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Elvis In The Beginning - Mr. Dynamite

June 17, 2011 | Book

In 1955, to promote Elvis’ performance in Texarkana, Arkansas, at the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium, an interview was conducted by Elvis’ then manager, Bob Neal. It featured Elvis, Scotty Moore and Bill Black. This is one of the earliest known Elvis Presley interviews recorded, in Memphis, Tennessee. JAT Records, through a special arrangement with Memphis Flash Records, has obtained the original, vintage vinyl interview record and label, complete with a special two-sided Elvis Presley Picture Sleeve, but that’s not all.

In 1956, the year Elvis changed the world forever, Colonel Parker produced the first 100% Elvis tour book, that accompanied Elvis on his concert stops. This nostalgic photo book included stories and photos of Elvis rockin’, Elvis with his parents, and much more. Now, for the first time ever, with the purchase of the reproduced vintage vinyl interview record, you will receive a stunning reproduction of the legendary Elvis (Mr. Dynamite) tour book, absolutely free.

This special product from JAT Records/Memphis Flash, is a limited edition. So order yours today at $29.95 plus s/h. 

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Santa Claus wrote on June 18, 2011
The only dynamite I see here is the price of 30 $ for an interview we all know for decades. There were times when an interview was a bonus song on a regular 18 $ bootleg or RCA record.
Steve V wrote on June 18, 2011
Col Tunzi srikes again. Or is t Lichter?
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 19, 2011
Why is it being "rush released"? Tunzi & Lichter together - they won't stop until they think they have all our money. Well they ain't getting any of mine. Call it a day, Joe. Your products are shoddy and your reputation is in the gutter.
Jerome wrote on June 20, 2011
Rush release, quick buck..
Natha wrote on June 25, 2011
Fools rush in . . .