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From Tahoe To Vegas Out Now

March 26, 2011 | Music

Out now is the "From Tahoe to Vegas" (SR Records) with focus on Elvis' July & August 1971. This import comes in deluxe long digipack , double CD pack is the second SR release dedicated onto July Tahoe engagement. As SR attitude we present Elvis at the peak of his possibility and without doubt the Lake Tahoe July 1971 season presents Him at the top, of his possibility but in the same time with a sort of continuity in the next month in Vegas He still able to delivery solid shows although shorter overall to the end of the Season.

Here are presented three unreleased complete shows in a very good audio quality coming from early generation tapes. Here you have the possibility to listed officially the second show from Tahoe 71 ever in the best audio quality ever…we work on the tape to give you to the possibility to listen with pleasure one of the best show ever of Elvis in the seventy. We are happy and proud of the result we hope you can enjoy too, in spite of the limitation Of the audience recording you can listen in a very balanced form all the instruments and Elvis super powerful voice. The show is fantastic and the track listing is very interesting with a lot of rare songs as MY BABE, I JUST CAN'T Help Believing and Help ME MAKE THROUGH THE NIGHT and with the unusual conclusion with Bridge over troubled water..

The Other Two Shows coming form August 26 and 27 midnight Show in spite Elvis' starting to feel the tire from both of the season, They are still solid with a superb audio, overall in the August 27 He sound terrific full of vocal energy with a tape with a full sharp sound that give justice to the listener. No surprises on the track list but all the songs are delivered with energy and solid enthusiasm. All tracks were digitally restored for your best possible listening pleasure; the sound quality is incredibly good considering the early period. We are proud to give life to a unique view with almost 120 minutes of great music with Elvis at his best. Again We are happy to give you the possibility to listen for the second time a show from Like Tahoe 71. For the Third time for this label, the double CD will come in a deluxe LONG six panel DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live RARE photographs of both the Seasons.  

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Ciscoking wrote on March 26, 2011
The shows are not bad...only minus--directly taken from cdr..as always. The Tahoe show ends after Help Me Make It Through The Night..then tape is cut. On the well known cdr we have a fake end with Bridge Over T.W....they just copied the cdr cause we have the fake endhere, too..typical SR Records..just a copy and paste job from cdr to cd.
Rob V wrote on March 27, 2011
Long panel digipacks wont save this label. It's the sound that counts.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on March 27, 2011
SR a.k.a ' Sounds Rubbish' seem to follow the same pattern again and again.....nice long digi-packs but as always poor sounding cd's......it's a case of do some homework on how to get this shows on older cdr's and save yourself some hard earned money.
wayup wrote on March 27, 2011
Ciscoking: unfortunately yes the ending was tagged from OTHER show. I have July 24, 71 show maybe 20 years and original ending looks like this: Help Me Make It Through The Night - The Impossible Dream - Closing Vamp. A little bit of research can only help, SR! Pls, no offense, but why they are never using someone from English-speaking country for corrections? Such terrible text... painful to read... in some places it's impossible to understand what they mean... btw what exactly is "Like Tahoe"?
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 27, 2011
i WILL never simply throw my money away by buying a 'second rate' item from this label!
Jerome wrote on March 29, 2011
this label not so good. they do copy paste and english use is as poor as label is. don't like long digipack deluxe, not tatse of mine, money of waste..
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 01, 2011
I'm with you guys, i will not buy this either