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New RIAA Video Awards For Elvis

April 28, 2011 | Other

"Elvis He Touched Me: Gospel Songs Of Elvis Presley", V.2 1999 - 2.00x Multi Platinum Video.
"Elvis He Touched Me: Gospel Songs Of Elvis Presley", March 1998 - Platinum Video.

To qualify for a Video (Longform) Platinum Award it must sell 100,000, the first released album has sold 100,000 and the (Vol.2) - 200,000. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
Sirbalkan wrote on April 28, 2011
It's nice to have more awards STILL. But what about EUROPEAN AWARDS?
Jerome wrote on April 28, 2011
do they have awards in Europe?..
Tony C wrote on April 28, 2011
I don't think we do, we have a weekly DVD chart but I could not find any information about certification based on sales figures. I imagine we just use that system for CDs, etc, in Europe.
Lou A wrote on April 29, 2011
I guess that when they're referring to Vol.2 it's actually the reissue with the cover shown. Or am I wrong about that? I have it with the original black and white photo, and it was later reissued with this cover.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 29, 2011
Great to see Elvis, go Platinum, once again. Such Great News ! And, Of note, If more accurate records were kept in the past, and the qualification rules didn't keep changing, so much, over the years, Elvis would have had alot more Platinum and Gold awards.
Tony C wrote on April 29, 2011
I imagine when they refer to volume one and two they mean the original VHS release which was sold as two separate tapes. In the years they mention, 1998 and 1999, VHS was still king and DVD was very new.
Mike Landsdown wrote on May 02, 2011
I took 'V. 2' of "He Touched Me" to mean version 2, not volume 2, which would then refer to the version with the colour 60s cover, not the 50s black & white cover.