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Elvis Presley: The Great Performances

June 09, 2011 | Video

SOFA Entertainment, Inc. announced the re-issue of the 'Elvis Presley: The Great Performances' documentaries on August 2, 2011 in the USA.

Product Description:

The ultimate DVD collection celebrating the life of Elvis Presley returns to the marketplace, after several years, boasting over 2 hours of remastered video, new packaging and never-before-seen interviews with legendary artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins along with others who were close to the beloved and undisputed King of Rock `n Roll. The two-disc Elvis: The Great Performances (Hip-O/SOFA Entertainment), released August 2, 2011, brings together classic performances spanning more than 20 years, from his first televised appearance that shocked a nation to a concert a few weeks before his death on August 16, 1977. 

Pedro Nuno wrote on June 09, 2011
For me by far, the best documentary made by EPE on our man. Even better than “Elvis by the Presley's. A must have to every music fan (not only Elvis fan) and a nice gift to offer. Don’t like the cover thought! It does not revels the inside! Too “still”. Should have been a 50’s concert photo, not a publicity one. Anyway good news, and let’s wait its release in Europe.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 11, 2011
I will not be buying this one. Too much repetition for the older fan. Excellent for new fans and those who do not have the footage already.
circleG wrote on June 12, 2011
was this the two dvd set released in the 90's? one programme was called 'the great performances' and the other 'the man and the music'. it was later re-edited and released as a single two hour programme on VHS and with priscilla narrating from graceland. if its the latter i'll buy it as i'm sure it'll look good on dvd, if its the former - i've already got it. Good for newbies though.
Poffe wrote on July 19, 2011
circleG: I believe it's neither. This is a forth version (don't forget the 3-DVD set with George Klein and Bono narrating). I have not seen any documentary with Jerry Lee and Carl Perkins being interviewed, so this must be an updated version of the 2-DVD set. Am I right?