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Elvis - Live At The International

June 23, 2011 | Book

From the same publishers that brought us 'Elvis On Tour - November 1971', we can soon expect the follow-up release 'Elvis - Live At The International'. The full story of Elvis' time at the International Hotel from August 1969 to September 1971.

This book contains ~150 pages describing in meticulous detail exactly what it was like to see Elvis at the International. Taken from the diaries of super fan Peggy Elzea, the chapters describe meeting Elvis backstage, the shows, the hotel, the staff, the food, even the call girls. There are sections of tape transcripts, jumpsuit descriptions, photographs of memorabilia, the hotel's advertising campaign, the list goes on.

If you ever wanted to know how Elvis chipped his tooth on stage in 1971 even that is in here. With over 100,000 words, there will never be a better chance to read about Elvis' first five engagements in Vegas as seen through the eyes of a fan who was there. Peggy wrote her memories down forty years ago and so they are as honest and fresh as if it all just happened yesterday. 

You Dont Know Me wrote on June 24, 2011
If its half as good as the November 1971 Tour book- then it will be a 'very worthwhile book to purchase' and ENJOY!~
Sirbalkan wrote on June 24, 2011
I'm gonna puke "LIVE AT INTERNATIONAL" both as cd and book.