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Elvis 3rd In NME Poll

June 22, 2011 | Other

Michael Jackson has beaten Queen's Freddie Mercury in NME's poll of the Greatest Singers Of All Time. Jacko got an average score of 9.02 out of 10, while Mercury's was 8.39. The poll, which took place on NME.COM saw 10 million votes being cast, 4000 Facebook comments and, initially, saw Mercury at the top spot until Jackson went to Number One.

Elvis Presley took the Number Three position with an average of 7.17 out of 10 and Guns N' Roses Axl Rose took fourth place with 6.47. 

Monster wrote on June 22, 2011
I'm ok with this. I don't agree with it but I am ok with it. Firstly these polls aren't worth a damn, especially with the opportunity for multiple votes and the impact social networking has on them. Secondly, with MJ popping his diamond encrusted clogs so recently you'd expect to see a huge vote for him which I'm sure wouldn't be quite as substantial were this poll done in a few years time. So to see Elvis coming in thge top three with those kind of factors at play is, as I may have mentioned, ok by me. Incidentally I happen to be a die hard Queen/Freddie Mercury fan and I could never choose between the King and Queen in a poll like this.
Natha wrote on June 22, 2011
It is interesting to note that the King is so high on a listing by a pop mag. I wonder how many Elvis fans really go for NME. And considering all the points Monster brought forward it is an outstanding achievement!
Lpool kid wrote on June 22, 2011
we have to accept that MJ fans have recently lost their guy so he is gonna feature quite highly,but MJ did not have the vocal range of the great freddie or the great elvis.that's a matter of fact buddy and you know it well.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 22, 2011
The Michael Jackson fans were really well organised and had a Facebook Page with 36 million fans. Elvis fans are getting older and most no longer wish to vote in pop polls. The same will eventually happen to MJ fans.
Steve V wrote on June 22, 2011
I think its pretty amazing he came in 3rd considering how long he is gone and the average 30 year old could probably not name 5 Elvis songs.
FM wrote on June 22, 2011
C'mon man you are kidding me, MJ in first place....wow, just give me some helium and I will sing better than MJ....what a joke this poll was. We all know who the best singer is of all time......The King!
Deano1 wrote on June 22, 2011
It is what it is. Obviously I don't agree with it and I have never been a fan of either one of the top two, but they obviously have their fans and everyone has an opinion. Polls like this are not to taken seriously. They are just conversation-starters and hype for a magazine, website, etc.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 22, 2011
I like the top 3 choices. Elvis is our guy, but I am extremely fond of Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury. All 3 guys had amazing voices and were excellent performers, no need to compare them, just enjoy the legacy they left us.
Andy_2 wrote on June 22, 2011
just done my own poll and Elvis came top. Come on does anybody really care? MJ top is just laughable. Does anybody walk round quoting this or any poll as the gospel? No, they really are meaningless.
Andy_2 wrote on June 22, 2011
And Axl Rose 4th, now this really is worthless...........
Ruthie wrote on June 23, 2011
Absolutely correct - it's just a poll & nothing scientific about it. And I agree with Steve V that Elvis rating a #3 after 30 yrs is quite amazing. However, I happen to know 20 yr old & 30 yr old Elvis fans who can name much more than 3 songs & have those songs in their collections. And the majority of people who vote in polls are of this age group or younger, older people know better than to bother with them. So, accept it or not, there are many young Elvis fans out there. And that's a good thing!
theoldscudder wrote on June 23, 2011
Got to agree with the Stevester. Although most people under 30 probably can't name 3 Elvis songs. After Hound Dog they would be scratching their heads.
Andy_2 wrote on June 24, 2011
how about ALLC which went to number 1 all over the world and was bought mostly by teenagers. How about Suspicious minds which everybody knows. How about the wonder of you which i've seen played in pubs and everybody singing along to. Come on i think you're doing our man a disservice here. His music is still everywhere and youngsters know the songs even if they are not fans.
Lex wrote on June 24, 2011
Of course these polls are only valid when Elvis is #1!
Steve V wrote on June 24, 2011
Well since I brought it up I figured I may as well test my theory so I polled about 7 people in my health club ages 30 to early 40's to name 5 Elvis songs. Most named Hound Dog, some ALLC, some Love Me Tender , some Jailhouse Rock, only one could name 5 and that's because her parents were big Elvis fans. I'm sure folks in different areas would get different results. In the South, maybe all could name 5 songs. Who knows. If its any consolation, they could not name 5 Beatles songs either! I didnt try for MJ.
Andy_2 wrote on June 24, 2011
Steve, i'm not saying i'm correct but although it's 34 years since Elvis left us i can't believe that the legacy Elvis left behind is so weak that people of a certain age don't know the songs he sang. But then again if it's the same for the Beatles then maybe it's just the way things evolve. What you say really suprises me.
Steve V wrote on June 25, 2011
Andy - its not surprising at all. I'm surprised one person was even able to name 5! You have to remember these are average people. Elvis does not cross their mind one bit. On said the 'hunka hunka song'! 7 out of 10 people on the street could not tell you who the Vice President of the USA is or the Prime Minister of England. No surprise to me at all about Elvis or The Beatles.
Ruthie wrote on June 25, 2011
Thanks guys! You have given me a great idea. Occasionally, I contribute small articles to one of our local papers. I asked if it would be possible for me to conduct a survey over the summer then write the conclusion of that survey. I am going to ask as many people as possible, under age 40, to name at least 5 Elvis songs. I am going to conduct this survey in different parts of my city & surrounding area at as many different venues as possible. I also plan to do this while on a couple vacations this summer so I get answers from different parts of the country. And, yes, I normally have better things to do with my time but, since my job requires me to travel to different locations & participate in different activities, I think it will make my job more interesting. And I plan to have my niece, a music major, assist me in some of these locations. Since some of you have your minds made up, I won't bore anyone with the results. The few who may actually care or find it interesting will let me know.
Andy_2 wrote on June 25, 2011
Put this way Steve i probably agree with you now. I suppose we sometimes forget that not everybody is interested in Elvis.
theoldscudder wrote on June 26, 2011
I spoke to several people in their middle to late 20's. Three couldn't name one Elvis song. The other two named Love Me Tender & Puppy Love (I guess somewhere he remembered Elvis sang a song about a dog & confused it & Hound Dog). As for ALLC two remembered a dance song played in clubs years ago as they put it but couldn't remember the title. Elvis has been gone since 1977 that's 34 years & unless these young people had parents that were Elvis fanatics why would they be able to name these songs? Suspicious Minds, Wonder Of You are only played on oldies stations. I know a lot of the people on this website do not want to face the reality that the majority of young people (of course there are exceptions) about Elvis. To really get him you had to be there in the 50's when he really was the king.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 27, 2011
Somebody must like him. The following list shows which artists had the most singles on the UK Charts for the first ten years of the 21st Century according to the Official UK Charts Company. It is believed Elvis is still No.1. Elvis Presley (37) Britney Spears (22) Sugababes (22) Girls Aloud (21) Westlife (20) Robbie Williams (19) Eminem (18) Christina Aguilera (17) P!NK (17) Beyonce (16) Craig David (16) Michael Jackson (16) Madonna (16) McFly (16) Kylie Minogue (16) Justin Timberlake (16) Jennifer Lopez (15) Nelly (15) Rihanna (15) U2 (15) Kanye West (15) Ronan Keating (14) Oasis (14) Stereophonics (14) Akon (13) Atomic Kitten (13) Mariah Carey (13) 50 Cent (13) Muse (13) P Diddy (13) Black Eyed Peas (12) Blue (12) Nelly Furtado (12) Jay-Z (12) R Kelly (12) Ashanti (11) Missy Elliott (11) Enrique Iglesias (11) Linkin Park (11) Pussycat Dolls (11) Will Young (11) Coldplay (10) Feeder (10) Ja Rule (10) Kelis (10) Liberty X (10) Manic Street Preachers (10) Morrissey (10) Timbaland (10) Usher (10)
Andy_2 wrote on June 27, 2011
yes, us old farts who come on here ( i include myself ).