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FTD Next Week

April 16, 2011 | Music

The FTD releases Guitar Man and Live In LA will be out next Tuesday.

Source:Elvis Australia

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EJF wrote on April 16, 2011
Great! I'm waiting beside the letter-box for the "Guitar Man" release as of now!!
circleG wrote on April 17, 2011
I love this session but I don't love that cover. It does fit in with the times though.
benny scott wrote on April 17, 2011
That's a matter of personal taste of course. Personally I think our man looks great, so CD-content and picture are OK with me. Always El.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 18, 2011
Its a great album cover and great song content. But the album should be called "Elvis-Guitar Man" and not "Elvis sings Guitar man".
little jimmy tompkin wrote on April 18, 2011
GK I've checked the track listing and Elvis DOES sing Guitar Man !
RobIreland wrote on April 18, 2011
jimmy i think what george means is that "Elvis - Guitar man" is a much more cool title than "Elvis sings Guitar Man" which kind of brings back memories of the ole duffer " Elvis sings for children bla bla bla ". yes jimmy he does actually sing Guitar man but he also sings all the others too but to include those all in the title of the cd would have just been silly ; ). great cover with a grumpy looking Elvis and a great line up of tunes also. More like this please !
tornado wrote on April 24, 2011
This album in another gem to add to our collection. Just like Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee, it rewrites history the best way it could be. It restores dignity to Elvis musical legacy. Besides, the booklets always put the Classic - or could have been classic - in it's context, giving a second chance to do justice to the good music Elvis recorded during that period where the exposure was more over the mediocre material he had to sing for the movies.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 21, 2011
We know he sings "Guitar Man". It should be titled simply "Elvis-Guitar Man".. It can stand as a song title and a statement, in that title.