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Two New Elvis Exhibits

June 07, 2011 | Other

This last weekend the William J. Clinton Presidential Center opened two new exhibits "Elvis" and "Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer" which will run through August 21 and September 11, respectively, and will be accompanied by exhibit-related events, activities and programming throughout the summer.

"Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer" is a collection of 56 captivating black-and-white images of Elvis captured by noted photojournalist Alfred Wertheimer. Hired in 1956 by RCA Victor to shoot promotional photographs of a little-known and recently signed recording artist, Wertheimer realized that his subject was on the verge of creating a music revolution. This exhibit takes visitors on a photographic journey that captures the fleetingly private life of one of the world’s most public figures.

"When I was originally given the assignment, I had to ask ‘Elvis who?’ said Wertheimer. "As soon as I met him, on March 17, 1956, I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I was determined to make the most of it. I took more than 2,500 images, 56 of which will be showcased at the Clinton Center."

"Elvis" is an original separate exhibition that was inspired by President Clinton’s own fascination with the birth of rock ’n’ roll and the man behind the music. President Clinton describes his appreciation for Elvis in his autobiography, My Life, "Beyond his music, I identified with his small-town Southern roots. And I thought he had a good heart." In partnership with Graceland, items will include memorabilia from some of Elvis’ most popular movies, such as Elvis’ red MG from "Blue Hawaii."

"Elvis Presley fans are among the most dedicated and most diverse, and we are proud to include President Clinton as an admirer of Elvis’ music, movies and his on-going cultural influence," said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Media for Elvis Presley Enterprises.  

Source:Elvis Information Network
Andy_2 wrote on June 09, 2011
Now these sound excellent and hopefully give more positive exposure to our man. The Alfred Wertheimer pictures are now iconic and to see these pictures of the up and coming king sounds great.