help Falling In Love ; 14. Closing Vamp

Bonus performances:

15. Release Me ; 16. Trying To Get To You ; 17. Fairytale ; 18. My Way ; 19. Moody Blue (attempt only) ; 20. How Great Thou Art ; 21. Blue Christmas ; 22. My Way (with spoken part) ;23. That's All Right, Mama ; 24. Bosom Of Abraham / You Better Run (medley) ; 25. And I Love You So ; 26. Fever ; 27. Hurt ; 28. Blueberry Hill ; 29. Love Letters

Tracks 01-14 recorded in Orlando, FL, February 15, 1977. Tracks 15, 16 recorded in Columbia, SC, February 18, 1977. Tracks 17-20 recorded in Charlotte, NC, February 20, 1977. Track 21 recorded in Norman, OK, March 26, 1977. Tracks 22, 23 recorded in Abilene, TX, March 27, 1977. Track 24 recorded in Alexandria, VA, March 29, 1977. Tracks 25-27 recorded in Alexandria, VA, March 30, 1977. Tracks 28, 29 recorded in St. Petersburg, FL, February 14, 1977.

Running time: 78:22


On May 3rd, 1977, Elvis Presley performed in Saginaw, MI for the second time on this tour. This performance was also the final night of the tour. It’s clear that Elvis is exhausted, but nevertheless he does his best to give the crowd their money’s worth. He even opens with ‘That’s All Right Mama’ instead of the usual ‘C.C. Rider’. An above-par performance from a very troubled year for Elvis.

01. That's All Right ; 02. Trouble (part) ; 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) ; 04. Love Me ; 05. Happy Birthday / Big Boss Man (intro only) ; 06. Hound Dog ; 07. Trying To Get To You ; 08. Jailhouse Rock ; 09. My Way ; 10. Little Sister ; 11. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) ; 12. Help Me ; 13. O Solo Mio - It's Now Or Never ; 14. Love Me Tender ; 15. Why Me Lord (with false start) ; 16. Polk Salad Annie (with false start) ; 17. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley) ; 18. Can't Help Falling In Love (incomplete)

Bonus performances:

19. Polk Salad Annie ; 20. Big Boss Man ; 21. Bridge Over Troubled Water ; 22. My Way ; 23. Fairytale ; 24. My Way

Tracks 01-18 recorded in Saginaw, MI, May 03, 1977. Track 19 recorded in Toledo, OH, April 23, 1977. Tracks 20, 21 recorded in Duluth, MN, April 29, 1977. Track 22 recorded in Chicago, IL, May 01, 1977. Tracks 23-24 recorded in Chicago, IL, May 02, 1977.

Running time: 71:14


This soundboard tape was recorded near the end of Elvis’ final tour, in Madison, WI on June 24th, 1977. His regular drummer Ronnie Tutt was replaced on this night by the Sweet Inspirations drummer, Jerome ‘Stump’ Monroe. And considering the fact that Jerome was asked to fill in during the soundcheck with no possibility to rehearse, he does a tremendous job: “Leave the driving to Stump!”.

01. Opening Vamp / See See Rider ; 02. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) ; 03. Love Me ; 04. If You Love (Let Me Know) ; 05. You Gave Me A Mountain ; 06. Jailhouse Rock (with false start) ; 07. O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never (medley, with reprise) ; 08. One Night (with false start) ; 09. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) ; 10. And I Love You So ; 11. Danny Boy (Shaun Nielsen) ; 12. Walk With Me (Shaun Nielsen) ; 13. Love Me Tender ; 14. Band Introductions ; 15. Early Morning Rain ; 16. What'd I Say ; 17. Johnny B. Goode ; 18. Drum Solo (Jerome "Stump" Monroe) ; 19. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) ; 20. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) ; 21. I Really Don't Want To Know ; 22. Electric Piano Solo (Bobby Ogden) ; 23. Orchestra Solo ; 24. Hound Dog ; 25. Introduction of Vernon Presley ; 26. Can't Help Falling In Love ; 27. Closing Theme / Announcer

Bonus performances:

28. Lawdy Miss Clawdy ; 29. Trying To Get To You ; 30. Reconsider Baby ; 31. Release Me; 32. Little Darlin' ; 33. Moody Blue

Tracks 01-27 recorded in Madison, WI, June 24, 1977. Track 28 recorded in Abilene, TX, March 27, 1977. Tracks 29 & 32 recorded in Ann Arbor, MI, April 24, 1977. Tracks 30, 31 & 33 recorded in Charlotte, NC, Februray 21, 1977.

Running time: 78:06 

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Lex wrote on June 20, 2011
No matter how good the soundquality is... the performances are mediocre at best. I saw a good statement about Segal and an Elvis '77 concert last week!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 20, 2011
What's the sudden interest lately in bloody Steven Seagal??........listen we all know Elvis Presley have prescription drug and weight problems in the latter part of '77 and of course went through the motions in the concerts he done,but for me the material available here is part of the legacy of Elvis Presley. Yes it's a sad relection on what the man had brought to the music world and the difference shows from the early Vegas appearances to the latter part of '77.......but as a fan of Elvis presley i have to take the good with the bad. Again realize not all fans like Elvis near the end and i take that on board but these concerts are part of the musical legacy of Elvis and for those who want these then i am sure will make a choice as to getting them or not. Plenty of '77 concerts available in the import market and these recent 'new' releases will give fans plenty of opportunity to get these.
Ciscoking wrote on June 20, 2011
Strictly for collectors..I`d day..
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on June 20, 2011
Very Good statement drjohncarpenter0117 , it seems Elvis-Fans who also listen to Elvis in 77, need to apoligize to other fans who don't like Elvis in 77..yeah right, again drjohncarpenter0117 how you say it ,is exactly how it is. Elvis in 77 is certainly a part of Elvis's legacy,and i'm certainly not ignoring this,but i know what and who to ignore.
Herman wrote on June 20, 2011
Looks good to me, I love the '77 shows ! C'mon Ernst, bring us the FTD of Elvis in Concert.
You Dont Know Me wrote on June 21, 2011
ONLY for people with money to WASTE and that didn't hear or get the final curtain boxset earlier. even Amarillo 77' FTD would represent a better value purchase and thats 1977!~AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!~
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on June 21, 2011
It's a great value of money for those who didn't get the chance to obtain the extremely overpriced TFC box.
Lefty wrote on June 21, 2011
I met a guy that likes Elvis movies. I think Clambake is his favorite. Except for That's The Way It Is and On Tour, I can't sit through an Elvis movie....I can make another exception for This Is Elvis, but beyond that, I can't stand watching Elvis act. That's just me. Other people like the concert era, 69 through 77. I happen to be in that camp. Elvis was at his very best starting with the 68 Comeback, all the way through to Indianapolis. Guys and gals that like Elvis movies are okay by me. We all love Elvis. And for those out there that criticize fans of the concert era material, that's your right. I'm going to pass on this 3 CD set, not because I have that monster box package that everyone talks about, but because I want to save my money for something I'll listen to often. My cache of 77 material is already well stocked.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 21, 2011
re-releases, re-releases, re-releases, pfffffff........
Pedro Nuno wrote on June 21, 2011
The problem with 1977, and the major part from 1976, performances is that you can only improve sound quality... It hurts to have a bad sound of Elvis in a tremendous bad shape! But it becomes unbearable, and painful, to have a good sound from an Elvis concert with him in such a bad shape. If the sound is that good, this release should be prohibited!
Lex wrote on June 21, 2011
JGP, you don't have to apologize for having no taste!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on June 21, 2011
Lex you have no knowledge whatsoever concerning my taste, If i like things elvis did in 1977, that's my bussiness and not yours, read drjohncarpenter0117 statement as well, because he does agree with me ( and others)but you only attacking me, please keep your comments to yourself please.and btw i didn't apologise to no one whatsoever, so what are you talking about? i do not need to answer myself to any fan on this website because they have diffrent taste.
Lex wrote on June 22, 2011
JGP: read your own contribution... you started about apologizing (at least it seems you tried to). It's no attack, but just a reaction to your ever defensive attitude.
Jerome wrote on June 22, 2011
Just as much as I love Clambake, I love the 77 concerts. Especially the (ever boring) band introductions..
benny scott wrote on June 22, 2011
Lex, the ever-defending attitude of JGP clearly irritates you. Doesn't he has the right to ? What about the members who almost always criticise everything that is released, be it FTD, Sony in general or "import" ? I could come up with several names.You never address or correct them in the same way, in fact you never correct them at all. Apologising is, from my point of view, an act of courage, guts, fair-play, you name it, and he should be congratulated for it instead of being corrected. Stating that JGP has no taste because he likes the seventies (1977 in this case) is insulting not only JGP, but also all those who like some of the seventies-years. You know as well as I do what JGP went through. He admits he's short-fused since his car-accident and brain dammage, but he never uses bad language as far is I could read until now, what cannot be said of some others here on this site. So give the guy a break, he doesn't harm anybody.Most probably you will not like this posting from me, but I had to get this off my chest. I could have written this by mailing directly to you via this web-site "contact" but I do it in public, just as Jesse got your comment in a way that everybody on this site could read it. If there should be any consequences for me because of this posting I'll take them, but without any regret for defending Jesse. I never saw the guy, just know he's Dutch and I'm Belgian. Always El.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 22, 2011
Why do we always seem to end up with the tic-for-tac remarks against fans who have nothing but constructed points of view towards Elvis, of course we don't have to agree with some points regarding Elvis but having a go at some fans because of the way they go about things in the Elvis world is not required on a forum like this one......and it seems to be the same people who go about things towards fans and Elvis in nothing but a negative way. Is it not bad enough that non Elvis people are only to quick to knock Elvis in just about all he done but we have a situation where fans!! go about taking the p*** all the time, why not let the fans who live,love Elvis go about there life in the way they see fit and you so called fans go about yours but not through this forum. We are all able to decide on what to buy and fans knowledge on Elvis of course makes it even easier if they want to buy a release such as this one,not everybody will of had this and a release like this one will give some fans the chance to get this in there collection,remember not all fans have everything like some of you have so this may be of interest to fans who missed these concerts 1st,2nd,3rd time around etc. Jesse Garon Presley always enjoy your comments along with a few others benny scott to name another and tend to skip the usual same old statement fans and we know who they are.........fans like you are what Elvis is all about. Take care of yourself and keep the faith in Elvis Presley.
benny scott wrote on June 22, 2011
Hi drjohn, I was absent untill this evening 11pm . A real "Thanks" for the posting ! The only thing that should count is : accepting everybody's personal taste without criticising that personal choise. Giving a personal opinion is really OK, if one does or doesn't like a certain release he can express his point of view, but please, please please without blaming or insulting some other fans who see some things different, they too have the right to have a personal taste. Agreed that some of us are a bit heavier in their comments, but after all it's a proof of real loyalty towards Our Man. As long as they use no bad or vulgar language I see no problem .
benny scott wrote on June 22, 2011
so I'll leave it right here, concentrating right now on the future news about the one we all love and admire ! Always El.
Deano1 wrote on June 22, 2011
We do as Elvis fans need to learn to get along a little better but at the risk of sounding trite, I can see both sides of this discussion. At times, it is hard to watch and/or listen to some of Elvis' concerts from the Summer of '76 and '77. He was nowhere near the same artist he had been in the early 70's. His jumpsuits were gaudier, he was heftier and he didn't have the same vocal control and stamina he once had. At times it can be depressing. That said, he still managed (sometimes based on reputation) to entertain and make his audiences happy. As one person who never got to see him live, I know I would have loved seeing Elvis in '77. I almost had my chance. My Dad was the next one in line for tickets to his Cincinnati concert when they sold out. Of course, that would be his penultimate show. I have some of the '77 concerts on CD and while I don't listen to them a lot, there are some very good performances. Some nights, like the Sioux City show and his final show in Indy, Elvis gets through them in good fashion. Other nights like in Madison and Omaha, Elvis is not well. As I have stated before, I would still take Elvis 50 lbs overweight singing a half-hearted medley in that horrible sundial suit over 95% of the other entertainers. Elvis, even on his not so good nights, just had "it". Great charisma, a warm smile (even under the added lbs) and a voice that touched us all.
Lefty wrote on June 24, 2011
Well said Deano1. My sentiments exactly!
blackdiamond wrote on June 29, 2011
I've pre-ordered this one. Allthough it is a re release of some shows on the boxcar release, THAT release was way too expensive. So this is a great opportunity to get these shows.